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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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June 30, 2014 8:28 pm est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

If there is only one thing I can teach you about the upcoming silver bull market, let it be this:

90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time – And with the 3 year mega-correction behind us, we can feel confident that the lows of $18.50 were in and it should be clear skies ahead. That’s not saying that we won’t run into turbulence from time to time, but the flight to the moon will be a rewarding one for those who have the testinal fortitude to embrace gold & silver once again.

I personally know a lot of people who lost a lot of money over the past 3 years in silver, but they also need to realize that the only way to make that money back is to buy more silver at these low levels.

The banksters plan was a simple one and executed beautifully… Manipulate gold & silver so strong so that when it runs up again, people will be too afraid to invest in it again, thus, there will be far less participants on the way up than there were in 2010/2011. Also, the appetite for physical this time around is greater than 2011, whereas there we many more paper participants.

As we are aware, the CFTC investigation into silver manipulation fell flat on its face… Maybe they were right.

Maybe silver wasn’t manipulated… Maybe it was the dollar that has been manipulated… maybe both! Either way, from the feel-good roller-coaster high in 2011, to the ugly roller-coaster ride down, it was enough to make anyone loose their lunch on such a wild, volatile ride.

Everyone says… what goes up must come down and although that may be true, the opposite is the same as well. What goes down, will eventually come up again (such as the case for equities since 2008) and I believe that this is the time for silver to shine!

Many, like you, are worried that the system truly is broken and g’mnts allow the manipulation and the people who are to over-see the markets are paid off to look the other way. Its this same manipulation that is going on in the equities today. They lure you in only to drop it and take your money. I hope you can see the same cycle that I see.

Plans that you have made based on solid evidence a decade ago regarding your financial vision and retirement have now become invalid. You know that you need to take action into your own hands instead of relying on your financial planner, stockbroker, defined benefit package or even the safety net provided by the governments at large. This is something that can be done of owning physical gold, silver and rare color diamonds.

When the tipping point breaks, when the paradigm shift takes place, and when enough people decide on a global basis that enough is enough, this is when we will see triple digits in silver… what else are they going to turn to? Surely not stocks, bonds or T-Bills!

The move is going to turn to the precious metals industry. Once this happens, the buying frenzy will be upon us! Many have heard there is no fever like gold fever. While this may be true, bear in mind there is nothing close to a silver bull market! You might ask yourself why? This is because silver shines the light of truth about the corrupt financial system better than gold for one simple fact; more people can afford to own it!

A historic silver rally is about to begin that will send silver to record highs yet again!

There are five specific catalysts, including a new very bullish development that are setting silver up for an unprecedented run. In fact, when the dust settles from the next silver rush silver will be in the triple-digits…

I think that people are so complacent regarding silver and gold because 3 years is a long time to see it trade in such a tight range. They still think it will go up $2,3 or $4 and drop back down, but I feel that investors today need to focus on things that light the fuse when it comes to silver… particularly things like world events such as Iraq, and food and energy inflation.

Over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to give you hard evidence, beyond any reasonable doubt that:

1) Silver is ready to spike about 100% in 2014!

2) How to double down on physical silver with only half the money!

3) Many facts (not reasons) that will send silver to $40 before the year’s up!

4) How to buy it, where to safely store it and how to sell it when the time is right!


But for now… Start dollar cost averaging in…


NOTE: The silver eagle rounds have been sold out – GONE!






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Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Are You Still Mad At Silver?

Don’t Forget About The Other White Meat! 

Get Positioned For Coming Dramatic Rise in Price of Palladium – Industrial users get it. Investors in PGM ETFs get it. Shouldn’t you get it too?  Palladium is an investment option with absolutely tremendous potential. Here’s why.

Palladium is a precious metal which:

1) has 85 -90% of its annual production coming from just two countries, Russia and South Africa with their incumbent supply dependability

2) is considerably rarer than its cousin, platinum…yet sells for a bit more than half as much and, as such,

3) is well position to be substituted for most of the roles platinum fills

4) has a “two-doors” metal, like silver, with both vital industrial applications and increasing investor interest and

5) can be bought and sold by investors in the form of bullion coins and ingots

[and, as such,] in the eyes of this writer, [makes it] an investment option with even more lucrative potential.

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Bollinger: Here’s why gold is going higher – Bollinger is the inventor of “Bollinger bands,” a popular technical tool that charts price relative to recent movements. The price of the asset—be it a stock or commodity or whatever—is considered high if it’s on the upper band and low if it’s on the lower band.

