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June 23, 2014 7:44 pm est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

Last Thursday with the great run in silver, I felt like I was at the race track rooting for my horse to win – Come on silver, come on! Sure enough, it broke out of the sticky web that was aggressively holding it back for so long. Now of course, my phone was ringing off the hook as we were in the middle of a lightning storm… that was fun!

Between people placing orders and questions about what do I see happening next, I promised each of you that you’d have some answers come Monday morning, and here ya go…

The first thing I see is this chart: Silver Busts Out Of 3 Year Downtrend, even the novice chart reader can read this puppy, it clearly shows the breakout. The convincing part to me was the massive volume on the spike.






Get on Board – NOW! We’re On the Verge of a Major Bull Market Advance Across the PM Sector. – Most investors or would-be investors in Precious Metals are so soured by the seemingly interminable bear market in the sector, that has gone on for 3 years now and been made even worse by its having unfolded against the background of a rising stock market, that they won’t see the major opportunity now being presented, even when it’s as plain as the nose on your face, which it is.

This is a bit sad really, because huge profits look set to be reaped by those buying the metals sector right now.

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Circling back to the most important question… Now that gold & silver have exploded higher, Is it time to buy? 

That report certainly makes it clear – yes it is time to buy, here’s something else maybe you missed… 90 Ton Delivery Triggered Short Squeeze In Gold Why the heck would anyone want 90 tons of gold? Its barbaric and bulky – Maybe its the insider trading that’s been rampant around Wall Street, someone got a signal about the real inflation numbers…

Gold and Silver Shoot Higher: It’s Not Iraq, It’s Inflation – what that means is its not a fluke. Another words, the Iraq issue can be contained in a week or month, but as soon as inflation shows its nasty head… Bam! Its a totally different story. Gold Becomes Inflation Hedge as Bond Markets Manipulated by Central Banks 

But you say Inflation? What inflation? Well, its only If You Look At Food, Water, Gas, Electricity And Everything Else you have to buy to survive – Seriously, have you noticed that prices are going up rapidly?  If so, you are certainly not alone.

But Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, the Obama administration and the mainstream media would have us believe that inflation is completely under control and exactly where it should be.

Perhaps if the highly manipulated numbers that they quote us were real, everything would be fine.  But of course the way that the inflation rate is calculated has been changed more than 20 times since the 1970s.

Anyone that has to regularly pay for food, water, gas, electricity or anything else knows that inflation is too high.  In fact, if inflation was calculated the same way that it was back in 1980, the inflation rate would be close to 10 percent right now.

Again, if the move was a geopolitical move, things could calm down and the metals can soften – On the other hand, inflation, because of all the money the FED’S been printing for 6 years now will certainly catch up to us, and I believe that is what’s happening.

With most countries on the globe playing “keep away from the dollar”… “De-Dollarization” Continues – China Starts Direct Trade With UK and now… WOW – Even The Mainstream press says: “The US’s dollar domination is coming to an end Because of the FED, it seems as though our dollar has cooties and nobody wants to touch it!


Metals Strong on Geopolitics, Premiums Set to Rise

 Precious Metals Market Update

 June 16th, 2014

The rising violence in Iraq is making investors nervous. Stock prices experienced a rare down week while oil, gold, and silver were the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, strife lingers in Ukraine as well. Russia appears set to cut off natural gas supplies unless the Ukrainian government can make payment for nearly $2 billion currently in arrears. And pro-Russian forces shot down an army plane killing 49 over the weekend.

Watch for another Cycle of Rising Premiums

Clearly, investors are very committed to higher PM prices. This data highlights a dramatic and ongoing contrast with the futures markets, where short selling has overwhelmed and frustrated the bulls for more than 3 years. Traders leveraged long on futures contracts have been beaten unmercifully, while those long physical bullion remain indomitable.

Assuming other dealers are experiencing the same phenomenon of no retail customers selling, investors in physical precious metals may see another cycle of rising premiums.

