Somebody’s Buying Dips – China’s Q3 Gold Consumption Tops World

November 19, 2013 8:37 am est

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Now, onto protecting your wealth…

With China’s Q3 gold consumption topping the world  holders of physical precious metals need to know that you have nothing to worry about, regardless of short term price gyrations. All of this BS in the West regarding precious metals manipulation is not only drawing down supplies rapidly and allowing the East to buy on sale, but It’s also giving more evidence that these bullion bankers, central banks and the US as a whole is really out of control – Even more than we realize, which makes us NEED the metal for ourselves even more than we originally thought.

Usually, when an investment goes down in price it means that the investing public doesn’t want it, it’s done. Run for the exits. – That is not the case here… Seems as though the US is the only one who doesn’t want it – Let the China, Russia and India (and virtually every other country on the planet except the US) data show the truth –

Heck, even right here at home with the reports of the US MInt suspending sales of silver eagles a few times earlier this year is solid proof – The further “they” knock the price down, the more people (who understand) want more of it on the cheap, both here and abroad… allow the records to speak the truth.

So even though you as PM holders want to throw up – Don’t. If all of you only get half of whats going on behind the curtain, then you realize that you are in the right place at the right time and you will be part of the greatest wealth transfer the world have ever witnessed. Continue to be patient and continue your dollar cost average purchasing strategy.

Take a look at this…

Gold shifting from West to East in “amazing” wealth transfer

and this from the silver Guru himself – David Morgan…

Silver expert notes: Investors who “don’t buy bottoms” miss “tremendous opportunity”

I personally think we are making a grave mistake by not taking the time to truly understand all this – silver and gold, at these levels are a historic buying opportunity. We buy now and hang on for the next 6, 12, and 24 months, we will all be well rewarded when the entire supply has been bought up by the powerhouse countries we talk about and the little guys, the mom & pop investors in the US will be left paying MASSIVE PREMIUMS on what is left out there to buy, because we gave all our supply to the East.

I hope that some of the issues I address on a daily basis helps you to see clearly and make your decisions more simplified.

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As the DOW touches 16,000 and S&P 500 Hits 1,800 I would hold off celebrating until after I read this – New Dow Jones Record? Stock Market Actually in Freefall Since the Year 2000

Heck, even Jim Rogers says the U.S. Stock Market is Dominated By, “Kids With Very Little Experience And Just Enough Brains To Be Dangerous” and here are the top 5 reasons to expect a stock market correction in the very near term.

Then, late yesterday, Icahn Pours Cold Water On Stocks, Says “Market Could Easily Have A Big Drop” Also, when you see fund managers who’s “bread & butter” come from the equities saying that The S&P 500 is 75% Over-Valued: GMO –  it’s time to open your eyes and re-evaluate your portfolio holdings.

We haven’t even gotten there yet and The Treasury Forced to Issue $1T in New Debt in First 6 Weeks of FY14 This is nuts guys. This very rarely happens, but I’m at a loss for words on this.

Here is a great 2 minute video that will help explain where we came from and how we got here and perhaps we we might be heading…

Click on the link below and 500 images will flash before you in two minutes. That’s a little over 4 images per second. You will not have an opportunity to see and understand each image.

Just look and allow the images to wash over you and let your brain absorb them…. it is quite an experience.

(Thanks for sharing Tim M.)

The two-minute history lesson here.  Don’t blink!!


Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

John Embry, Sprott: “Orwellian Propaganda,” Delays & A Catastrophic Ending – Sentiment in the silver market is even more negative now than it was at the historic low set on June 27th.  But nothing has changed on silver.  People need to understand that there is a lot more demand for physical silver than there is actual silver coming out of the ground.

Obviously the people running this paper scam are going to every above ground source in order to get inventory to keep the price from exploding….

The fundamentals are so powerful in terms of the supply/demand for silver, and when you superimpose on top of that the monetary debasement we will have to experience in coming years, I strongly believe that in the fullness of time silver will be one of the greatest bull markets in the history of the world.

You are talking today about a price today of roughly $20 for silver, but you will see triple-digits before this is over, and even way beyond that if things continue to unfold in a hyperinflationary manner.

Last year when the silver market was really tight, one of the buyers was JP Morgan.  Some believe this has given them some ammunition to continue their paper takedown here.  But one of the things that is happening is that the COT (Commitment of Traders Reports) reports have been showing that the banks, the very entities that have been conducting the suppression of gold and silver prices for years, are getting materially long at the same time that the speculators are going very short.

I think this is a pre-condition to an explosion in the price of both gold and silver because once the bankers are long they have no problems with letting the price rise.  The reality is that the fundamentals have been terrific, it’s just been the bankers’ takedown of this whole sector for the past almost 2 1/2 years that has created this remarkable opportunity.

People need to understand that the fundamentals will eventually overrun the price suppression.  At that point the true price for silver will be revealed.  I don’t know what that number is, but it’s a heck of a lot higher than what you see on your screen today.”

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If You Don’t Hold Gold, You Are Committing Financial Suicide – (Courtosy of SD) In this in-depth and wide-reaching interview with Elijah Johnson, Rob Kirby (one of the industry’s foremost experts on the OTC/IR swaps derivatives market) discusses precisely how preciously metals market manipulation is likely to end, the super-nova shock to the US financial system that will result in the subsequent spike in interest rates, and the subsequent eventuality of a full-fledged hyperinflation descending on the US.

Kirby advises listeners that “If you don’t hold GOLD, you’re committing financial suicide“, and also discusses how the long-anticipated wealth grab by a desperate federal government is likely to play out.

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Have We Reached A Selling Climax? – Sentiment for gold and silver in Western capital markets is now extremely bearish, and this has been reflected in an increase in open interest on Comex as prices fell, illustrated in the charts below.

It is unusual to see open interest increase substantially on falling prices. In gold, it represents additional short sales amounting to 72.4 tonnes since 6th November, and in silver nearly 2,600 tonnes.

So far it has failed to drive the gold price below $1200, but if last week was anything to go by then a bear-raid later today cannot be ruled out, when Far Eastern buyers are absent from the market. However, if the recent low at $1261 holds this action will be judged with hindsight as a selling climax, which is ultimately bullish.

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BIG MOVE IMMINENT – Right now, you need to understand something very, very important: First Notice Day for the Dec13 is Friday, November 29. That’s just one week from Friday! Expect extreme volatility in the days ahead. Though JPM is NET LONG and may stand for delivery in December of a significant number of contracts, enough that they could break The Comex if they so desire, they might not. They may simply choose to stand pat and roll their position into 2014.

If/when they do so, there is no easy way for them to accomplish this feat without “disrupting the market” AND, given their track record of price manipulation, we must expect them to “leg out”. What does that mean? Instead of simultaneously selling a Dec13 and buying a Feb14 for minimal to zero price impact, JPM may choose to dump 5,000 or 10,000 at a time.

This would set off an enormous waterfall cascade of follow-on Spec selling, into which JPM buys their 5,000 to 10,000 Febs and Aprs at an enormous discount to where price was just minutes earlier. You must understand that ANYTHING is possible over these next few weeks. The price of gold could skyrocket as JPM stands for an enormous amount of December deliveries. The price could also plummet to a retest of the $1180 low as JPM legs out and rolls their position.


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