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How Is “Record Shorting” In Precious Metals Bullish?

June 9, 2014 10:53 am est

As you are well aware, I am always trying to find ways to preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and create generational wealth – Click Here for an overview –

But after we’ve done that, how do you truly protect it all? – Its been brought to my attention by several of the readers who have called in that a lot of you folks do not have your affairs in order – It makes me wonder… if some don’t, than how many more people are in the same situation because they are not sure what to do?

When you own a home and have certain assets over $100,000 you should not have a will, you should have a revocable living trust if you truly want to protect your loved ones after you die.

As you may or may not know, when someone has a will, even as clear as you may think it is, it is not. Also, there is a degree of control when you have a revocable living trust and I believe that with the road the US is headed down, we need to have more control over our assets.

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Now, I hope you live forever, but the fact is that you won’t and because you know I have a strong view on generational wealth: (Generational wealth is an aspect of financial planning that is geared toward passing down stable financial resources to future generations.) I wanted you to see the differences…

So, What Is a Will?

A will is a written document—signed and witnessed—that indicates how your property will be distributed at the time of your death. It is subject to amendment at any time during your lifetime – The biggest no-no is that when you pass, your estate goes to probate court and all the information is public record and anyone can see what you have… or what your family will get.

Also, because your will is public, there are people who monitor the court houses for this information and will come out of the woodwork to try and get a piece of what they don’t deserve. A will, in most cases would run you about $500 –

But is it worth to skimp in this area when your family is already grieving for the loss of the main bread winner in the home? I would say no. (By the way, after your death, the family has to contact the lawyer who wrote the will and pay him even more money on the back end to disperse the assets and represent them in probate, which in some cases could take months.)

What Is a Revocable Living Trust?

A revocable living trust provides lifetime and after-death asset/property management. If you are serving as your own trustee, the trust instrument will provide for a successor upon your death or incapacity. Court intervention is not required. Livings trusts also are used to manage property. If a person is disabled by accident or illness, the successor trustee can manage the trust property. As a result, the expense, publicity, and inconvenience of court-supervised distribution of your estate can be avoided

If a living trust is properly written and funded you can:

· Avoid probate on your assets;

· Plan for the possibility of your own incapacity;

· Control what happens to your property after you are gone;

· Use it for any size estate; and

· Prevent your financial affairs from becoming a matter of public record.

While a trust sounds appealing, there are drawbacks. A living trust is more expensive (somewhere around $1,500 – $3,000) to set up than a typical will because it must be actively managed after it is created. Most importantly, however, a living trust is useless unless it is funded.

A living trust only can control those assets that have been placed into it. If your assets have not been transferred or if you die without funding the trust, the trust will be of no benefit as your estate will still be subject to probate and there may be significant estate tax issues.

So what is best for you? In many respects, a living trust and a will accomplish similar objectives. A trust, however, allows you to realize other objectives that a will cannot. But those advantages don’t come without a price.

Whether or not a living trust is better for you than a will depends on whether the additional advantages are worth the cost. When choosing, remember that one size does not fit all. What is right for one person may not be right for everyone. Your estate plan should be prepared in a way that best meets the needs of you and your family.

So again, to set up a trust, it can cost anywhere between $1,500-$3,000- But my personal opinion would be to spend the extra money now and save your family a world of heartbreak when you die… For example: Lets say that you plan to invest $20,000 for 1,000 ounces of silver today (or whatever it is) Invest only $18,000 and set up a trust for yourself with the other $2,000 – As always, I can help with this…

Because I always go the extra mile for my readers, I have reached out, contacted and interviewed an estate attorney. After talking with her on several occasions, I researched her background and after feeling comfortable with what I saw, I would like to put you in contact with her.

She is an amazing woman and more than capable of handling all of your estate needs, but particularly specializes in setting up revocable living trusts. I would highly recommend using her as I have already checked her background for you.

Feel free to email me or call me and I will make the introduction for you – She is a sweetheart and like me, she is a very caring person and very reasonably priced.

