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Shocking Information On The War On Gold & Silver

February 24, 2014 8:30 am est

It seems that each day that passes and I research until what seems like the end of the internet… the story’s I see get more and more clear that something serious is about to happen. Here is some Shocking Information In The War On Gold & Silver

I read that the Man Who Executed QE1 For Fed Says Stocks May Collapse 30% and the same Man Who Ran First QE Owns Gold & Warns Of Coming Inflation and knew the outcome as it was happening and hence, he owns gold.

Art Cashin said of Friday that either we get a ‘Stampede buying’ or ‘severe pullback’ in the S&P500 – At this stage of the game, which direction do you think is most likely to occur? Here is the Stock Market Crash History: The Dow’s 10 Biggest One-Day Percentage Losses  – the big question isIs the US in real trouble? We’re about to find out

Here is How To Position Your Money Ahead Of Unprecedented Turmoil

I believe all the nervousness about WHEN (not if) the equities pull back, just how far will it drop. Some say 30% some say 50% and I’m going to ask you the same question I asked the other day, just in different context. If what you though about the DOW turned out not to be true, when would you want to know?

Look friends, I hope these “long time” precious metals analysts are right and The Reason Why Silver May Be Set To Skyrocket turns out to be true, but even if it hangs out here for a while longer, there is money to be made in other areas.

David Morgan, The Silver-guru says that the Two Year Correction In Gold & Silver Is Finished, now I do recall him saying that before, but could it be true now? We wait, hope and see. I think people still don’t understand silver and the value it represents at any price. Because the Demand/Supply Equation for This Investment Guarantees Higher Prices Ahead.

This is a long-term hedge/investment… you simply set it and forget it. Don’t concern yourself with the daily gyrations. If it helps, here are Some Long Term Cycles for Silver.

If you take a look at China and see How The Chinese Buy Gold you will see that China’s Gold Buying “Enormous” Right Now

Switching gears, do you know Why Color Diamonds Increasing In Value? You should. Diamonds are an Investor’s Best Friend with gradual and steady increases over the past decade and some experts are saying that we will continue to see huge increases over the next 10 years!

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