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Now That Gold Touched $1,300, Here’s What’s Next

February 14, 2014 8:12 am est

Looks like an old fashioned breakout!  Remember the days when we would wake up and see the Asian trading lifting the silver prices $1 overnight? I believe we are getting closer and closer to that time again. Now that gold touched $1,300, here’s what’s next


We believe that Gold, Silver & Oil Will Crush The Bears With Historic Advances and it’s already starting with Silver futures contracts soaring 354% in January at the Dubai Exchange. Also, just yesterday, China Sends Bullish Signal for Gold Prices in 2014. So now that we have some momentum, people want to know How Quickly Gold Will Smash Through $1,925?


What is a bit strange is that some of the call I received yesterday was calls of happiness. Happy, because people are starting to see the precious metals waking up out of a deep slumber. The strange part (that I had to remind them) is that when gold & silver go up, you must understand that all is not well with other parts of the financial system and this is what keeps me up at night. Here are 20 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Starting To Catch Fire. Also read Art Cashin – Is This 1929 Or 2007 All Over Again?  So you see friends, when one goes up the other goes down – this is why we protect what we have.


Do you know the Reality of Inflation’s Outcome? Does it matter to you? Does this and other financial matters keep you up at night? I read this morning that Depositors Should Prepare themselves for Haircuts. I also saw how It Doesn’t Take Much For People To Start Behaving Like Crazed Lunatics – If an ice storm can cause this much panic in our major cities, what will a real crisis look like?


If you’ve ever been involved in an accident it seems like its happening in slow motion – Whereas if you’ve ever seen an accident, people say it happened so quickly.  I am of the belief that what we are heading towards will happen so quickly, it will take your breath away and that’s why I keep issuing these urgent warnings that you NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF NOW.

This is the only thing you should concern yourself with today

wealth protection


And as always, I’m showing you the tools and taking the time in which to do so

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