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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Monetary Collapse and Silver’s Not So Orderly Rise

April 9, 2014 9:26 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Now onto protecting your wealth…


Dear Friends… I don’t expect you to know everything there is about investing in the silver market, that’s why I post all the information that I do so you can see I’m not making this stuff up to trick you into buying silver from me.  I do it to gain your respect as a trusted source of knowledge and information… that is what makes the world go around isnt it?

Silver is by far, the best investment you will ever make, especially for 2014 through at least 2020. DO NOT INVEST IN SILVER if you expect to get rich quick… it won’t happen and anyone that offers a get rich quick scheme is not looking out for your best interests. What will happen is you will have diversified into a hard asset class that is like no other!

You will store some of your cash into an asset that you own outright and will hold in your hand for safe keeping. It is also completely liquid. You can sell one once or several ounces if you need cash for something. The best part is this… you will have made a decision to hold some of your wealth OUT SIDE OF THE BANKING SYSTEM.

There is nothing like the feeling of watching silver shoot up 2,3 and 4 dollars a week – trust me, I’ve seen it happen several times in my life and I know we are getting closer to that time again. Everything around us has been skyrocketing in price, but silver is still down near $20 an ounce? Like there is no use for the stuff? It’s only used in almost every piece of technology out there…past, present and future… and oh yeah… its real honest money too.

With that said… there has to be some questions on your mind that you’d like to discuss, figure out and get answered right?

Between the hours of 11am and 2pm I’m bored as hell – so please, use that time to call me and just talk. Talk about your questions, concerns and issues… who knows, you might find that I share your views and will be able to help you along in your process FAR easier than you imagined.

I am NOT some hot-shot pressure salesman. I am a regular guy who just happens to research the precious metals markets (probably) more than anyone you know.  I am very easy to talk to, a good listener and very easy to get along with… as long as you see it my way! LOL

I really mean it friends! I have spoken to a lot of you over the years of my writing, but I know there are still a lot of you I have not spoken to and for some reason you’re too shy to dial the phone and talk to me, yet you still have questions on your mind. Maybe you are concerned that I may try to bite you – I promise… I won’t bite… bark yes, but not bite!

Are you looking at this stuff friends?

Silver Price Forecast 2014: Monetary Collapse and Silver’s Not So Orderly Rise – The fact that silver is not held by central banks in significant quantities(or not held at all), puts it at a further disadvantage as compared with gold, in the current monetary regime. This is one of the reasons why silver is often mistakenly ignored as real money.

The rise of silver and the collapse of the monetary system is inescapably linked. Therefore, if the collapse of the monetary system is not orderly, then the rise of silver’s value will not likely be orderly. Collapse by definition suggests: to break or fall suddenly. This would suggest that when the time comes, silver will explode higher suddenly; for example, it could be possible that it rises $10, $20, $100 a day, until you can suddenly not buy it with fiat money. Interestingly, that actually means that silver and gold will reach the same price in fiat currency.

So, if you are buying physical silver to hedge against the collapse of the monetary system, you are not buying it, and looking for the price to rise to about $30 at the end of this year. No, you are expecting a sudden explosion of price, you just do not know exactly when. The approach of the silver “stackers” is therefore, the best approach, given that a monetary collapse is inevitable.

Due to the fractal nature of markets, I believe that what happened to silver during the 70’s was a prelude to this coming “end of the monetary system rally”. Silver went from $8.70 in August 1979 to $50 in January 1980. That was a phenomenal feat. Few goods (if any at all) have seen such a big increase in such a short time.

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Holy Spit! – India Imports a Staggering 462 Tones of Silver In January!  – The DGCIS, India’s customs department, just released the trade numbers for January 2014. Strangely For gold and silver they only disclose the import numbers. To figure out net import I’m aware of only one other source;

COMTRADE, but they haven’t caught up until January. For gold we know the Indian government implemented the 80/20 rule in August 2013, meaning gold traders have to export 20 % of their imported gold. By knowing how much gold was officially imported we can thus calculate how much was officially exported.

India officially net imported 28 metric tonnes in January 2014, up 12 % m/m, down 77 % y/y.

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Louise Yamada gives her take on where we are going in 2014 in S&P… she says If this happens, the S&P is in real trouble:

Now onto the breaking news that matters…

Stay Hedged with Precious Metals against Geopolitical Tensions and Monetary Policies – As the central banks of the world in particular the US, Japan and Europe, continue with their expansionary monetary policies, the race to the bottom in fiat currencies is not yet over.

As the US Federal Reserve continues to prop up insolvent banks and buy US Treasuries, over time, they will not be able to end these ever-expanding programs. In Europe, the equivalent is the sovereign debt now found on the European Central Bank (ECB) balance sheet.  And, if we include Japans ultra-aggressive policy of doubling the monetary base in just two years, I believe that this unprecedented monetary experiment will end in disaster.

I have long advocated that individuals should own physical bullion as a protection against the monetary recklessness of these bankers. This creation of money out of thin air and the application of more liquidity than the productive economy actually needs has caused the purchasing power of these fiat currencies to evaporate. Stay hedged with precious metals.

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The Grand Deception In The Precious Metals Industry – Many precious metals investors are being deceived and they don’t even know it.

There is so much fraud, manipulation and deceit taking place in the economic and financial markets, its amazing the system hasn’t collapsed already.

However, there is another big problem taking place in the precious metal industry that has frustrated me to no end.  This is what I call the “Grand Deception.”

Let me explain…

The market sentiment in the precious metals is at an all-time low.  Banks and brokerage houses are now coming out with the typical “Gold’s going to $1,000 or below forecasts.”  Then we had this GEM from the wonderful folks at Natixis, “$10/oz Silver in 2015 Among Natixis Scenarios.”

With the current low price of gold and silver, including all the negative press coming from MSM, many precious metals investors are increasingly frustrated and concerned about their metal investments.

One of the major problems as I see it, is the confusion on the real cost of mining gold and silver.  If investors believe it only costs $7-$10 to produce an ounce of silver, they will have less faith in a $20 silver price holding.  To them, the market price of silver could fall to $10-$15, just as the analysts at Natixis stated in article linked above.

Of course, these Natixis analysts work for a French Global Financial company that makes excellent profits from the highly inflated fiat monetary system.  So, it’s in the best interest for these institutions to keep investors believing that gold & silver are low price garbage assets not worthy of anyone’s time, while the real profits are made in the Grand Financial Ponzi Scheme.

Let’s compare the financial statements from Natixis and my top 12 primary silver miners:

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