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Silver Manipulation Finally Exposed! The Who & The Why…

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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My thoughts have always been that one of the reasons for silver manipulation is because its duel purpose of industrial applications and money! Take a look a the following two very short video,s and you will see what I mean – Silver is an opportunity of your lifetime – be sure to take advantage of it!


The Coming Silver Shortage


Silver: The Element Of Change

Coming soon to a portfolio near you ~ Marc Faber predicts 20% to 30% drop in stocks – Permabear Marc Faber said Monday he expects stocks to drop 20 percent 30 percent by October. “Over my career, somewhere, somehow I must’ve made some right calls,” he said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in business.”

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There Is No Inflation If You Don’t Eat Dairy, Seafood, Fresh Fruit, Pork, Beef/Veal or Eggs…. But if you do, prices have soared since September 2013:

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Now onto the breaking news that matters….

Deutsche Bank, HSBC Accused of Silver Fix Manipulation – Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and Bank of Nova Scotia were accused in a lawsuit of rigging the price of billions of dollars in silver, an allegation similar to earlier suits involving the London gold fix.

The banks unlawfully manipulated the price of the metal and its derivatives, an investor claims in a complaint filed yesterday in federal court in Manhattan. The banks abused their position of controlling the daily silver fix to reap illegitimate profit from trading, hurting other investors in the silver market who use the benchmark in billions of dollars of transactions, according to the suit.

“The extreme level of secrecy creates an environment that is ripe for manipulation,” according to the complaint. “Defendants have a strong financial incentive to establish positions in both physical silver and silver derivatives prior to the public release of silver fixing results, allowing them to reap large illegitimate profits.”

The lawsuit is the latest to be brought against banks alleging manipulation of a benchmark. Suits have been filed against Deutsche Bank and Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC and other banks in federal court in New York over allegations involving the London gold fix.

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Also read: “London Fix” Gold Rigging By Bullion Bank Exposed In Class Action Lawsuit: The Complete Charts

INDIAN SILVER IMPORTS: Near Record At A Quarter Of Global Mine Supply – It looks like at least one country is still taking advantage of the extremely low paper price of silver.  From information just released, India continues to import a near record amount of silver in 2014.  Even though silver imports slumped in June compared to last year, demand is still extremely strong.

As the article states, India imported 2,882 tonnes of silver in the first six months of the year, down slightly from the previous record set last year at 2,980 tonnes.  We must remember, the Indian government enacted restrictions on gold imports in 2013… forcing its citizens to purchase silver instead.

On top of this, we had the huge smash in the paper price of silver from a high of $32 in the beginning of 2013, to a low of $18 in June.  Again, even with falling silver imports in June, total silver imports are expected to reach 5,000 tonnes in 2014.

Just to put into perspective the amount of Indian silver imports, let’s look at the following chart:

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Embry: The Shocking Reason Why Gold May Quickly Hit $2,000 – “We are at a major inflection point.  After more than 3 years for silver and almost 3 years for gold being under continuous pressure on the downside, the bottom is clearly in and we are going to have an explosive upside move very shortly….

I have said for some time that gold might reach as high as $2,000 this year.  That sounds extreme now with gold near the $1,300 level, but when gold starts to move it will move very violently to the upside.  And If the bullion banks lose control of the market, I could see $100 upside days coming.

So as outrageous as it sounds at this point, I still believe $2,000 could happen very quickly, and I think it would be accompanied by these violent moves to the upside.  There is a very strong probability of this happening because of the physical shortages, massive short positions, and the overpoweringly positive fundamentals.

One of the greatest fundamentals for gold, and it’s coming like a freight train, is the eventual destruction of the U.S. dollar. The fact that China, Russia, and everybody other nation seems to be talking openly about doing deals without using the U.S. dollar is a truly astounding development.  And when it actually takes hold, the demand for U.S. dollars will fall because other countries won’t need them anymore.

As this really starts to unfold this is going to be devastating for the United States in the sense that the standard of living will drop precipitously.

