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Stocks Are Set For A Big Fall, Thanks To The FED

February 25, 2014 7:59 am est

Over the last several days, I have brought you a slue of information from some of the biggest and sharpest minds in the financial industry saying that the equities are due for a big pullback… Have you done anything with the information? I sure hope so. Today, Marc Faber says the Gold Market Has Bottomed and He has Increased His purchases of Gold and Foresees Flight Out Of U.S. Equities and Jim Grant came out on CNBC and said… Stocks are set for a big fall, thanks to the Fed. Its pretty clear, at least to me, that The Fed Is Very Political … And Serves the Big Banks and the Powers-That-Be, not you and me.

We live in A World of Manipulated Markets friends, so we have to get used to it and adjust our strategy.

There are A Number Of Frightening Black Swans Will Surface In 2014 and as long as we prepare for them, we will be able to come out better than those who don’t. In fact, some say we are Back to the Bull Market Highway for Silver & Gold and that This Is One Of The Biggest Financial Opportunities In 70 Years, it just depends on how you will position yourself. Do you want paper or physical?

It’s interesting how All Eyes Are On Gold And China When Silver May Be The Tipping Point. Sales of United States Mint American Silver Eagles jumped 825,500 on Monday, surpassing last week’s total of 750,000 and topping 8.1 million for the year-to-date. Mike Maloney showed us how Silver Has More Potential Than Gold.

So the question I leave you with today friends is this… How much more information do we need to make the right decisions as to how to protect our wealth, preserve our purchasing power and be sure that we can create some generational wealth? The writing is all over the wall.

Using the VIX to navigate market volatility, it might therefore be a good idea to build up your cash position and/or shift your portfolio’s asset allocation toward asset classes that are not correlated with equities.

Now, what could possibly be a good asset that is not correlated with the equity markets? Here’s a hint…

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