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Here’s Why Gold Will Recover in 2014…

December 29, 2013 6:21 pm est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!


May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Now, onto protecting your wealth…

I trust Santa brought you everything you wanted – Now that one holiday has past and we look forward to the next holiday, which is my favorite – New Year! – and this New Year offers countless possibilities. It’s my favorite because it’s like a fresh start. A chance to do what I should have done this last year. It’s filled with hope, mystery and challenge. It’s like buying a book and opening the first page.

One question on people’s minds as we approach the New Year is… when will gold & silver start to take off and what will be the catalyst? Will it be Geo-political? Will it be more uprisings in 3rd world countries? Or Will the Dollar Crash in 2014? I’m of the opinion that you can pick any number of catalysts that will send precious metals higher, but even without a black swan or catalyst, the future prospects of the metal are very positive.

Why and how can I say this? Simple…

The Why is because the printing presses will continue to spin and g’ment’s will continue their lies and their reckless ways – and the how is that investors will start to wake up to the realities of what the heck’s been going on around them – Let’s take a look at what I mean…

On This Day In History, Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher –

The graph below shows that in 2008 when Pres O was elected, gasoline was priced at $1.50 and silver was down around $9 –

Today, with gas prices in the mid to upper $3’s (higher in some states like CA) and silver trading around $20 something pops out at me.

If the FED says there is no inflation and or its tamed, why then are American families spending a large portion of their income fueling their vehicles to go back and forth to work and according to gallop, the same families have not received a cost of living raise?

Remember when I shared “The $85 $75 Billion Gorilla In The Room & The $21 Silver Monkey”? This would be a good time to review it and pass it on to people you know.

gas price


What’s my point? When everything around us has gone up in price, silver is still at a 4 year low AND has held up with the price increases in most things since 2008 even with its worst correction in 13 years – Do you not see an opportunity when its in front of you? Its time to back the truck up!

The 2014 Outlook is Clear – Investors Expected To Continue Absorbing Silver

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Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Why gold will recover in 2014 – As gold closes in on what looks to be its worst annual performance in over three decades, research house Capital Economics argues the precious metal could come back into favor in 2014.

Worries over the threat of deflation could see higher gold prices. Although perceived by many as a negative for gold such worries could exacerbate the debt problems of weaker euro zone economies and force the European Central Bank to loosen monetary policy further, boosting gold prices.

Another supporting factor for gold will be the Fed’s continued asset purchase program, said Capital Economics. Although the central bank has announced a small taper, it will still be pumping large amounts of stimulus into the economy, which should be supportive for gold.

the final supportive factor will be the recovery in gold demand from emerging economies, Jessop said. India, for example, where a government clampdown on gold imports has quashed demand, could see some relief of these restrictions in 2014, proving a catalyst for a rebound in gold prices.

Overall we see plenty of scope for gold to bounce back in 2014″ – Indeed, the poor performance in 2013 has left the precious metal looking attractive again compared to other assets, including equities. We are happy to reiterate our view that the price of gold will revisit $1,400, at least, in 2014, and probably go higher.

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The Gold Rush Spreads From China And India To Saudi Arabia – In the “west”, the higher the price of gold rose, the more demand there seemingly was by momentum-chasing gamblers investors, if only for paper certificates claiming to represent gold, or GLD as the case may be. Conversely, once the momentum turned, the same investors couldn’t be bothered with gld  even at 30% lower.

At the same time, in the “east” the higher the price of gold rose, the lower the demand was for physical, which for that extinct breed of deranged gambler known as “value investor” is a familiar concept.”  And now that gold’s price is not only back to early 2011 levels, but is essentially below production costs, demand out of China is off the charts. Demand in India – traditionally the greatest in the world – continues to also at unprecedented levels, although now that official purchases of gold are regulated and limited through capital controls, it is forcing the local population to smuggle in gold through the most innovative of schemes.

But while the west is the west, and the east is the east, and no amount of adaptive behavioral modifications can change that, much to central bankers’ chagrin, what lies in-between? Courtesy of the Saudi Gazette we learn that the uber-rich middle eastern kingdom, which floats on a sea of oil has picked its side… and it has chosen to take advantage of the ongoing paper-driven price collapse and load up on as much gold as possible.

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