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Make It Or Break It – A Big Week Ahead…

January 28, 2014 9:31 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!


May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Good morning friends and followers – Today, I need to keep my briefing brief because I am working on something BIG for tomorrow  – For those of you who have been following my research over the past 5 years, you will know by tomorrows report that this is going way outside the box for me – I hope you make a point of checking back to see what all the buzzzz is about…

Now onto protecting your wealth…

I hope you had some good rest over this past weekend because this is going to be an Anxious week ahead for markets partially due to US stocks being slammed Friday; With the Dow falling 300-plus points in worst week since 2011 Art Cashin explains Why the close was particularly ugly. The BIGGER question is What the Fed will mean for markets this week?

As I’ve read most of the weekend, People are saying Finally! The stock market gets a reality check however, most Traders watching for signs to see if this selloff is the big one 300 points is a huge one day decline friends and if it continues to cave as most expect it will then people will start rushing into safe havens quick and I think its already starting.

On CNBC, I read where experts are saying a Huge short squeeze could spike gold – yes, on CNBC. Over at the big house (not the white house) JPMorgan’s Gold Vault Has Biggest One-Day Withdrawal Ever – Some people that I research with, such as Matterhorn Asset Management in Switzerland says What’s Starting Now Will Be Much More Terrifying Than 2008 and Robert Wilson talks about how The Entire World Is Being Turned Upside Down In 2014.

 If you don’t know some of these names, you should. These are not journalists, they are some of the largest fund managers on the planet – mainly hard asset managers and that’s the advice we need today as opposed to a stock analysts… am I right?

I truly hope all my followers have been wise enough to start taking some chips off the table – I don’t want any of you caught up in what is going to happen, when it happens.

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Now onto the breaking news that matters…

Gerald Celente – Trends Research – The Entire World Is Now Unraveling Before Our Eyes – So here is our forecast:  Barring a major economic panic between now and when the Fed meets later this month, absent that they taper.  You are already seeing the investors fleeing the emerging markets in droves.  You are looking at their stock indexes going way down.  There is going to be (even) more panic with another taper.

After this taper, they are going to come up with another stimulus plan and they will dump more dough in there (to the system).  That is when you are going to see gold and silver prices spike.  We started off the new year and the Asian markets, the emerging markets, US markets, the European equity markets, all of them (are) down.  But gold has been moving up nicely.  So this is a lesson for everybody to watch:  This is not a happy new year for the equity markets.”

You look around the world and it is unraveling before our eyes.  I’ve written about this — it was the top trend of 2013 last year.  Now everybody is talking about it, how it looks so much like pre-World War I, as we are watching all of this unraveling going on around us.

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