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I knew The Stock Bubble Was Bad, I Just Didn’t Know It Was This Bad…

November 28, 2013 8:35 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Now, onto protecting your wealth…

If you don’t have time today amidst your travel plans, please come back to this report, to view yet another outstanding video presentation from Micheal Maloney; this one is called When Money Is Corrupted

One hit after another – I honestly don’t know how he does it, but this is another well thought our, beautifully crafted must see presentation – Hope you enjoy it, but what’s more… I hope you get it.

When you are done watching that… Move onto this…

“We’ve Been Conditioned Over The Years To Trust Paper Money” – For the fourth time in the last three-month’s the Comex shut down briefly to deal with massive PAPER sell orders. Most recently it was a $200 MILLION sell order a week ago which caused the Comex to shut down TWICE in one day. The manipulation in both the gold and silver market is becoming apparent to anyone paying attention – including the Chinese.

“We have these huge fundamental factors that should be contributing to higher gold (and silver) prices, and that’s why many people are scratching their heads and asking ‘why isn’t this happening?’”

“We’re down about 25% year to date despite these strong fundamentals.”

Mark explains how for 53 years the Chinese people were banned from owning gold. But that all changed in 2003, and now the enormous demand by 1.3 billion Chinese over the last ten years is causing a paradigm shift, as gold and silver moves from the West to the East.

He says how silver remains very undervalued and will likely reach its inflation adjusted high of $140/oz in the coming years.

Silver remains a tiny market with all above ground refined silver in the world at roughly 1 billion ounces for a total valuation of less than $20 billion at today’s prices.

Therefore, all the silver in the world is worth less than the total market capitalization of one tech darling, Twitter. It is worth less than the  total market capitalization of Tesla.

All the investment grade silver in the world, is worth roughly what the Federal Reserve prints in one week – $19.6 billion. Incredibly, at $85 billion per month, the Federal Reserve is printing money and buying its own debt to the tune of $19.6 billion a week – “mind boggling”.

As for the race to debase and the manipulation of precious metal prices, Mark says, “They can mess around with the price all they want, ultimately the price of everything in the long term will be dictated by supply and demand, particularly for a physical commodity like gold.”

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OK, now that your done with that, you may want to read this Why your savings account WILL lose money

Also, If you wanted to know why you spent more money on your Thanksgiving dinner this year, you can see why when you read Food prices rising 30 times faster than ordinary inflation

Now here is something that’s been going up in price and you usually take physical delivery of it every week… Price of Chicken Reaches All-Time High in U.S.

Three things to take note of if you are wondering if you need gold or not and would you be alone in acquiring the shiny yellow stuff:




And lastly… To my point from the other day about the cartel smashing the price of metals being counter-productive:

Absolutely Astonishing Developments In The War On Gold

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

The Biggest Stock Market Bubble in History? – The outlook for corporate earnings continues to deteriorate. Just look at the chart below of estimates of corporate earnings per share of S&P 500 companies in the fourth quarter. You will notice there’s a very clear trend: the estimates continue to decline. Meanwhile, despite corporate earnings estimates falling, the S&P 500 has soared even higher.

Corporate insiders are selling stock at an alarming rate.

According to a recent article in MoneyNews (November 22, 2013), stock buying by corporate insiders is at a 23-year low! When corporate insiders are selling more stock than they are buying, it shows a lack of confidence by the people closest to the public companies in key stock indices—not a good sign.

The amount of money investors have borrowed to buy stocks has reached an all-time high. Margin debt on the NYSE has surpassed $400 billion for the first time. Historically, when investors have borrowed so much to buy stocks, key stock indices have turned on them.

With all this happening, I don’t see many reasons to be bullish on key stock indices. I might be the only one saying it, but this could be the biggest stock market bubble ever created. When it pops, it won’t be pretty.

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Japanese QE Trumps American Tapering – Gold investors may be overly-focused on the possibility of an American FED taper. Our professional opinion is that the FED will taper in 2014, and by the end of the year, the American QE program will be ended.

It’s probably time for the Western gold community to focus more on the huge QE program in Japan, and less about on American QE tapering.

Gold & silver prices can rise in 2014, even if the FED tapers “all the way to zero”

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How Gold Price Is Manipulated During The “London Fix” – Every business day in London, five banks meet to set the price of gold in a ritual that dates back to 1919. Now, dealers and economists say knowledge gleaned on those calls could give some traders an unfair advantage when buying and selling the precious metal. The London fix, the benchmark rate used by mining companies, jewelers and central banks to buy, sell and value the metal, is published twice daily after a telephone call involving Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC Holdings Plc and Societe Generale SA.

 The fix dates back to September 1919, less than a year after the end of World War I, when representatives from five dealers met at Rothschild’s office on St. Swithin’s Lane in London’s financial district. It was suspended for 15 years, starting in 1939. While Rothschild pulled out in 2004 and the discussions now take place by telephone instead of in a wood-paneled room at the bank, the process remains much the same.

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