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Similar to the point I was trying to get across yesterday…

Investors Must Prepare Now For Chaos & Wealth Destruction – The changes in the money fund rules were just one of a stream of warnings that the chaos that many have warned is in our future might be uncomfortably close. Street violence is on the rise in many countries. The situation in Ukraine continues to edge toward open warfare. Crucial parts of the Middle East are seeing war.

There are signs that Saudi Arabia and Libya might be next. We are seeing a rekindling of ancient hatreds in Gaza. However, the most important conflict is the civil war occurring within Islam itself. That civil war is close to engulfing the entire region in a monumental and historic battle for dominance. Expect the price of oil to head much higher.

The move away from the dollar is now in full force with the BRICs announcing their own version of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. It remains to be seen how far away from the dollar world commerce can stray, but the desire and motive to challenge the dominance of the dollar is clear.

It has also been reported that the large central bank purchases of gold might be part of the strategy for anchoring the finances of this new entity. It can only be good for gold as well as a clear indication that the reserve status of the dollar is at risk. So it is extremely important that investors be properly positioned ahead of the coming chaos.

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Use “Magic” Of Gold/Silver Ratio To Greatly Increase Your Physical Holdings

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Tie your both hands behind your back for a week, only then would you understand how I’ve felt all week with no damn computer. My hard drive crashed and was wiped clean! How the heck did my parents survive when they were younger and had no computer?

Anyway… back to business.

Turn the ringer off on your phone and lock your office door for about 20 minutes and read what the experts are saying about gold and equities. It makes no sense to focus so much on making money and not taking time to focus on how to protect the money you’ve already made.

It sure was a volatile week last week and I would expect a shaky Monday as gold & silver options expire today.

What is interesting is that these 4 Astonishing Charts Show Gold May Finally Be Set To Soar – I say interesting because we’ve been hearing this for quite sometime now. The truth of the matter is that no chart, no fundamental and no geo-political issue can predict when gold and silver will breakout, that’s why its so important to get yourself protected now.

Remember, when gold and silver start to accelerate, that means the US Dollar will decelerate and that is the most important reason to get your positions locked in before the crowd – Who really cares if you’ve got to wait another month or so… That’s why we call it PRE-PARED

The Hundreds Of Tons Of Gold Bought By East In 14 Days gives some indication of what the big money is doing out there… Do you want to watch from the stands or jump on the field and play the game?

What I mean is this… look at this as a sports game. The  spectators in the stands pay to watch the game – The people on the field playing the game is who makes all the money right?  Here is Why gold is about to rally.

Be sure to look at the The Gold Series – 2014 Trends And Beyond and then decide if you believe the MSM telling you that gold and silver are dead and nobody needs or wants it.

Look friends, with regard to the equities, are you willing to go against what the most seasoned veterans in the market are saying?

For example, Art Cashin Warns Of Terrifying Black Swan & The Banking Crisis The 50-year veteran Art Cashin, who is Director of Floor Operations at UBS ($650 billion under management), warned KWN about a terrifying black swan, at least from the U.S. perspective, and also warned that the European banking crisis will see many more banks in dire trouble before the crisis ends.  He also discussed his biggest worries going forward.

Here is The Insiders’ Case for a Stock Market Mini-Crash – After two years without a meaningful correction and complacency at multi-year highs, how much profit is there left in pushing an increasingly heavy market up another few percentage points? The big money is in engineering a decline that catches the crowd by surprise and doesn’t allow the traders a chance to board the short-bus before it roars out of the station.

When the markets get heavy, the easy-profits trade is get short and engineer a sharp decline. Nudging a heavy market into a free-fall has a number of advantages to players, other than the gratifying profits from being short equities and long volatility. Still want you money in a bank?