Now, enough about dying, lets start living…

Friends, If you don’t think you need to plan your estate – protect your wealth “privately” by buying gold & silver – acquire a rare color diamond – or if you don’t want to hear about a program that will pay you up to 8% interest that is deposited in your account each month…

Then read this WTF story that I just read from the New York Post:

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Bullish Record PM Shorting – The precious metals plunged last week, knifing through key support zones to unleash an explosion of bearish sentiment. This troubling heavy selling wasn’t news-driven, it emerged out of the blue. Who was dumping gold and why? Later data confirmed it was American futures speculators short selling gold and silver at record levels. Extreme shorting is very bullish, as these bets soon have to be covered.

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The World Is Headed For A Massive & Terrifying Collapse – Since 2007 the world has created tens of trillions of dollars of paper money, either by QE or by increased lending.  So why haven’t we had any significant inflation?  Well, it’s simply due the manipulated way in which most countries produce inflation figures.

For example, most people in the world, whether it’s in the U.S., Europe, or in Japan, are experiencing significant inflation in food and energy. Food inflation in many countries such as the U.S. and Japan is around 20 percent.  But these accurate figures are not published.  Instead, the truth is kept hidden from the people.

Turning to the precious metals, they continue to be weak short term.  Last week I mentioned there was a risk of lower levels before we turned.  But from a wealth preservation point of view, this is the last opportunity for investors who don’t have enough physical gold and silver.

In the next few years gold will go up many thousands of dollars an ounce and will be a critical part of investors’ portfolios in order to protect their assets from total destruction.

This will happen because the West mainly has paper gold, while Russia, China, and other Asian countries have real physical gold.  When the paper shorts are called upon to deliver, it will cause a massive short squeeze.  This will push gold and silver many multiples higher in price.  In my view, precious metals such as silver, palladium, platinum, and gold, present the most unique opportunity of a lifetime for investors.”

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Skyrocketing Chinese Late Payments & A Global Meltdown – It seems that nearly everyone is confounded by the record low bond yields that are prevalent across the globe today.  If investors can correctly pinpoint the real reason behind these low sovereign debt yields, they will also be able to find a great parking place for their investment capital to weather the upcoming storm….

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Economist: US Banks Preparing To Charge Customers For Deposits – In the week that the European Central Bank cut its deposit rate for banks from zero to -0.1%, economist Martin Armstrong warns that negative interest rates are coming to the United States, meaning that Americans will be forced to pay just to keep their money in the bank.

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$500 an ounce silver when gold makes its epic run – Silver will return to ’something close to its historical ratio to gold’ and pass $500 an ounce when gold makes its epic run from $1,300 to $10,000-plus predicts ‘The Money Bubble’, a new book from founder and former head of commodities for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, James Turk and John Rubino.

The authors explain in great depth how gold prices will grow and grow in a spectacular blow-off as global money printing finally gets out of control. Think of it as the 1970-80 gold price explosion on steroids. The silver price is leveraged against gold, and outperforms on the way up and vice-versa.

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American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Demand Remains Strong – 2014 Should Shatter Previous Sales Record – Sales of silver bullion coins exploded in the wake of the financial crisis during 2008 when investors began to seriously question of value of paper money which could be manufacturing at will and in unlimited quantity by a profligate government.

Prior to the financial crisis yearly sales of the silver bullion coin ran between eight and ten million ounces.  Since 2010 yearly sales exploded to over 30 million ounces per year and during 2013 exceeded 40 million ounces. According to the US Mint May sales of the silver bullion coin totaled 3,988,500 ounces up by almost 12% from the previous month and up by 15% from the comparable prior year month.

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Fake Payroll Report Friday – Ecador’s Gold – The Dollar Is Not In An Uptrend – The big media spin is that, supposedly, the economy has finally “recovered” the number of jobs that had been lost 2007. Even if that were true, big deal. If you look at the labor force participation rate, it’s at a 62.8% – a level last observed in early 1978 (Link), which is when most households were still one-worker families. Since 2007, 12.8 million people have disappeared from the labor force (retired, disability insurance, student loans, stopped looking/welfare).

If you factor in population growth, getting back the jobs lost since 2007 is pathetic.  And most of those jobs are lower-paying, temporary, or statistically created by the Government’s “birth/death model.”

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