In recent months, mints and refiners – who were overwhelmed by demand for silver coins, rounds, and bars during most of 2013 – have begun catching up. This month, the dysfunctional U.S. Mint finally stopped its pathetic rationing of silver American Eagles.

A spike in demand from the current levels is liable to move premiums higher quickly. Mints and refiners could wind up falling behind once again. Coupled with the lack in customer selling, dealers will be forced to raise their bids significantly for inventory, which will lead to higher premiums across the market. Source: ILB

RED ALERT: I’m sure you’re aware that most companies charge a percentage over spot, (most of them being 10% over spot) which means that when silver, just a couple weeks ago was at $18.75, you’d be charged $1.88 over spot and that was not delivered to your door. (By the way, the Surfer was at $1.50 delivered) Now, at the close on Friday, silver was $20.98, that means they charge $2.10 over spot. (By the way, the Surfer Was at $1.75) When silver goes to $30, you will pay $3. over spot and so on…


What does all that mean to you?


Get Em Before The Price and Premiums Continue To Rise! – And Oh, By The Way…

Sunshine eagle



$1.75 OVER SPOT 




buffalo round1

So, If Most Companies Are At 10% Over Spot, And The Surfer’s Not – Then Give Me A Shot!

For Example: With spot silver at $21.00, you can pay 10% and buy silver at $23.10 or Call The Silver News Surfer and pay only $22.75 and get physical deliver to your door!

That’s a .35 cents savings per ounce and on 500 ounces, that’s a whopping $175 savings – Which, according to my calculator, makes this a…..



Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Here’s Why Gold Went Up $50 Thursday – Inflation is becoming a real problem in America. Years ago, I started writing about how all this money the Federal Reserve is creating out of thin air would become inflationary. That’s exactly what is starting to happen now.

Why is the Fed starting to pull back on its money printing operation with the goal of being out of the money printing business by the end of this year? Why is the Fed telling us that after keeping interest rates near zero for years, by the end of next year, the federal funds rate will move up to 1.13% and by the end of the following year, it will move to 2.5%?

In my opinion, we are being told this because the powers that be see inflation in the cards, and they are working on trying to curb rapid inflation before it happens. And if there is something gold thrives on, it is inflation. Heck, even the manipulated government statistics are now pointing to inflation.

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Silver Prices Today Jump on “Perfect Storm” of Buying – Fueling silver gains is safe-haven demand as violence in Iraq escalates and tensions continue to simmer in Ukraine. Also driving the white metal higher is an overall firming trend in global precious metal markets amid expectations that borrowing costs will remain at historically low levels for a good while.

And as is typically the case, when gold and silver prices start to run, people worry about missing out on gains.

Indeed, the Fed’s dovish view on the economy and interest rates caught some market participants off guard. Many were anticipating a more hawkish tone from the June FOMC meeting. That forced some traders to cover shorts. Silver’s robust 4.4% gain Thursday pushed some $2 billion worth of silver short positions into the red. Other investors simply bought into the rally.

So what’s next?

Bullish bullion option activity suggests more gains are ahead for silver. Lured by strong performances in stocks, market participants that have been under-invested in silver are swiftly and solidly returning to the white metal.

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Massive Central Bank Buying To Crush Gold Shorts – Chinese buyers are accumulators, regardless of the price.  When they make their largest investment decisions it’s based upon two things:  While prices are declining, they do seek bargains, but investment bar buying picks up enormously when the prices are rising.

Yesterday’s ramp-up brought in sideline buying which caused premiums in Shanghai to jump and a large move to take delivery in the London markets.  The central banks and the sovereigns are constantly in the market (buying).  When we were sub-$1,300, that was a constant process (sovereign buying).

They (sovereigns) are now (bidding) at the $1,305 level.  The next thing is we want to see the price rise.  Once we’ve cemented this $1,300 bottom, you are going to see huge, huge tonnage come in  (on the buy side), and you are going to see a massive exit of shorts.

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