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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

ALERT: A Major Warning Signal For Markets…

November 1, 2013 8:45 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


On to the business of protecting your wealth…


VIP: I know sometimes you scan the reports, But this is one I’d like to ask you to read completely. Today’s report is designed to make you think this weekend and I hope I can accomplish that through my writing and my posts.

It still baffles me – The conversations I have with people. Some folks know that they do want to accumulate gold & silver for several reasons… Preserve wealth, protect purchasing power and for some, it’s to create generational wealth.

The baffling part is that when silver and gold start to make the slightest run up, they say its gone up too high, too fast and they want to wait for a pullback –

Hey, that makes perfect sense right?

The problem with that is the damn emotions that get in the way when there is a pullback. It seems they hide under their desk shivering like cold wet cats LOL Thinking that the metals are crashing – Don’t you realize that’s exactly what they want you to think? In essence, they are saying “stay away from this gold and silver stuff people – It’s no good!” Keep moving folks, there’s nothing to see here.

Look, it’s clear to me that the bottom is in – What you need to understand is that the bottom is not a price, it’s a range and this is that range.

Let me put a different spin on this in hopes to give you something to think about this weekend….

First let me say that I lay awake at night thinking about different ways to present to you the solid, undeniable reasons why it is so important for your financial well-being to start and continue to acquire physical gold and silver and ditch you’re dollars like everybody else is doing.

I take this position very seriously, sometimes too seriously (says my wife) but I’ve always been taught that if you are going to commit yourself to doing something, you give it 100% or don’t do it at all, and I hope you can appreciate that and when your ready – you pick up the phone and allow me to be your precious metals broker because that is someone that you want working for you in your corner.

Here are just a few links I’ve read this morning, but please read my commentary below…

BofA Merrill Lynch – ‘No damage’ to gold’s long-term uptrend – 

BofAML: “This Gold Pullback Is A Dip To Buy” And Stocks Are “Ripe For Stalling”

JPM will take December delivery, so gold is about to rally – 

(An excerpt from the above article) – Either way, as we’ve clearly established over the past few months, price is only raided during delivery months where JPM is issuing deliveries. In August, when JPM was taking delivery (stopping), price rallied. Since JPM is clearly NOT going to be issuing in December, should we expect a rally? ABSOLUTELY! This is why I’ve been telling you for weeks that price would bottom again in mid-October and then rally through the end of the year. This latest BPR, though dated and stale, nonetheless confirms this forecast.

TRICK OR TREAT: Fed Smashes Gold & Silver While 2,000 Gold Eagles Were Sold

On to the importance of today’s report: 

With all the information that is floating around out there about China, India and Russia accumulating massive amounts of gold and how people are calling the US fools because the gold in the West is being shifted to the East – The cause for concern is greater than you think…

So what’s the big deal? Please pay close attention…

If our vaults (COMEX) are being drained to shift the gold East to China etc. Will there be enough gold & silver for you when you feel its your time to buy?

This is a very serious question and your answer to the question has very serious consequences.

Think about this: We know that the FED or any Central Bank can print money with a push of a button right – But yet they cannot produce gold & silver at a push of a button? This leaves us screwed when we say “OK, I’m ready, this is my time to buy”.

The above ground gold supply today is the same gold that was used in ancient times by the Greeks, the Romans and our forefathers- With very little being added to supplies in relationship the the wealth that we have today.

With all of the billionaires in the world today, it would only take about 50 of them to gobble up all the available supply – and that could very well happen if all hell were to break loose (as so many economists are suggesting) and there was a true rush to safety and flight to quality into the metal.

Silver on the other hand is used up for industrial purposes and when it’s used, its gone and again, very little supply is being added in relationship to the wealth today.

Oh sure, if you wanted “metal” there would still be the paper products like ETF’s & GLD’s and SLV’s if you wanted them, but folks, you don’t buy physical gold and silver because you want to exchange them for a weak currency, you buy physical to get away from weak currencies –

That’s why Central Banks have been net buyers for the last few years – They are the ones printing the money, they know whats happening… They’re causing it!

So in closing, it doesn’t matter if the “price” of gold goes to $1,000 and silver goes to $10 if there is nothing available for you to buy because it all went to the developing countries in the East, you’re screwed!

