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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Gold, Silver & What Could Go Wrong…

April 17, 2014 10:38 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


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Now onto protecting your wealth…

Silver, Gold, and What Could Go Wrong – Gold and silver are still real money, even if they are suppressed, denigrated, hated, and lied about. Why should we expect anything different? They are competitors to a paper currency backed only by the full faith and credit of a country, which spends roughly $1 Trillion more each year than it extracts in revenue.

Now look at the following 20 year graph of silver. Instead of being at all-time highs, like the S&P, it is off nearly 60% from its high. Silver looks like a better place to park, as Richard Russell says, un-backed junk currency called Federal Reserve Notes, instead of in the S&P.

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One Of The Greatest Opportunities In More Than A Decade – Even with recent weakness, the MACD-indicator has now turned to a buy signal.  That’s a great signal since we are at such extreme levels, and in my opinion this is a very rare opportunity that should not go unnoticed by savvy investors.  Looking at the short-term picture, there’s a falling resistance line stretching from 2011 that has not yet been broken.

When the HUI breaks this resistance it will result in a short-term rally, and it also suggests that the ratio will have finally seen a major turning point.  This will mean a massive out-performance by the mining shares vs. the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and the NASDAQ.

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Is Silver In A Bull Or Bear Market? – On the shorter time-frame, David Morgan expects a stronger than average summer for the metals. The Ukraine situation which results in Russia opting out of the dollar based payment system, will have big repercussions. That will not happen overnight, nor should one expect a massive and sudden market participation. This trend will likely put a floor below gold.

Big money will enter the precious metals complex as soon as a trend is established. They do not try to pick a bottom or top, but rather ride a trend. Silver’s trend is above $21, a price level which was tested twice. For a trend to be established, it should stay above it with big volume.

For more conservative investors, it is the $25 or $26 level that is critical. Breaking those levels on big volume will be the confirmation that the bull market is still present. The importance of those levels should not be underestimated, given that “old support becomes new resistance.” Given how (commodity) markets work, one can expect at least 3 attempts before silver will pierce through it.

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Now onto the breaking news that matters…


Richard Russell – The Cheapest Thing On The Planet Is Silver – My advice, as it has been, is to move to the sidelines while holding large positions in physical silver and gold.  Regardless of what the markets do, silver and gold represent eternal wealth, and the bid to sleep undisturbed at night.

No amount of money is worth the loss of peace of mind.  The power of gold opened the American West and populated Alaska. Men have spent their lives searching for gold.  You can own gold by the simple action of swapping Federal Reserve notes for the yellow metal.  I advise you to do it.”

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This Chart Shows Us How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Flashing Red Warning” – Forget about all the minute-by-minute noise for a moment and take a look at the following chart. It gives a very simple overview of earnings growth trends for stocks listed on the S&P 500 on a quarterly basis.

Last year saw what analysts would call fairly robust growth, and they had no problem citing these numbers for evidence of economic recovery. We’re curious what they’d call it now, considering this chart shows a massive collapse in earnings per share growth across the board.

Pay close attention to that yellow line, which indicates growth (or lack there of) for the first quarter of 2014. According to Zero Hedge this is a Flashing Red Warning as earnings growth plunges to its lowest levels since 2012:

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Why the Chances of a Total Collapse in Stock Prices Are Increasing – Dear reader, each passing day, the stock market is getting riskier…the chances of a total collapse in stock prices are increasing. Now is a good time to preserve capital, rather than expose your portfolio to key stock indices just like pension funds, active fund managers, and other individuals are doing. Many indicators we follow suggest a market sell-off is closer than many anticipate.

Mark Twain once said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” For stock market investors, the time to pause and reflect is now.

Everywhere you look (except in these pages), you’ll find individual investors and institutions bullish on key stock indices. It’s like they believe they can only continue going in one direction—up. Not much attention is being paid to the fundamentals that suggest a market sell-off is nearing.

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Dumping the Dollar: Russian oil firm Gazprom Neft says Asian buyers willing to use euros – Russian state-controlled oil producer Gazprom Neft said it had received positive responses from Asian clients about the possibility of using euros as a settlement currency instead of the dollar.

Company head Alexander Dyukov said this week Gazprom Neft had broached the idea of dropping the dollar, traditionally the currency of choice for the global energy sector, in response to a possible new round of Western sanctions over Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

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BRICS Consider Creating IMF-Alternative As US Loses Credibility – The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have made significant progress in setting up structures that would serve as an alternative to the IMF and the World Bank.

The countries are fed up with the United States’ failure to ratify a four-year-old deal to restructure the emergency lender. Yet more loss of credibility on the global stage and, as Brazil’s FinMin Mantega sums up, “the IMF cannot remain paralyzed and postpone its commitments to reform.”

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