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Silver Highest in A Month… Here’s What Changed…

May 15, 2014 9:03 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!



Now on to the breaking news that matters…

If you think your dollar has lost a little bit of purchasing power since 2008 because of the FED experiment with currency… Do you think you’d loose a bit more purchasing power when we see real inflation?

Now, throughout history when the dollar has lost value or inflation was high – The flight to safety as a hedge against inflation would always be gold and silver… or just about any hard asset right? Get ready to for a portfolio check up friends… things are about to change.

Inflation? No way! I don’t see inflation! US producer prices soar to highest in nearly 2 years. Also, look how this has hit the “real” consumers:  – “We have to be very careful with our finances to be able to get anywhere,” she said, adding that neither she nor her sister plan to have children because it doesn’t make financial sense. “We have to tighten our belts and invest wisely and try to get established when everything is working against us.” –

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These are real stories from real people who are getting crushed! Meanwhile, it seems the only ones making real money are the people on Wall Street – Now, I’m not implying insider trading, but when I read “Traders profited early from Fed news” it makes me nuts that they get away with it and moreover, if they are getting away with it, greed will keep them doing it again and again! What ever happened to regulation?

Enough ranting… Lets get to the news you love…

Top Official Coin Sales: Market Overwhelmingly Chooses Silver!

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Total Physical Silver Demand Achieves Record Level in 2013

And Oh, did you see the link from Tuesday about the gold/silver ratio? Well… look at this…

U.S. Mint Sells More Silver Eagles In A Week Than Gold Eagles Over Past Three Years

So if you are still on the fence about buying more silver or just starting, its time to get off the fence in convert some of those fading greenbacks for some hard honest money!

Silver Highest In A Month; Gold Tops $1,300 Level The Reasons? Strong silver demand seen in 2013 and London silver fix to end in August. So you’re not alone… The silver report has confirmed our expectations that total identifiable investment demand, which includes physical bar investment, coins and exchange traded funds (ETF) inventories, rose by 27% to a three-year high at 247.2 Million oz last year,” said Julian Phillips, founder of and contributor to

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Chinese gold demand 694 Metric Tones YTD and Silver is In Backwardation – Two events currently suggest a possible shortage of physical silver in Shanghai. The first; premiums for spot silver on the SGE are rising significantly since March 17. From the weekly Chinese SGE reports we can see Shanghai silver prices transcending international prices by 4 %.

Second; on the Shanghai Futures Exchanges all silver futures contracts are trading in backwardation. Meaning the prices for the futures contracts June 2014 – April 2015 are lower than the price of the futures contract for the first delivery month May 2014. Additionally SHFE silver inventory has dropped 57 % from 575 tones on February 28 to 249 tones on May 9.

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Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Precious Metals Manipulation? The London Silver Fix Is Officially closed for business on 14 August 2014 – In other words, the FCA – undoubtedly in conjunction with the Bank of England – pushed hard to keep the existing manipulation structure in place for three months, effectively against the will of the German regulator, and of Deutsche Bank itself which wanted to get out as soon as possible.

As for what happens after August 14, when the London Silver fix is officially gone, we can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, we are confident the existing members of the mirror fix, that of gold, will be scurrying under rocks to avoid all public exposure. We plan to spoil their plans later today when we profile just who they all are.

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Silver Was Not In a Bubble in 2011 – The bubble in silver and gold is coming – it did not occur in 2011. Expect stormy weather and higher silver and gold prices ahead. When? Ask the High-Frequency-Traders, JP Morgan, the Treasury department, or just wait for demand to overwhelm physical supply in the relatively near future.

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Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar – When U.S. politicians started slapping economic sanctions on Russia, they probably never even imagined that there might be serious consequences for the United States.  But now the Russian media is reporting that the Russian Ministry of Finance is getting ready to pull the trigger on a “de-dollarization” plan.  For decades, virtually all oil and natural gas around the world has been bought and sold for U.S. dollars.  As I will explain below, this has been a massive advantage for the U.S. economy.

In recent years, there have been rumblings by nations such as Russia and China about the need to change to a new system, but nobody has really had a big reason to upset the status quo.  However, that has now changed.  The struggle over Ukraine has caused Russia to completely reevaluate the financial relationship that it has with the United States.  If it starts trading a lot of oil and natural gas for currencies other than the U.S. dollar, that will be a massive blow for the petrodollar, and it could end up dramatically changing the global economic landscape.

The fact that the Russian government has held a meeting to discuss “getting rid of the US dollar in Russian export operations” should be front page news on every mainstream news website in the United States.  That is how big this is.  But instead, we have heard nothing from the big mainstream news networks about this so far.  Instead, we have only heard about this from Russian news sources such as the Voice of Russia…

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