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Buffet, Soros & Faber Are Betting On A Market Collapse And you Should Too…

February 21, 2014 8:27 am est

If what you thought about your money turned out not to be true…when would you want to know? That’s a pretty compelling question isn’t it? Friends, the warning signs are all over the place and this is the day you should be seeking refuge.

I would recommend taking this weekend and using it for considerations on how to adjust your portfolio. This is not a question of should I, nor is it a question of when should I, you must act swiftly.

Look, Wednesday, I brought you a story that said US Stock Market-to-GDP Ratio Favored by Warren Buffett Points to Imminent 50% and then today, I’m brining you this… Soros and Faber Are Betting On a Market Collapse And You Should Too




Do you dare bet against them? Buffett, Soros of Faber? Are you nuts? Again, I ask you… If what you thought about your money turned out not to be true…when would you want to know?

Turning to solutions to the problem, did you know that Significant Silver Rallies Usually Follow Major Dow Peaks? Sit back and Watch As Precious Metals & Energy Prices Go Crazy As Things Fall Apart.

Why would they fall apart you ask? Well, for starters, In 2013 The Fed Bought 150% More Treasury’s Than All Foreigners Combined – That can’t be a good sign. I’ve always been taught not to believe everything you read or hear, but this is too compelling to ignore.

There are some financial advisors giving their own solutions to Low-cost IRA alternatives to President Obama’s myRA – How about no thank you, I’ll take care of it myself! Some people are so concerned about putting money aside in an IRA (or myRA) for tax benefits, but who cares about paying the taxes if the system collapses and the dollar crashes? My favorite quote comes from Mark Twain: I am more concerned with the return OF my money, than the return ON my money! My point is… pay the damn taxes now and then buy hard assets that appreciate over time while everything else around you will depreciate!

So what are the big boys doing to protect themselves? Check out this Info graphic on China’s insatiable appetite for gold. Then we see that Switzerland Sent 80% of Bullion Exports to Asia in January. Why is that? Why the heck does Asia want all this gold and they’re not buying US paper, in fact, as I just showed you that our own FED just bought 150% more treasury’s than all foreigners combined. Now take this Shocking Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of U.S. Secrets & Gold  Still think there is no cause for concern here? This is only what we are being told… what about the things that are going on behind the curtain that we are not being told?

Now, take your blood pressure meds before reading this one, because These Gold Charts Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster. And then read how This Surprise May Send The Gold Market Soaring On Friday.

After discecting this information today… Pick up the phone and call – Lets talk about this. Lets bounce some ideas off each other…



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