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Which Is More Volatile In A Downtrend, Gold or Equities?

June 10, 2014 9:40 am est

Lets get right to the breaking news that matters…

Silver Market Update by Clive Maund – The public is now extremely bearish on silver, with a widespread perception that it is “done for”, but as we will see, even if there is some further short-term weakness, the longer-term outlook for silver is very bright indeed.

On its 14-year chart, which shows all of the bullmarket in silver from its inception, we can see that, although the drop from the 2011 peak has been severe, involving losses of more than 60% from the highs, it has not thus far resulted in a breakdown from its long-term uptrend, which remains intact.

Over the past year silver appears to have been basing in the zone of strong support shown with its supporting long-term trendline gradually coming into play to provide additional support. This is in fact the perfect setup for a major new uptrend to begin, and the only further supporting factor required is a favorable COT structure – and that we now have.

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Market Positions For Gold and Silver – The managed money silver shorts are far too large relative to offsetting liquidity from the banks and commercial users of the market. By definition they are more speculative than managed money longs, which have increased to a lesser degree.

If we make the reasonable assumption that banks will take the opportunity to squeeze the managed money speculators, silver has the potential to move sharply higher very quickly. In which case, a bear squeeze in this relatively illiquid market could accelerate a corresponding bear squeeze in gold. However, the expiry of the July contract could make the precise timing unpredictable.

The first week in July, if not sooner, should see a significant recovery in gold and silver prices, based on the technical market position on Comex, and may well mark the point from which prices go considerably higher, given the extremes of negative sentiment in the managed money categories.

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Law makes gold, silver coins legal tender in Oklahoma; does away with “nonsensical” tax – A new law signed by the governor makes gold and silver coins legal tender in the State of Oklahoma.

Organizers say it’s good news for investors of precious metals but it’s not intended to help people pay their day-to-day bills. Officials say the goal is to eliminate a tax that some lawmakers called nonsensical.

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Which Is More Volatile In A Down-trending Market – Gold or Equities? – With the gold price in dollars breaking decisively the 200 day moving average but with volatility across a broad range of asset classes close to, or at, historic lows…this article looks at what patterns occur in equity and gold prices during both up and down trends and how to adjust your portfolio accordingly.

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Fed’s Bullard says inflation is now rising – There is evidence that inflation is now “moving higher,” said James Bullard, the president of the St. Louis Fed, on Monday. This is a significant shift in Bullard’s outlook. Only last month, Bullard said that inflation was stable and any uptick in price levels was just a forecast.

Last year Bullard was very concerned about low inflation, even dissenting from a Fed policy statement over concern the central bank wasn’t doing enough on the issue. “With inflation still below target, albiet rising, and unemployment still high, but falling, the Fed faces a classic monetary policy challenge…how quickly should the committee move to return monetary policy to normal given improving labor market conditions?” Bullard asked.

In his prepared remarks, Bullard did not venture an answer his own question about the pace of policy tightening, saying only that the debate is likely to “garner significant attention” as the economy continues to improve. Bullard is not a voting member of the Fed policy committee this year.

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Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War – At first blush, the title of this post could be perceived as somewhat hyperbolic by those who still have an impression of America’s police departments as bastions of safety, designed “to protect and to serve” the population of the “land of the free.”

However, said impression would be promptly washed away upon reading an article in today’s NYT [9]which citing Pentagon data, reveals that under the Obama administration, “police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.”

Which begs the question: just who is America’s police force, and by extension the Obama administration, which is behind this quiet militarization of local police forces with weapons that would normally be seen in a warzone, preparing for war against?

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