The paper has a “price”, but the physical has “value” and that’s the thought that I wanted to leave you with today. Take advantage of these (manipulated) dip in price and start (or continue) to buy the physical to protect yourself while you still can, because one day when you say you are ready – There may not be enough to satisfy your goals.

My last thought is this: Things going on behind the curtain of the economy must be even worse than we are hearing if it is so  important for the banks and the G’ment to keep manipulating the “price” of gold and silver. Remember, we still owe Germany their gold (which I’m sure isn’t even there) over the next few years.


If you have any questions or just want to talk to someone, reach out and call me – That’s what I’m here for…

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…


Major Warning Signal For Markets – There is reason to be concerned even with global stock markets on a tear recently.  There is an incredibly important chart featured here which shows why the stock market may finally be set to plunge.

If you look at the chart below it reveals there are some serious warning signals even as many major indexes have been hitting new highs. The bottom line here is that the reading in this chart is a very troubling sign for (equities) bulls.  It is waiving a red flag that investor sentiment is becoming very bullish.

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We Are Now In The “Last Innings” Of The End Game – What we’re going through right now is the pause that refreshes after gold hit a 5-week high.  So, we’re getting a pullback.  Everyone seems to be pointing to the FOMC Meeting, but more realistically you have to look at the fundaments for gold.  We are now heading into the strong buying period of November and December.

We have the coming Christmas season, and the Indian Diwali festival.  But here we go again in India, where they are trying to stifle gold buying by putting in yet another higher import tax.  Even in the face of this, demand for gold still remains very strong in India.

Then, over in China you have the ‘Third Plenum,’ and that is their third meeting of the party. Right now China has somewhere on the order of $1.2 trillion, and has been diversifying away from those dollar reserves into everything from skyscrapers, to companies, to gold. We are getting into the last innings of this (end game), so my expectation is that when you see the increased volatility in the price of gold, what that’s telling us is the time is drawing close.”

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Don’t Worry – The Government Says That The Inflation You See Is Just Your Imagination – If you believe that there is high inflation in the United States, you are just imagining things.  That is the message that the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve would have us to believe.  You might have noticed that the government announced on Wednesday that the cost of living increase for Social Security beneficiaries would only be 1.5 percent next year.

This is one of the smallest cost of living increases that we have ever seen.  The federal government is able to get away with this because the official numbers say that there is hardly any inflation in the U.S. right now.  Of course anyone that shops for groceries or that pays bills regularly knows what a load of nonsense the official inflation rate is.

The U.S. government has changed the way that inflation is calculated numerous times since 1978, and each time it has been changed the goal has been to make inflation appear to be even lower.  According to John Williams of, if the inflation rate was still calculated the same way that it was back when Jimmy Carter was president, the official rate of inflation would be somewhere between 8 and 10 percent today.

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The Fed Is Going To Shock Markets By Increasing QE – People have to remember that the gold price is just a number.  Since 2008, we have seen the gold price move more than $1,000 higher at its peak.  And I dare say that in the future gold is going to move up another $1,000.  Gold is a store of value, and it’s been corrupted over the last couple of years because of the paper markets.

People in the East have been buying gold for centuries.  They look at it as value and a store of wealth.  They will continue to buy it, and if the price goes lower they will buy even more.  But if the price goes higher, they still buy it.  People in the West need to look at gold as another way to hold their wealth — that will protect them against all kinds of bad outcomes. The physical gold is moving East, and I think by the time the West realizes what’s happening it’s going to be too late.

I think people need to be aware of the fact that markets are sleep-walking higher on the promise of free money.  They are really not trading any volume.  So with these thin volumes, and trickling higher, if something bad were to happen, if we were to have another blowup in Europe, the US, or Asia, this would present incredible danger for the global markets.

When you have smart people like Paul Singer and Spitznagel saying, ‘I don’t like these markets.  I don’t want to play in these markets.’  You better listen to these guys.  They really know what they are talking about.  They have track records that go back decades, and they are worried.  So the man in the street should be a lot more worried because those guys are equipped to handle this, and the man in the street isn’t.

So, I’m concerned that something bad will happen very quickly, and when it does there is not going to be any way out of these markets because the volume is so light.  If we suddenly get a lot of people trying to sell, the bids just aren’t going to be there.

I believe we are going to see a meaningful correction in the global stock markets in the next 6 months.  That’s going to lead to a whole bunch more stimulus.  Meaning, a lot more QE is coming because they don’t have any other options right now, and that will be extremely bullish for gold.

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