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Silver Price Set To Shock Traders With Stunning 55% Surge

February 13, 2014 9:06 am est

The top story around the world yesterday was that Another JPMorgan Banker Dies, 37 Year Old Executive Director Of Program Trading. Although it’s not clear as to the cause of death, the presumptions are suicide.


Also, it was written by Casey Research that the U.S. “Suspends” Debt Ceiling to March 2015. No folks, read it again… that’s March 2015! I brought you a story the other day that talked about the G’vnmt buying millions of rounds of ammunition… And if that were not enough to make you scratch your head, try this: Why Is The Postal Service Purchasing Ammo And Guns?


Pulling your attention to money matters, I’m not sure if you realized that we now have $205 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities – this may have something to do with why China plans to use gold to internationalize the Yuan.


I read this stuff and I want to bang my head against the wall – Why gasoline could spike 10 percent in the near future. I start early in the morning reading and writing this stuff and sometimes I think my eyes are not open yet. I thought I read 10 cents… no. It says 10% .The other thing I’d encourage you to look at is how Our Bank Accounts are Not Safe.


So, to come full circle on this… Bankers are committing suicide at record numbers; we suspend the debt ceiling, the US Post Office is purchasing ammo & guns, we’ve got about $205 Trillion with a T in unfunded liabilities, our money is not safe in the banks and gas prices could rise 10% and you are not ready to buy hard assets yet?

You’re still thinking about it?


Look friends, Citi’s top analyst just came out and said Silver Price Set To Shock Traders With Stunning 55% Surge – there are stories and research all over the internet showing that Paper Gold Ain’t as Good as the Real Thing and even Paul Craig Roberts speaks on the US economy and paper versus physical gold.


Who gives a hoot if gold and silver go down a bit before they launch higher. If they do go down, you will see virtually everything around us going down with it.


I would highly recommend you pulling money out of the equities and exploring your hard asset options… not tomorrow or next week, do it now, because with all do respect, if these top analysts can’t predict when the system will fall, how the heck will you? Preparation is always done before the event, that’s why they call it preparation.


I know I can’t “make you do anything” but I would strongly urge you to scan through the following links and see what these people are saying, but more importantly, who they are and why they are saying it.


Government Intervention & Manipulation Is Destroying Markets


Stockman – $500 Trillion Derivative Bomb Threatens The World


Stockman – This Financial Collapse Will Be Catastrophic


Celente – The World Is Being Run By Psychopaths & Sociopaths


There are not many things I can guarantee you, but here is one thing I can – I can guarantee that most of you have not moved on gold, silver or rare color diamonds because you are either scared (which is always the best time to be in hard assets) or still confused on how it all works and how it all comes together.


That’s what I am here for friends. To help educate you and help guide you into making the best decisions according to your own specific goals.


As corny as it may sound, but after the paper burns and the gold melts, diamonds will always be forever!


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