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US Stock Market Update, No New Paradigm, Get Out Now!

January 6, 2014 9:14 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto protecting your wealth…

Welcome back to business as usual and Happy New Year! There are a lot of breaking news stories to catch up on so lets dig right in… This will be a big week for Fed, as traders await jobs report so I would anticipate a fairly quiet week as we all return from a holiday vacation – speaking of which…

During the holidays, did anyone notice the price increases in the grocery stores? Holy Moly! Its not so much the prices have gone up or the packaging is smaller – it’s both at the same time!

You see friends, Inflation is Already Here… But It’s Being Masked. When the retail chains know you aren’t going to spend as much money as you used to, they raise individual prices and make the things you “need” to buy even smaller. In fact, at 5am this morning, I am eating my cereal for breakfast (at $4.50 a box and lighter on the net weight) and I am reading how Fed’s Fisher Fears Bernanke ‘Painted Ourselves Into a Corner’ Painted? I think its more like super glued! 2%? Huh –

All this money that they have spewed into the system will have and is now starting to have its ramifications – So if prices are going up all around us, interest rates are down – what can we do to save money? What can we do to “get out of dodge” until it’s over? Check back tomorrow for one solution.

Savings, CD’S, and money markets are still paying less than the FED’s inflation rate (not the real one, the fake one) and there are proposals from the IMF to start taxing your deposits, but Forget IMF’s Tax On Deposits, This Will Truly Destroy Savers 

So if we can’t put it away and save it, we might as well spend it right? But spend on what? Let’s ask Uncle Sam if he has any good suggestions… Americans Spent $7.45B in 3 Years Helping Other Countries Deal With ‘Climate Change’  no, forget asking him, they are already too open with our wallets.

Here is an idea – Lets bunker down and take our money out of the crooked banks and put it into assets that can sit still, hold value and then we can sell them after this storm is over – That is what these wealthy, high net worth individuals are doing.

Look at the auctions and the prices some of these items sold for in 2013. Art, Diamonds, etc (more on this tomorrow) heck, even Physical Gold Demand Soared As Gold Price Tumbled In 2013 – So what is in store for gold & silver in 2014? Nobody knows and most really don’t care. We are buying today to store our savings dollars for 2, 3, or 5 years for when this storm is over.

Lately, several people, such as the head of commodity research at Commerzbank are now saying it’s Time to invest in gold again – others are saying It may soon be time to go for the gold and how Gold and Silver on the turn

Some of the reasons is because of a bad 2013 for the metals and everyone hates it, but digging deeper it appears its more about the great year in equities – In fact, there is compelling evidence to show that This Stock Market Crash Will Be Worse Than ‘87 and that This Unexpected Event Will Cut the S&P 500 in Half Do you want to be in the market when she starts to crater?

There is a cause and effect for everything done in life and we can see that silver particularly, shows its strength from time to time when we are least expecting it. Sure we can go up a buck and give it back the next day, but The bottom line is silver is on the verge of a massive short squeeze. Speculators’ silver-futures shorts surged to extreme bull-record levels less than a month ago.  And they have barely started to mean revert, which means big buying to cover is still coming soon.

Unlike new long-side buying, short covering isn’t optional.  Silver futures’ hyper-leverage guarantees that speculators have to quickly buy to cover as silver’s price rises.  This feeds on itself, igniting a buying frenzy as traders rush for the exits.  The bigger their aggregate shorts, the greater the rally their covering sparks.  So the recent bull-record shorts are a super-bullish harbinger for silver.


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Now onto the breaking news that matters…

Broad US Stock Market Update, No New Paradigm, Get Out Now! – Clive Maund: With many stock-market sentiment indicators now at outlandish extremes as we will soon see, the situation is ripe for a “black swan” event to send markets reeling. It is hard to say what catalyst will precipitate it. It could be Thailand which is politically polarized and in danger of falling apart economically and in danger of a civil war.

It might not even require a catalyst at all – all it would need is for selling to beget more selling until a self-feeding cycle of liquidation develops. Let’s now look at first at the chart for the S&P500 index, and then at a range of indicators calling for, at the very least, a significant correction soon.

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In Terms of Real Stuff, The Dow’s “New High” Is Pure Illusion – If the new highs in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) are so wonderful, why does one share of the Dow-30 buy less than it did 14 years ago? What does a nominal new high in the stock market mean in the real world? The only way to know is to ask if the purchasing power of a share of the Dow buys more than it did when the Dow was at lower levels.

If one share of the Dow (defined as one share of each of the constituent 30 companies) buys less than it did when the Dow was as lower levels, the nominal new high is a mirage in terms of increased purchasing power of equities.

Another way of assessing the real-world impact of a nominal new high in equities is to perform a relative strength analysis: did equities outperform essential commodities, or did equities under-perform these essentials? If the Dow underperformed, then a new high is an illusion: if equities buy less stuff in the real world, the nominal new high is misleading.

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