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This is “The Big One” & This Is What Investors Must Worry About

February 10, 2014 8:55 am est

If you think that everything seems to be fine and there is no reason to run, not walk to the closest hard asset for protection, then you need to read some of this stuff….

This is “The Big One” & This Is What Investors Must Worry About The Coming Global Collapse Will Eclipse The Terror Of 2008 Sometimes I hate posting this stuff because it looks so dark and bleak. The reason I do post it is because of who writes it. These are not doomsday’ers, they are well respected fund managers and economists that can see the storm coming. Will you listen to them? As I see it, it is like we are drifting into a storm of mammoth proportions and the US is the titanic – I’ve got my life jacket prepared… do you?

Treasury Secretary Lew says The US likely to run out of funds Feb. 27 while Stock Selloff Starts – Also, Under investigation, American Title CEO dead in grisly suicide what in the world is going on? Were there any notes left behind saying why?

Over in the East, Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday the United States would overthrow the Iranian government if it could, adding Washington had a “controlling and meddlesome” attitude – Ya think? Any one of these catalysts could very well switch the direction of the markets, and the dollar.

For the last few weeks, I’ve had some fascinating conversations with my readers about diverse subject matters, some we’ve agreed and some we’ve disagreed.

One thing we have all agreed on is that we are in the middle of a global currency war and that is why silver and gold have been held down for so long – because gold and silver was, is, and will always be… money, it will always be caught up in the currency fight. The good news in all of this is that the longer silver and gold remain stuck in this range, the stronger the base is being built for the launch north.

Make no mistake about it… Gold And Silver Prices Poised To Rise Dramatically, in fact, if you read Gold, Silver and the Gathering Crypto Currency Storm, you will understand what I mean.

Now, even though we haven’t seen much of a move yet, this Market Report: Says Silver outperforming. With silver, 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time. It is a strong mover in both directions.

I don’t make the news friends, I only report it and then I give you tools to protect yourself from it. The tools that are available to us are truly life saving tools. If you don’t know how to use them, it’s OK. You have me and I am standing by with the instructions on how to use them, but you’ve got to make the call.