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Another Bumpy Ride Ahead For Wall Street?

February 3, 2014 8:15 am est


More bumps ahead as market awaits jobs – So how do you prepare for this week’s critical number? Ignore it. Just continue with your hard asset accumulation. Let me explain…

Here is a question for you… As an Investor, what do you do when the financial system has turbulence? Answer: Run to hard assets. That’s what we’ve all done each time there has been any kind of financial chaos. Think back to 2001 during the attacks on the World Trade Center. Think back to 2008 when the financial crisis hit – Investors rushed into hard assets – and fast!

Now, if Michael Pento (and dozens of other economists) are right by saying Global Chaos In 2014 Will Rival That Of The 2008 Collapse and that these 6 Signs That 2014 Will Be The Year Of The Super Crash then what do you think will happen this time? You guessed it – Hard Assets.  Did you know that this past month the Dow Dumps To 2nd Worst January In 24 Years?  Even Art Cashin says we’re getting ‘awfully close’ to end of bull market


Now the question you should be asking yourselves is this… Do you want to be the last one out? Do you want to cling to the hope that an equities crash cannot happen again?

I laugh sometimes when people say they are waiting to buy silver, gold or diamonds for that matter. I laugh because they still don’t realize that if they wait to buy when the prices start to rally, what is happening to the dollar at the same time these commodity prices rise? The dollar is going down. Thus, you have to take more of those weak dollars to buy the same thing you could have bought today with a stronger dollar and the irony is… dollar up or dollar down, you are buying for the same reasons – to protect the FUTURE of those dollars – Does that make sense? So if you are trying to protect the FUTURE of those dollars, what in the world does it matter if you bought silver at $19 today  or $17 in 2 weeks? That’s just crazy in my opinion. (Sorry to be so blunt, but with this new format, I’m able to speak more of what’s really on my mind)

When I read about how Equity Funds Have Largest Weekly Outflow In Over Two Years we can clearly see the wealthy are already heading for the exit signs and I urge all my readers to do the same. Over the past 7 trading days the DOW has lost about 600 points… will you wait for more losses? Is your broker telling you not to worry, that this is just temporary and everything is going to be ok? Don’t listen to them – They are the same smarty pants who said to hang in there in 2008 and most everyone I talk to says they lost 40% of their wealth by listening to their brokers.

Look guys, the fact is that we had a great run in equities last year – all based on cheap money from the FED. But what happened to the purchasing power of our dollar in the interim? It didn’t just go down, it went WAY down! To reiterate, every time throughout history, when inflation hits, people run to hard assets to protect purchasing power.

Now today, according to the FED; there is no inflation. But how can you believe anything they are saying when gasoline in 2008 was $1.50 per gallon and now it’s more that double the price? How can you and I go to the grocery store and see the prices of food rise significantly in the same period of time, yet the FED says no inflation? Now, World currencies are falling fast, but the IMF says there’s no reason to panic. Lets take a look at what the wealthiest family in the world says about this mess… This is How Rothschild Sees The Future


Ok, so forget about inflation for a minute, what are the other parts of the world doing when it comes to the US debt? Foreign central banks slashed their holdings of U.S. debt stored at the Federal Reserve by the most in seven months during the past week. That can’t be good.  Now, World currencies are falling fast, but the IMF says there’s no reason to panic, yet Argentina’s coming economic collapse is dead ahead… and the IMF says don’t panic? It’s easy for them to say as they are the 1%’ers who have seen it coming for a long time and have already protected their wealth with hard assets. At the same time, I see that the Chinese Gold Rush is Heating Up Why would that be? What do they know that we don’t?

So you still don’t believe these big wigs who say the house of cards they built is ready to fall? Read this story from an average man. He says I’ve never bought gold before – but I’m buying it now and here is why I changed my mind.

Now, if you are an aggressive investor and you don’t mind the volatility, you may want to read Silver’s Rally Could Mean Another 1,000% Run  and then bunker down.

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