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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Here Is The Reason Gold & Silver Are Being Hit Again…

April 15, 2014 9:34 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now onto protecting your wealth…


The world is on fire and precious metals are getting slammed?

Here we are at the one year anniversary of the biggest metals smack-down we can remember on record in 30 years! I’ll never forget it.

For no reason at all, gold and silver were executed on tax day, April 15th, 2013 and one year later to the day, for the same reason (which is no reason at all)…

Gold:      –$ 32 sitting at  $1,292.

Silver:     -$.60 sitting at  $19.40

I have one word for you today… CHOICES!

Now Onto Something Really BIG! 

Please read entirely…

Well friends, today is the day! I can officially release the information I’ve been waiting to share with you.

Here is something I would like to introduce to you and I will explain why its so BIG!

This has been in the works since December of last year and with thousands of dollars paid to some of the best attorneys that represent the financial industry, we are ready to launch this exciting program.

What if there were a “type” of account, that instead of paying you 1% to 1.25% in interest… IT COULD PAY YOU UP TO … 6% interest

You know… like the good old days!

Would that appeal to you? I mean think about it. Your deposits at your bank are not even paying you what the FED’S dual mandate is calling 2% inflation! (even though you and I know that inflation is much higher) and is projected to rise even further; but your savings is only paying you 1%-2% if your lucky.

I have a close friend of mine who told me he locked up 250K on a 5 year CD three years ago to get 4.5% interest on his money and if he needs to liquidate, there is a $9,000 penalty! The kick is that they no longer offer a 4.5% anywhere today and “real” inflation is even above that!


Grab your last months statement and see how much interest you’ve earned – I dare you! Most people don’t want to look because they are disgusted with the result. Not only the minuscule interest is hurting your savings… but look at the fee’s you are being charged – Read High fees eroding many retirement accounts and 5 Signs You’re Not Ever Going to Be Ready to Retire

Now, take a look at the research on yields that I have come across recently…

Savings accounts with the highest yields – “The average savings account has a measly 0.06% APY (annual percentage yield, or interest), and many of the nation’s biggest banks pay rates as low as 0.01%. But there are actually some accounts that pay yields closer to 1%.”

Makes you want to run to the bank right? Friends, look at how they are trying to dress up a 1% interest rate! You can put all the lipstick and make-up on it that you want, but when you turn on the lights, its still ugly!

Also, here are the Top High Yield Savings Accounts across the board as far as my eye can see…

Also, from The New York Times… Here is Why Savings Account Rates Are So Pathetic 

Well friends… now you, (if you’re qualified) have options!

What if you had the option of either receiving this 6% interest each month deposited right into your personal account, or letting it compound annually? Which option would you choose?

That’s right. There is no typo here… I said you have options!

Either let it compound for the term or receive the interest each month deposited in your account to help with your monthly expenses.

For most people, (as discussed here this past week) they are still in the stock market because they need cash flow and monthly dividends to help pay for the things they need each month. Mind you, they are nervous as all can be because the DOW is topping and we are approaching May (sell in May and go away ring a bell?) Now, look how over-extended the S&P 500 is… The bigger they rise, the harder they fall. We should all know this from experience right?



Also, everyone on the planet is saying look out below, but what other choices did you have if you needed monthly income?

This is why I have partnered up with and wanted to introduce you to an opportunity, so you have choices – BETTER CHOICES!

I collaborate with and partner with an influential circle that realizes that “together, we can accomplish more!”

So… when you have problems… I go find solutions!

The only reason I went out to find this is because of you, my faithful readers and friends.

Last year you asked me to lower my fees on physical silver and gold, and in order to do that, I had to resign as the Sr. Vice President of a large US Bullion Dealer where I  served for more than 5 years so I can have the flexibility to control costs and pass them on to you. (among other reasons) Then, I chose to stick with a HOME DELIVERY ONLY business model, because in my opinion, having a portion of your assets outside the banking/financial system is crucial, especially today.

Also last year, you asked me what other hard assets would be as good as gold and silver but not fluctuate so much with the market conditions… what did I do? I searched high and low and I brought you color diamonds as a way to preserve your wealth with virtually no market volatility – and remember, according to Sotheby’s these rare color diamonds have increased in value 10-15% each year for the past 40 years!

Then, you complained (and rightfully so) about how your bank was only paying 1-2% interest on your money and you could see your savings eroding right before your eyes… what did I do? I went out and co-developed a program that may pay you up to 6% on your money because again, I don’t focus on problems friends… I focus on solutions!

Now, I need you to know that NOT EVERYONE WILL BE QUALIFIED for this program, so don’t get mad at me. I tried my hardest to get everyone qualified because I believe everyone deserves this type of return but our attorneys said no way… not yet. You know the old saying that the man with all the gold makes all the rules right? (like China will be soon)

Well, similar to this explosive program… We have the best program available anywhere today, so we get to make the rules! No one, no where, no how is paying 6% interest on your money and with that, there are certain rules and guidelines we need must follow.

I REALLY HOPE that you trust me on this one and call me for more information…



Now onto the breaking news that matters…

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Gold rose 450% from 1971 to 1974. It then retreated 43% over the next 18 months. Many investors lost confidence and sold their holdings vowing never to invest in gold again. However, during the next four years gold climbed 750%. A similar percentage increase from today’s price would see gold trading above $10,000 an ounce [$1,200 +450% = $10,200].

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