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Silver Has Longest Winning Streak Since 1968

February 20, 2014 8:09 am est

Believe it or not friends but, Silver is breaking out! Even with the small move we’ve seen as of late… Silver Has Longest Winning Streak Since 1968: Spikes To 3-Month High. I know that doesn’t look like much, but this is just the beginning of what is to come. Kevin Wides out of Switzerland showed The Roadmap To $4,000 Gold & Skyrocketing Silver and it looks impressive.

Does that mean sell the farm and put the kids up for collateral and go all in silver? No. Diversification is key. We must remember that we are in a currency war and gold & silver are right in the center of it all, as they are money.  We need to be aware of all things around us, not just here at home, but the effects from across the globe – This Will Cause Panic, Break Down & Then Complete Chaos.

Here you can see Six boiling cauldrons around the world that are just about done cooking and are about to come to a head. Also, if that were not enough, IMF Now Warns Of ‘Significant Downside Risks’ To Global Economy Ahead of G20.

I want you to look at the headlines I ripped from site that reflect how the world is on fire…

Seizing Private Savings Accounts on Europe’s Agenda

Ukraine the Truth

Turkey spoils emerging market story as politics go haywire

Thailand in crisis: What’s happening on the ground and why

Argentina asks top US Court to stop ‘catastrophe’

Venezuela: From Bad to Worse to Zimbabwe

Turning to the US, Yesterday, The FOMC Minutes Show Fed Taper Continuing But Forward Guidance Confusion, but here is The Most Important Line In The FOMC Minutes and here are 3 Reasons Stock Bulls Need To Pay Closer Attention.

So, with all this going on around the world and the US having its own trouble do you think that the protection of hard assets is a good argument? Put another way… does it matter to you where your money is working for you as long as you know its safe, and providing a return that you can be happy with? According to yesterday’s report, and Warren Buffets “favorite indicator” is pointed south for the Dow… what do you think he is doing? I think a more important question is, should you follow?

Give me a call and allow me the opportunity to help guide you in the right direction… What do you have to lose? Virtually everything you’ve worked your whole life for.