Even the IMF Cuts US GDP From 2.0% To 1.7% As US Retail Sales Forecast Slashed From 4.1% To 3.6%

Believe us when we tell you… This Time Is Not Different: Why The Market Is Heading For A Fall

This was a shocker to me when I read this… Goldman Sachs downgrades stocks to neutral

And by design… There Will Be No Warning When the Next Crisis Hits

After SEC rules, my advice: Stay out of money-market funds! – The SEC approved some new rule changes for money-market funds this week. One of them requires a floating net asset value (NAV) rather than a fixed $1.00 par value — this is a welcome addition to a new post-crisis reality. However, the other proposed change, which would allow money managers to suspend redemptions by investors, or charge them fees to redeem during volatile periods, is a travesty.

Usually the portfolio in a money-market fund doesn’t move at all in price, due to it’s very short duration. That’s until a shock event hits one of the entities in the portfolio, which was the case of the Lehman Brothers default. Investors then all the sudden realize they don’t own “cash,” and instead own risky corporate debt, which in the case of Lehman, opened up Monday morning Sept. 15, 2008 at a bid-offer of 10 cents to 12 cents on the dollar. Suddenly “cash” just lost 90 cents on the dollar.

That’s when the proverbial crap hit the fan, and the clothes came off the emperor. Investors started shooting first and asking questions later and liquidated all their money-market funds and transferred them into 30- day T-bills. That’s how a “run” begins. The tide goes out and you realize who’s been swimming naked. And boy, is the money-market industry naked! And we are talking about an asset class with a notional value of $2.6 trillion currently.

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Now onto the breaking news that matters….

If you’ve done nothing else, click and read this next story…

Use “Magic” Of Gold/Silver Ratio To Greatly Increase Your Physical Holdings – The magic of compound interest is well known. What is lesser known is the magic of the gold/silver ratio, not as a measure as it is mostly viewed, but as an application for increasing one’s holdings substantially, over time. What is so great here is that no magic is involved, rather simply utilizing the market to more than double your holdings.

So-called “Gold Bugs” are considered ardent supporters of the PM [Precious Metal]. Silver stackers are just as avid. Then there are those willing to buy either or both. The chart below is the gold/silver ratio going back 15 years, and this is a hindsight analysis brought forth to the present tense for future consideration that can greatly increase net holdings at almost no cost, those being transaction costs from a dealer.

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Gold’s Strong Season Starts – Gold’s strong season is just getting underway, with this metal’s summer-doldrums seasonal low in place.  The past couple months’ stiff headwinds are starting to shift to fierce tailwinds, thanks to Asian demand ramping up heading into autumn.  Gold’s pronounced seasonality is very important for all investors and speculators to understand, as today’s inflection point is a very bullish omen for this still-unloved asset.

Today we happen to be right at the great ebb of this perpetual seasonal cycle, the end of July.  The summer is gold’s weakest season of the year, because there are no major recurring demand surges.  But starting now, that changes dramatically.  In the coming weeks Asians will once again start flooding into gold in droves, forcing its price higher.  So buying today ahead of that near gold’s seasonal lows is very prudent.

Soon gold will start powering higher in its initial strong-season rally straddling late summer and early autumn.  As gold rises, so will the entire precious-metals complex.  The gold tracking ETFs, led by the mighty American GLD gold ETF, will mirror gold’s advance.  And silver and the stocks of the precious-metals miners will leverage and amplify it.  The dawn of gold’s strong season is always an exciting time.

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And for those of you who want to go the extra mile to understand the effects of seasonality in silver and gold, you can view my research HERE

Shocking Charts Show That Gold Is Set To Skyrocket – Today there are massively elevated risks in the world both geopolitically and financially.  With these risks we could see a change in markets at any time.  I see investors in the two biggest markets in the world, bonds and stocks, being totally oblivious of what’s going to hit them.

But before this is over, the world will experience asset destruction of a major proportion.  I see stock markets coming down 90 percent in real terms (versus gold), and bond rates reaching 20 percent in coming years.  At that point we will be looking at a very different world.

the gold industry is facing fewer discoveries, longer lead times, lower grades, and higher costs.  These supply and cost factors will have a major impact on the gold price in coming years.  And this is on top of the fact that Western central banks have no gold left in their vaults.

