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Short Squeeze Set To Fuel Massive $400 Spike In Gold

February 12, 2014 7:59 am est

Well that’s a damn catchy headline isn’t it? Friends, I’m a bit confused today after reading some of the latest stories. On one side, I see that Credit Suisse Pro says This will drop gold to $1,000 and on the other side I read how The Gold Market Is Setting Up For A Major Surge and that a Short Squeeze Set To Fuel Massive $400 Spike In Gold – and with that, the question now everyone is asking is – Is India going back to bullion?

Now, I’m like you… I want to see the later, but we know (according to yesterday’s report) the precious metals market is manipulated and we also have learned that it cannot last and that is what we are all waiting for.

I came across a story that said… Silver to 100 Dollars within ‘Reasonable Timeframe’ and that the U.S. Mint Nearly Sells Out Of Its Weekly Silver Eagle Allocation In Two Days –  I had to “check myself” – I think sometimes we all need to realize why we bought silver in the first place, but also, if you remember, I’ll bet you bought it for the long term so in the absence of time – we are all doing just fine. While we are taking about time, these charts shocked me and I could literally see this happening – Stock Market Will Collapse In May Followed By Major Spike in Gold & Silver Prices! Here’s Why

We all should stop and look back at where we were (in 2008) and see just how far we’ve come with such a devastating blow. The problem is that the US Economy May Be Stuck in Slow Lane for the Long Run. According to The FED’s speech yesterday, the economy has legs. I think someone needs to tap her on the shoulder and tell her No Janet Yellen, The Economy Is NOT “Getting Better”  That’s probably why The House Passed a “Clean” Debt Ceiling Bill  yesterday – What is a “clean” debt ceiling anyway? It’s funny the names they come up with for this stuff to make it seem like its so good for us.

If you saw yesterday’s report where John Embry said People Will Be Terrified When The Sh*t Hits The Fan – now yesterday, Marc Faber said My sense is that central banks are unlikely to tighten because they’re in such deep shit already. They may be using (swear words) but I like it, it shows they are human and have emotions like anyone else. They are as passionate as I am trying to get the message out.

On another note, why is Homeland Security Purchasing 141,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo? Are they preparing for something we should know about? Nah! They’d be honest and tell us if they were preparing for civil unrest or something like that…right?

As for me, I don’t think I will hang around to wonder if every banker or politician is telling the truth – I will continue to protect myself until I see the smoke has cleared, which unfortunately, seems pretty far down the road.

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