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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

This Chart Shows Why You Should Buy Silver Right Now

May 5, 2014 9:27 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


I think we need to re-evaluate the main reasons why people buy silver and gold – so I will briefly lay them out here and be sure to check them as I see they apply:

Hedge against inflation: Check! Gas in 2008 was selling for $1.50 per gallon and is now approaching $4. Also… Have you gone to the grocery store lately?

Hedge against debasing currency: Check! Even though the FED is supposedly pulling back on its $85 Billion per month spending spree, $65 Billion per month is still a lot of paper falling from the helicopter friends!

Hedge against geo-political chaos: Check! Ukraine and Russia are heating up big time and oh, don’t forget about Europe, China, Japan, Korea and I don’t think that the people in Cyprus are cheering today either. Do you think the issues in all of the middle east have gone away?

Wreckless government actions: Check and check! No explanation needed.

As far as the metals are concerned… you can try and pick your nose, heck you can even try to pick your arss! But do not try to pick a market bottom nor a market top. That is not the way to go about protecting your wealth.

Remember, the goal here is to trade out of your weak paper dollars into hard, real tangible money.

Allow me, The Silver News Surfer to help guide you in making the right decisions of what type of silver to buy and when to buy – Give me a call so we can talk about your goals.. If you haven’t done so yet, at the very bottom of this report, please read An important letter from a valued reader.

This Chart Shows Why You Should Buy Silver Right Now – After rallying in February, silver prices fell more than 10%. And prices have mostly gone nowhere this month.

But if you’ve been reading Growth Stock Wire, you know we think silver is likely to rally in the months ahead. And right now, the market is giving us a huge discount.

Let me explain…

In 2011, both silver and gold prices peaked before steadily declining. Silver prices are down 60% from 2011. Meanwhile, gold prices are down 32%. This makes silver extremely cheap.

You see, in April 2011, you could buy 32 ounces of silver for the price of an ounce of gold (and people were buying like crazy). Today, you can buy more than 66 ounces of silver. How much silver you can buy for the price of an ounce of gold is called the silver-to-gold ratio. In the chart below, you can see the silver-to-gold ratio is approaching its five-year high.

Demand for the metal is strong worldwide – especially in Asia. For example, news agency Reuters reports India imported more than 175 million ounces of silver last year. This was a more than 160% increase over 2012. This is a big number, considering Thomson Reuters, a metal markets research firm, estimated the total silver supply to be 1.05 billion ounces in 2013.

If you haven’t thought about silver lately, I recommend you look at it again. It’s cheap and in demand.

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Something Ain’t Right Out “There” – The overt and blatant manipulation of the gold and silver markets on the Comex reflects frantic desperation – but why?

Perhaps the most unsettling recent event was the announcement by the CME that it was looking at putting daily price limit curbs on gold and silver futures.   Why now?  The daily volatility of gold is at a 4-yr low.  Why were limits not in place a year ago when the bullion banks took the price of gold down $200 in a 24 hour trading period?

The only reason to put price limit curbs in is to prevent true price discovery.   Anyone with a pulse knows that the last year’s manipulated trouncing of the metals using Comex futures triggered an avalanche of physical gold and silver buying globally.

And based on the fact that over 1000 tonnes of gold was removed – and disappeared from sight – from all of the physical gold investment trust globally combined, including over 500 tonnes from GLD, the massive and determined price take-down last year was anything but true price discovery.

But there are other, equally as disturbing smoke signals:

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Preserve your wealth and protect your purchasing power!


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Think Long Term – Think Legacy!

Gold and silver are turning up on queue – Greyerz: Matterhorn Asset Management Switzerland – It is likely that we’ve now seen the end of the more than 2-year correction, and the start of the move to new highs, before 2014 is over, is starting now. The price of gold can only go one way from here and that is much higher.

It’s not possible in the long run to manipulate a physical market with just paper.  As I said, Western governments have no more ammunition left in the physical market and so they will no longer be able to push gold prices lower.  This also means we are coming to the end of the paper market in gold and silver, as most investors around the world will either take delivery or buy the physical.

This also means the end of the difficult years for gold and silver investors, and in the next few years we will see prices that few people believe are possible today.”

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A Question To Ponder… If the US dollar is on the way down and perhaps out, why would the US not tell their citizens to buy and hold gold and silver just as the case that the Chinese government does?

Rampant Corruption Now Unstoppable In U.S. & The West – Unlike the United States, China has been encouraging the population to save in gold for over a decade.  The people have been listening and that’s one of the reasons you’ve seen the enormous demand and these huge withdrawals of gold over the past year from the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

I think there has definitely been an effort to suppress the price of gold and keep it below $1,300. Corruption in the West is rampant.  Unfortunately that is the ‘new normal.’  The system is so corrupt now that I don’t think it’s fixable, and to me this is the scariest point about all this.  That might also be the best reason to own precious metals.

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The Last Two Times This Happened, The Stock Market Crashed – The last two times when margin debt reversed and fell after a record-breaking spike, all hell broke loose. In 2000, it was simultaneous. In 2007, it was delayed by a few months. Today, on the surface, everything is still hunky-dory. The Dow is just fractions below its all-time high that it set on Wednesday. But beneath the surface, parts of the stock market are already coming unglued, and holders of momentum stocks have been eviscerated.

It isn’t the spike per se that matters, but when the spike reverses. Parts of the market have already tumbled. Momentum stock traders have taken a drubbing, and some of those who trade on margin received margin calls and were forced to sell, and others dumped their positions to avoid getting wiped out. It’s bloody out there, in momentum stocks. They’re the ones that go first. And the last two times, they didn’t go solo. That’s how it always starts: with a deadly mix.

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Before You Go Get All Jacked Up On Fridays Jobs Reaport… Please Note That One Million People Dropped Out Of Labor Force In April: Participation Rate Plummets To Lowest Since 1978 – End result: the number out of the labor force is now an all time high 92 million, and the labor force tumbled by 800K to 155.4 million from 156.2 million as the delayed effect of the extended jobless benefits ending finally hits.

What is most amusing is that the “persons who currently want a job” was unchanged at 6,146K – even the BLS said it was “puzzled why so many unemployed people are not looking for jobs.” We have some ideas, and no, they don’t include the addition of 234K “birth/death adjustment” jobs.

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