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Silver is 7 for 7 – Are We Seeing #8?

June 18, 2014 8:46 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

Well here is some damn good advice for anyone willing to stop, look and listen…

Sell stocks when you can, not when you have to – So what are we supposed to do now? Step back and remember how horrible it felt to lose all that money in 2008. Remember how scared you were in 2010 when the EU financial crises and Greek bankruptcy and Cyprus deposit theft were playing out in the headlines and the markets were tanking 10%-20% in the blink of an eye.

And as you remember that, make sure that you’re not so long that you’d be hurt if the markets were to tank, sell off or just pullback for a while. My own playbook says to trim back a bit when stocks go vertical and that is indeed what I’m doing today.

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Heck, even Pope Francis Warns Risk Of “Economic Collapse” saying that the economy was now dependent on war, that great powers have been using war as a means of sustaining the current system. “We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures, a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done,” he said.

Also, Obama announces 275 US troops WILL be sent to Iraq to protect American embassy in Baghdad days after saying they would not return. And now, the U.S. evacuates embassy as bombs, fighting rock Iraq and you think there are no geo-political tensions around the globe because you didn’t see these stories on CNBC? Well, in recent days, Gold & Silver surge As Mainstream Media Misleads Investors.

Doug Casey says: US in Eye of ‘Gigantic Financial Hurricane’ – He goes on to say that “It’s my opinion, that perhaps by the end of the year, certainly by the middle of next year, we will go into the trailing edge of the hurricane,” he said. “It’s going to last much longer, be much more serious and be quite different than the unpleasantness we remember from 2008 and 2009.”

Be sure to check back tomorrow, as I have something pretty damn explosive to announce!

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

Silver is 7 for 7 – Are We Seeing #8? – We all know the silver to gold ratio is important. – The ratio is low at silver lows, and high at silver highs, because silver both rallies faster and falls deeper than gold. The ratio has been erratic over the past 40+ years but the highs and lows approximately mark turning points in the silver and gold markets.

Since 2008 the RSI of the ratio has made 7 important lows below 30 that were also matched with a decent bottom in the silver price. There was also a quickly reversed bottom in the RSI in May of 2013 but silver prices were still falling and showed no sign of a bottom until early July.

The RSI of the ratio made another low under 30 on May 30, 2014 and turned higher on June 6, 2013. Silver prices look like they have also turned up. This is the 8th such low since 2008.

Will silver rally this time for #8 of 8? I don’t know but silver has been beaten down for over 3 years, the S&P has rallied for over 5 years, and both markets seem tired and ready to reverse.

I would much rather be long silver than long the S&P at this time. Stacking physical silver makes a great deal of sense!

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Historic Breakout Will Launch The Price Of Silver To $65 – “Silver has just experienced a historic breakout.  If you look at the 7-year chart below it shows it shows a trendline which traces back to the the $50 high on silver in 2011, to this historic breakout.  This may usher in the long awaited bullish move which will take silver to new all-time highs.

It’s important to keep in mind that this historic breakout in silver is coming from the most oversold levels ever.  So this has the potential to be an extremely explosive situation.

The last time silver rallied from such oversold levels it soared 320% in just 8 months.  A similar move would take the price of silver to a new all-time high of $65.

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The precious metals will offer one of the best safe havens as the world enters into the next paradigm… “The Death of the Business Cycle.”  Unfortunately, very few analysts, economists or investors realize the darkness that lies ahead.

After much research and a great deal of reflection, I believe the best physical assets to own in a peak oil environment are the PRECIOUS METALS.  The world is heavily invested in paper and physical assets that derive their value from a growing energy supply (which is now peaking).

The precious metals are not investments or stores of wealth to trade or relate to the insane valuations in our present markets.  Gold and silver are more than insurance…. they will be the wave of the future, and the future is now here.

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The Aden Sisters: Gold Finally Bottomed Out – Gold’s safe haven appeal has diminished somewhat. Following the Ukraine elections, for instance, concerns eased. But with Iraq now heating up, gold could continue its current rebound rise.

Also, silver is super cheap. It’s also cheap compared to most of the other markets. Demand for silver is also very good.  A recent report said that physical demand rose to a record last year. This growing demand ties in well with the technical situation in silver. It too is bottomed out and, like gold, it’ll likely head higher in the upcoming months.

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Fed Funds Rate About To Reward Gold Investors – The good news is, as we see various countries applying monetary stimulus, including emerging markets, we can expect this to contribute to global GDP growth. In 2014, global GDP is expected to grow by 3.2 percent, according to the World Bank’s latest projections.

Similarly, the money supply of the United States has been a steady grower and the money supply in the E7 countries is also expected to reverse course; right now it is growing again but at a slower rate. The U.S. data suggests that a new easing cycle is starting in Europe, Japan and emerging markets.  A pickup in economic activity in the E7, especially the big gold consumers, is yet another positive sign for the yellow metal.

Real interest rates are headed lower for most of the world as well. As money supply grows, countries eventually feel inflationary pressures. This will hold true in the U.S. as we move into 2015 and back into Phase I. All of these changes can lead to a declining confidence in paper money, yet another good sign for gold.

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Gundlach: Gold could go to $1,500 – It’s one thing to say gold is going higher. But, when Jeffrey Gundlach, manager of the $49 billion DoubleLine, says he thinks gold could hit $1,500 per ounce by the end of this year, that’s something people pay attention to.

In a webcasted presentation called “Penny For Your Thoughts”, Gundalch noted the 96 percent reduction in the U.S. dollar’s purchasing power since the Federal Reserve Bank was established a century ago, likening the end of the gold standard to the silver debasement of the Roman denarius from 64 to 270 AD. During the question and answer period, Gundlach said he thought gold could move to $1,500 this year.

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