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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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This New Trend Guarantees Higher Gold Prices

December 17, 2013 8:27 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!


May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto protecting your wealth…

Does anyone remember what started the decline in gold and silver at the beginning of this year? I know we all have short memories, so I will take a second to remind you – I will remember the day for the rest of my life because if all started April 15th, tax day.

The news of the Cyprus Bail-In, where people had a haircut on their deposits – Some say it was upwards of 40%. But the “smashing” news was that Cyprus was going to sell their gold reserves to pay down their debt and traders took that as a sign that if Cyprus had to do it, then the whole world would dump their gold to pay down debt – How ridiculous! Last Friday, December 13th (The Surfer’s Birthday) Cyprus central bank says it has no plans to sell gold reserves 

My point again is to do what they do, not what they say – All that volatility for nothing. People were wiped out of some huge positions – For nothing! This is why I always say to hold to your core beliefs, stick to what you feel inside.

On another part of this planet, we look at China. Now, you may be sick of hearing about them, but I think we should be shining a huge spotlight on the country. I’ve always known that they are a smart people – very educated and very wise.

The Chinese say that if you don’t have the cash to buy what you want, you save up until you do – Hummm, a novel idea. The US  was brought up so different, we buy now, pay later, with some hefty interest. (and oh, by the way, what we buy today and pay later with interest is stuff from China)

The point I am making is how different their minds think in comparison to ours, especially when it comes to gold – China’s third gold ETF in muted start as consumers prefer physical metal now look at the opposite here. The US is crazy about the paper product and less enthusiastic about the real metal.

Value versus momentum and the gold price – For many commentators there are two distinct camps in the gold market: investors in bullion and speculators in the paper market. With the two markets pulling in different directions some dealers think it is only a matter of time before derivatives fail completely and the price of gold will rocket on physical demand.

Their motivations are different. Value investors include buyers of physical gold from all over the world, commonly seeking value or security compared with holding fiat currency. Speculators in the futures markets rarely evaluate the price of gold, assuming the current price is the only valid reference point that matters. end

Nonetheless, the main reason people latch onto gold is for the intrinsic value of it – Paper has no intrinsic value – Take a look at Gold’s Intrinsic Value Vs the US Dollar to prove that point.

Now, who in the world thinks gold is good for something and more importantly, what are the big players saying about gold and where they see the prices heading in 2014 (which by the way, is only a few short weeks away)

Well, for starters, Infamous technical analyst Tom DeMark tells Rick Santelli – With downside limited, there is “a big move coming” for gold to the upside in 2014

Also, Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente spoke with King World News about his amazing 2014 predictions and why gold will hit $5,000.  For the first time ever, Celente is now predicting that gold will smash through the $2,000 level and head thousands of dollars higher.  Here is what Celente, who is the founder of Trends Research and the man many consider to be the top trends forecaster in the world, had to say in this remarkable interview.

If you prefer to think that history is a good guide to the future, you may want to see how The Great Crash Of 1929 Similarities Suggest Gold Prices Will Soar In 2014

If you don’t care too much for fundamental analysis or believe that history repeats itself and you prefer to see the technical analysis… I’ve got that too right here in this great piece…Silver Price Powerful Technical Launchpad, Could Easily Hit $41 by Late 2014

So… Whatcha waiting for? Give me a call TODAY and let me help you get started!

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters… 

Casey Research: New Trend Guarantees Higher Gold Prices – If you’re like me, you’ve bought gold due to the money printing policies of most developed countries and the effect those policies will have on the future purchasing power of our paper money. Probably also because there’s no viable way for governments to escape the consequences of all the debt they’ve piled up. And maybe because politicians can’t be trusted to formulate a realistic strategy to avoid any number of monetary, fiscal, or economic crises going forward.

These are valid, core reasons to hold gold in a portfolio at this point in time. But a new trend is under way, and someday soon it will be just as much a driving force for gold prices as anything else: a good old-fashioned supply crunch.

A few metals analysts have mentioned it, but it escapes many and certainly is off the radar of the mainstream financial media. But unless several critical factors reverse course, a supply shortage is on the way with clear implications for the price of gold.

The following four factors are combining to diminish gold supply. While we’ve touched on some of them before, put together they’re creating a perfect storm that will, sooner or later, impact the gold market in several powerful ways. As these forces gather steam, you’ll want to make sure you’ve already built a substantial position in physical bullion. Critical point: Buy the physical gold and silver you think you’ll need for the future NOW.

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Silver…The Investment Of A Lifetime – Even though its price has declined over 30% this year alone, silver remains the people’s metal. Silver remains a store of value when central planners try to inflate their way out of debt. Silver remains an asset for anyone who senses that there is a need to hedge either against the corruption or the incompetence of system apparatchiks who did not see the 2008 crisis coming.

Silver is a portable, cheap real asset that has also been money to more people than has gold throughout world history. While the price of paper silver has been hit hard these past two years, this has not stopped people from buying real silver coins and real silver bars. As we round out 2013, it looks as though physical demand will be in record territory. And even some forms of paper silver, like the SLV, did not see the kinds of outflows of metal seen by the GLD this year.

So don’t let the silver price fool you—beneath the surface some very determined buyers are voting with their feet, diversifying away from cash, bonds, stock, or real estate– and into silver. One has to wonder if the near doubling of many solar stocks over the past year is any indication of the future of solar demand, which is simply one of many new industrial uses for the white metal that could send its price soaring.

The bull market in silver over the past years arose simply from investment demand, by the way, and so any increase in industrial demand represents just one more reason for the price of the people’s metal to move higher. There are other reasons, as well, for silver to dramatically outperform all other assets in the years ahead. Here are four events to watch for in 2014:

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Fed Decision To Cause Massive Market Moves – James Turk: The Federal Reserve’s next FOMC meeting is being held this week, Eric, and it promises to be an important one.  The question everyone is asking is, what will happen to the Fed’s so-called quantitative easing scheme, by which it turns debt into more dollar currency?

There are of course only two alternatives:  Either the Fed will finally announce some tapering, meaning it will reduce – but not end – the size of its purchases.  Or, alternatively, Ben Bernanke and his colleagues will kick the can down the road and let the new incoming Fed chairperson, Janet Yellen, decide next year whether to slow down the printing presses, and today, those printing presses are running full-time.

I therefore believe that the Fed will announce some minor tapering this week, but here’s the important point:  Any tapering announcement will not be seen by the market as being enough to put the dollar and the U.S. economy back on the right course.  The market is giving the Fed another opportunity to do the right thing, but the Fed is wedded to its erroneous economic theories and its printing press.

So if precious metal prices dip this week after the Fed announcement, the buyers of physical metal will be doing what they have been doing for months now – standing there with open arms to gobble up whatever metal is offered to them.  This buying will continue to build the massive bottom in gold and silver which has been constructed this year, and, importantly, lead gold to reach prices above $2000 next year.

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