So not only will physical gold be an outstanding investment in coming years, but it will also protect investors from a total destruction of their wealth as the world plunges into a period of extraordinary chaos.

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“Golden Crosses” Poised To Create Explosions In Gold & Silver

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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Why Banks & US Treasury Warn Virus Will Wipeout Customer Accounts – The warning included threats that “the consequences of cyber incidents are serious. When credit card data is stolen, it disturbs lives and damages consumer confidence. When trade secrets are robbed, it undercuts America’s businesses and undermines U.S. competitiveness.”

Guass, which is an online banking surveillance virus, has the capability of electronically transferring information out of customer accounts to be redirected to another location. The banking industry, who is now threatening the wipe-out of customer accounts, would be dramatically affected by Gauss were this virus to cause every banking customer to become insolvent overnight.

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IRA/401K Nationalization ( — December 20, 2013) Portland, OR — Currently the plan is for the government to nationalize retirement accounts like IRAs, 401Ks, pensions, 403Bs, etc. in order to force you to use a portion of your retirement wealth to purchase U.S. government debt – debt that will ultimately default, as it is not possible to sustain our astronomical debt nor the deficits that create it.

US Bill “HB5337” is where you will find the plan to nationalize retirement wealth.

On May 6, 2012 Lauren Schmitz, a research analyst at the Bernard L Schwartz Center for Economic Analyst (SCEPA), introduced HB5337.  This 401(k)/IRA de-privatization is the brainchild of Teresa Ghilarducci, whom through funding from the White House and the Ford & Rockefeller Foundations engineered a new “Regulatory & Tax Incentive.” The purpose is to force Americans to convert their Retirement Accounts into Government Managed accounts.

This plan to nationalize private 401K and IRA retirement accounts is being publicized as the government protecting the public against business failings or state bankruptcies.

However is nationalizing the retirement plans of American citizens and put them under control of the Federal Government really “protection”.

In February of 2012 The U.S. Senate, under the leadership of Democratic Senator Harry Reid, held hearings that resulted in the Conclusion that privately managed 401K’s and IRA accounts should be converted to Government managed accounts.

In fact the Obama Administration has included moves in the general direction of taking control of Americans Retirement plans in their 2013 budget proposal. They want to force us to use our retirement money to fund their irresponsible spending.

Your cash, your retirement funds, your bank deposits and your investments are at huge risk of being confiscated by the government through some contrived reason or another.





Now onto the breaking news that matters….

“Golden Crosses” Poised To Create Explosions In Gold & Silver – Despite the pullback, the gold and silver markets are poised to move significantly higher over the medium to longer term.  There is also a fascinating chart from John Murphy that is included.  These are the types of charts that the big banks follow closely, as well as big money and savvy professionals.

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Sticking around for $50-$100/oz silver – Precious metals characteristically start going up after a prolonged decline, yet early in the reversal they rarely inspire any confidence because the last dozen or so similar moves fizzled after a 10–20% move. This could be one of those. Silver is at $21 per ounce ($21/oz) now, maybe next week it will test $18/oz again. It’s anybody’s guess but I believe that toward the end of the year we’ll probably see higher numbers—maybe substantially higher.

My outlook for silver for the next two or three years is somewhere between $50 and $100/oz. It could be shorter; it could be longer, but that’s not critical. I’m going to stay with it for the cycle; it could be another 10 years to the end of the cycle. I do not expect this next leg to be final but I expect it to be a substantial run comparable to 2010–2011 when silver went from roughly $10 to $49.50/oz.

The next move could go from about $20 to roughly $100/oz, but that will take time. Am I going to take money off the table along the way? Maybe in some stocks that got ahead of themselves or that are not responding to the price move. But I would not touch any of my physical silver.

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The Best Opportunity of Your Life: Silver – There’s a situation in the silver market now that we absolutely must take advantage of. “It is the best opportunity to buy silver in over a decade – and possibly one of the best times you will ever see in your life.”