Bollinger likes to use the bands as an indicator more than as an investment. We will think that this big base-building process that we are seeing going on now will be completed and it will be time for investors to commit some capital.”

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Trading the Ratios and Swapping Gold for Silver – Swapping gold for silver is a trade always worth considering, especially when the ratio blows out as wide as it is now. Portability is one obvious reason for the reverse, as long as premiums match up in the transaction. But the main advantage to this kind of swap is that silver almost always tends to cover more ground percentage-wiser and faster when it is allowed to move in a significant way.

Today’s silver price is significantly below the historical 1980 high in silver prices and well behind the historical gold to silver ratio. Silver has a 200% increase in price before it reaches a new high, and this is before calculating real inflation.  Adjusting for inflation, silver could run as high as $160-270 per ounce before striking a new high in real dollar terms. Although both precious metals show excellent investment opportunities, silver is certainly best positioned for double-digit growth.

Silver is rare, inexpensive, and a protection against inflation. It is poised for one of the best bull runs in history. Yet unlike an actual “bull run”, the move in silver will be a readjustment to reality after years of fantasy pricing.

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COMEX – Why it’s Corrupt – Through corrupt trade practices, the COMEX has stolen and captured the pricing mechanism for gold, silver and copper away from the influence of actual supply and demand fundamentals. Replacing the law of supply and demand as the price determinant, the COMEX has substituted a private club run by a few large traders who, in turn, dictate prices to metal producers, consumers and investors. Ironically, it is data from the CME and published by the CFTC that prove price manipulation on the COMEX.

Because the price control of the COMEX is continuous, if silver prices are manipulated, as I allege, the manipulation is in effect whether prices are falling or rising. Gold prices surged 4% last Thursday (June 19) and silver by 5% in the single largest one-day price rally in months. Government data, in the form of past and future Commitments of Traders Reports (COT) demonstrate conclusively not only why prices exploded on that day, but also why gold and silver prices were lower into the price explosion.

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Gold, Financial Market Shutdowns & Bank Holidays – There is a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding about claims on gold and actually having physical gold — they are two different things.  And we’ve seen Germany’s follies.  First the German government tried to get it (the gold).  Then they couldn’t get it.  And now they say they don’t want it.  (Laughter ensues).  You couldn’t make this up.

That’s a good example of having claims on gold, but that’s different than actually having physical gold that you can mobilize immediately to take advantage of heavily discounted asset values if there was a 2008 kind of wipeout.  That’s why you want to have gold because it will hold its value and probably appreciate through a very difficult sequence in the financial markets.

The ETFs track gold perfectly, but it’s a lot different than being able to call and liquidate physical gold when the financial markets have been shut down and the bank holidays have started and there is no business being done.  That’s when you really want to have the liquid reserves that gold can provide.  And if you don’t have it and own it in a way that is not tied up in the financial system, what’s the point?

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Food prices + gas prices = Stressed consumers – It’s official—summer is here. But as Americans hit the road and fire up their grills, they’ve noticed that they’re paying more for almost everything this year. And it’s making some change their spending habits. At the grocery store, meat, dairy and fruit prices are all up substantially.

People are even paying more for lattes at their local coffee shops. And it’s not just food—gas prices have jumped sharply on geopolitical unrest, and at the moment there’s no relief in sight.  “If gas prices continue to rise, expect food prices to rise more,” said Grisanti. “When suppliers are paying more for gas and transportation costs, they pass those on to the consumer.”

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Iraq, Oil, China, And The Really Big Surge In Gold & Silver – I don’t think this is a false start or a dead-cat bounce in the gold market.  As I said earlier, this market has some strong fundamentals behind it and so this surge in gold could really have some legs to it.  Governments are continuing to print money and that will translate into materially higher gold prices over time.

But KWN readers should stay focused on Iraq.  If the rebels gain control of Basra in the south, that means Iraq has pretty much fallen.  The Basra area contains the really big oilfield.  That is when you will start to see crude oil prices seriously surge.  At that point gold and silver will follow in tandem.  So keep watching this Iraq situation very carefully and be ready for more upside surprises in the metals markets.”

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Did You Know… That if you made a $600,000 investment in a rare five-carat fancy pink diamond in 2001, you would yield about $3 million today.

Also, A five-carat fancy yellow diamond increased in value by 180 percent from 2001 to 2011 – compared to Berkshire Hathaway stock, which increased by 52 percent for that 10-year period and Coca Cola, which grew 42.5 percent

SOURCE: Forbes

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