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An Economic Collapse Is a Distinct Possibility – Are You Prepared (even a little bit)?

March 10, 2014 8:20 am est

Ukraine – Regardless Of What The MSM Thinks, is Not Over Yet. Obama orders asset freeze, visa bans against Russians – Sit tight guys… this will not end well.

Lets get right into it this morning friends… With the world on the verge of war, Obama headed to posh golf resort with five helicopters and 57 secret service agents… Can someone call me and tell how that makes sense?

An Economic Collapse Is a Distinct Possibility – Are You Prepared (even a little bit)? 

Global debt markets hit $100 trillion-mark and you still think everything is ok and there is no need to protect yourself… even just a little?

US factory orders drop adds to slowdown concern and Boeing to end pension plans for 68K employees! The promises made yester-year are being taken away right from under you… Buy you choose to still think everything is A-OK?

No inflation? The dollar has lost 83.3% against… well, just about everything. Also, a Perfect storm for inflation could rock the market.

So, take into consideration that the dollar is losing value, social security checks shrinking and promised pensions are going away… how will these folks survive? I wish I had answers to how we can provide the extra income you folks need – that’s not my specialty… my specialty is showing you ways to protect and preserve what you have; but you have my word… I will search diligently for you and keep you posted.

From my research, I know that the equities are not going to provide you with the income you seek, in fact, they, like almost everything else are going to take money from you if you keep 50% or more invested… here is Why Gold Looks Better than the S&P: Marc Faber, PhD

So the question on peoples mind is How Much Upside Do Precious Metals Have? We all know it has an explosive upside and that’s why we’ve purchased it at one time or another, that’s also why we continue to accumulate – Like you, I cling on to the hope of  Bill Murphy when he says Gold Will Become Explosive Within A Month, New Highs Coming! With 

U.S. Mint Continuing To Sell “ALL” of its Allocated Silver Eagles, looks like we could be getting very close to the upside we’ve all been waiting for. In the meantime, you should be looking at other “alternative” ways to preserve and protect your wealth, because the “traditional” way just aren’t cutting it anymore.