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Here’s What To Expect From Gold & Silver As We Head Into June…

June 2, 2014 9:11 am est

This report might be a bit long today…

But its worth reading every word!

Here is how to increase your bottom line ROI by 35%


buffalo round1




With silver touching the $18 handle, a lot of people have been calling to ask about my special pricing on silver rounds that are now direct from the mint because they are getting ready to back up the truck and load up at these low value levels.

With that said, I thought I’d give everyone a great value proposition today, but this can only work if we all ban together and do it quickly, because “Massive Shortages” In Gold Coming and “Typical Investor” Will Not Be Able To Get Bullion and another reason I will share with you here.

As noted in a previous article Gold Going DOWN to $1200/$1220 in June Then UP to Retest $1520 and this should put silver in the vicinity of $28-$32 and we are just about there – but please don’t think you will pick the exact bottom, if I had a pre 1965 dime (with the silver content) for every time I saw someone try that, I’d be writing this from my yacht from the south pacific.

The fact is friends… Precious Metals Moving Closer to Bottom and Gold nearing turn point higher as we arrive in June which makes this the perfect time to buy!

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Friends, If you can see value in silver around the $18 handle and you are as convinced as I am that silver will begin to take off soon and potentially reach $28-$30 by years end (or worst case, early 1st Q 2015) as my research leads me to believe, then this is an amazing opportunity for everyone. Let me show you what I mean…

At a minimum, when silver moves to $28, this would be an all inclusive profit of a $7.25 an ounce-

Example: If you bought 1,000 ounces of silver and silver moved to just $28. an ounce, you would realize a full $7.25 gain per ounce or $7,250 realized profit on your investment of 20,750 or whatever the amount you buy, its still a 35% ROI (return on Investment)

These numbers are based on a silver purchase at $19 flat with a special price of $1.75 over spot which includes shipping, handling and insurance right to your door!



Silver Spot:                $19.00

Premium Over Spot:  $1.75 From 6/2 Through 6/6 Only!

S&H&I                        $0

Total All In Cost:       $20.75 per ounce

Here’s the best part: When you are ready to sell, simply call and ship them back to me and you will get the BID spot price of the day I receive them – No charges to sell – Its that simple!

Side Note: Not a bad return considering the average return on the DOW last year was 26.5% – and oh by the way… that was a record year not a normal year.

The average return on the DOW since 1975 was only 9.5%

Now, if you want to learn about my sales process and what you can expect… Click Here

So here is where we need to ban together… The mint requires a minimum of 500 ounces because that is how they are shipped. 1 500 ounce box with 25 individual sleeves of 20 ounces per plastic tube.

HOWEVER: For those of you who can’t do 500 ounces or If 500 ounces is too much for you to bite off at the present time, I can appreciate that – So If you call me right away, I can match two people together with 250 ounces each to meet the minimum requirements another way…

Remember, I am an out of the box thinker trying to serve you the best way I can – For years, I’ve earned your trust with my research reports and now, I’d like the opportunity to earn your business.

Now, Onto the breaking news that matters…

Look friends, regardless of what we are being FED/LED to believe, the economy is not getting better. US consumer spending dips for first time in a year as prices jump and U.S. Economy Shrinks for First Time Since 2011

Imagine for a moment that your families budget is the US budget and your family is about $17 trillion in the hole and you continue to fudge the numbers in your check book to show everything is fine and dandy… and you go out and keep spending money each month and everything around you that you need to survive is going up in price as your dollar continues to get weaker…




Does everything seem OK to you? Would it be fair to say that it’s only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down on you?

Do you ever watch the show American Greed on CNBC at night? This is exactly how the Ponsi hedge fund schemes came crashing down and its only a matter of time before our US Ponzi comes down and this is why I want to reach out and help you and your family to keep some of your money safe… at home and outside the financial system by having some silver on hand; I honestly believe you will thank me for it later.

Now on the other side of the coin… Peter Schiff was out in full force this week saying “Brace For Impact: The Price Of Gold Is Going To Go Through The Roof!” saying that “In the past, when you could get 6 or 7 percent interest on a CD, and inflation was 2 or 3 percent, you were still ahead of the game. But now you get a half a percent on your CD and inflation is 2, 3, 4, 5, whatever it actually is – you’re losing. You can’t win. And so as more people wake up to this reality, the demand for gold is just going to explode worldwide. And the price of gold is going to go through the roof.”

Now why in the world should we listen to Peter? Well, he was the one that called the 08 housing crisis and the 2011 gold & silver explosion to $50!

Other than that, I’ve brought you recent research about the China/Russia trade deal that is disastrous for the US Dollar. I also showed you how the Daily Fix is coming to an end in August and the main reason for acquiring silver 

Here are some other reasons you should be acting now…

The Global Death Cross Just Got Deathier

Fleckenstein – The Fantasy Will Die & Gold Will Skyrocket

US gold coin sales rebound, platinum sales slide

Ancient Chinese Secret: When They Sell, We Buy

World Bank sounds alarm on rising global food prices


Legend Says Markets Pushed Higher To Conceal “Grave Danger”

The Party Is Over In The Treasury Market

US Treasury : Federal Notes have no Value for themselves

‘Death of money’: Author Rickards predicts collapse of global monetary system

So I don’t think its a lack of information as to why you should buy silver and its certainly not the price, so essentially there should be nothing holding you back – 

buffalo round1

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