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Gold & Silver Finally Break Their Downtrend and Higher Prices Eyed

February 17, 2014 7:15 am est

A Message to Silver Speculators: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize! With Silver Screaming To Best Day In 5 Months; It Was Up 11 Days In A Row and the question is… can it hold and continue? For those answers, we turn to Clive Maund’s Silver Update. Clive says Silver has confirmed gold’s breakout of several days ago by following suit and breaking out above important resistance on Friday on the strongest volume for almost 6 months. This means that we are now in a full on Precious Metals sector uptrend, which is still in its earliest stages. All that aside… I want Gold Shorts To See A Massive Squeeze As They Fail To Deliver and get what’s coming to them – the little pricks!

When it comes to Silver and Gold – Here is how you should be positioning yourself for the Long Side – What’s the reason everyone is jumping for joy? Because Gold & Silver Break their Downtrend and Higher Prices are Eyed. Some say that Gold bears are running for cover as winter cold bites US economy, which means less retail shopping (unless you count the fighting for supplies at the grocery stores) and less spending in general.

So, Gold Soars On Friday After 200 DMA Breach, As ETFs Finally Resume Buying – Was it the 200-day moving average, momentum buying, or the frigid cold temps? Does it even matter or was there something even more… What is Gold’s Message To The Market? Is there even a message at all or is everything just tipsy turvy like the DOW – There’s just no making sense of this stock market because in reality it looks to me like the US Market May Follow Japan’s Nikkei – Down

Its like we are living in never never land. The BIG problem is that all this will come to full circle and when it does, there will be a big reset button pushed somewhere. Remember reading last week where the Postal Service was buying ammo and guns? And now they are arming the IRS? YIKES! Postal workers gone postal!

The Silver News Surfer is in buying mode – anything hard asset! Get yourself out of paper liabilities and secure your future with assets like silver, gold and rare fancy color diamonds. I see the next top in silver at about $26-$28 because I believe momentum will give it some extra gas. Silver Does Have the Potential to Increase 4-Fold From Today’s Price

I am still cautious on the manipulation though… these guys are good… damn good and I’ve seen them cause deliberate chart damage before.

Are Bankers Being Killed Because They Know Too Much?  Did these people really commit suicide? Well one things for sure, JPMorgan Vice President’s Death in London Shines a Light on the Bank’s Close Ties to the CIA.  After reading The Vampire Squid, JP Morgan, Dead Bankers & Criminal Acts, I sure got a chill up my spine. 

Scary times people – Time to put on you’re thinking caps and start to think for yourselves and come to some conclusions and quick!