And based on Jim Rickards’ conclusions about inflation and deflation, I want to own precious metals for the long run. The upside potential – if Rickards is right – is tremendous. And today is about as attractive an entry point as you will get on silver… Don’t miss it…

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Jim Sinclair: Long term cycles in gold are in the process of turning long term positive. That is fact. There is a strong possibility that this is the last take down before gold trades at a new highs.

Clearly we are witnessing the popular delusions and madness of the crowd in general markets and today in the reverse in the gold price. This will make new highs after the failure of this clearly false price construct of this morning’s illiquid time period.

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Gold Bottoming; Higher Inflation Ahead – Gold is now finally bottoming, says Ronald Stoeferle, publisher of the definitive annual report, “In Gold We Trust.” In a recent interview with Financial Sense Newshour , the widely followed gold analyst—once named 2nd most accurate by Bloomberg—provides an excellent view into the mental hopes and fears of most precious metals investors right now.

With 2013 being a great year for stocks but absolutely devastating for the yellow metal, Stoeferle believes that the last of the gold bulls have finally thrown in the towel and that we are now very close to a bottom.

“A lot of technical damage has been done to the price of gold,” he says. “A lot of trust has been destroyed and it just takes a while to correct the situation… Therefore, I think at the moment we are probably at the very end of this bottoming process.”

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If You Don’t Buy Gold Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later – Over the next couple of years, you could make triple-digit gains in one of the most beaten-down commodities on Earth: gold. No, it won’t happen overnight. But as I’m about to show you, a bull market in precious metals is almost inevitable. And before the run is over, we could see prices double… or more.

Here’s the problem: prices are so low that producers are losing money on almost every ounce of gold they pull out of the ground. In the industry today, it costs about US$1,650 to mine one ounce of gold. However, at today’s spot prices miners can only earn US$1,300. You don’t have to be a business expert to figure out that this isn’t a good business model.

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Massive Precious Metals Futures Buying, Here’s Why…

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

From what I can see in my charts and tea leaves, it seems to me that silver will make an attempt at $24 over the next 3-6 weeks, which is going to give silver a firm foundation for a launch much higher into the start of the fall season…. so get ready! Keep in mind, as I wrote before, Buy Any Attempted Takedowns In Gold & Silver!

For those of you who don’t believe it can happen because its been down for so long, you simply are not doing your research. It’s worth repeating that 90% of the move in silver always comes int he last 10% of the time. Its like a powerful force and when it is being held down for so long the way it has, only increases its energy when it starts to more and catches people by surprise.

I also still get a sense that people are still nervous to “invest” in gold and silver… great! You shouldn’t be investing in it, you should be accumulating it. It’s also worth repeating that investing is to try and make money, whereas accumulating gold and silver is to protect money ~ Know the difference.

When “investing” there is always risk of loss. The stock or bond could go down and potentially go to zero and wipe you out completely. Does Lehman Bros, Bear Sterns and AIG still ring a sour note?

Gold and silver for 5,000 years has never gone to zero and when held in your own possession will never wipe you out. Its that part of your portfolio that you just hang on to and don’t touch… you just keep accumulating.

What goes through your mind when well known, respected industry experts say the following…

Gold Should Do Well As Equity Bubble Is Ready To Pop – Axel Merk – Complacency in financial markets is currently extremely high, and investors should have some gold in their core holdings to protect themselves said Axel Merk, president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments.

Merk said that gold continues to be an important diversifier for investors, which he added is why Merk Investments increased its gold holdings last year as prices fell.

Merk explained that rising equity prices on the back of extremely low volatility demonstrates the “amazing amount of complacency” in the marketplace.

“People have been buying, buying, buying and to me that is a bit concerning,” he said. “People are not aware of the risks of what they are buying; that has to end badly. It did so in tech stocks, it did so in real estate, it did so in bonds…”

It is not just Merk who paying attention to market complacency. The Federal Reserve also sees this as a concern; however, following the June 18 monetary policy meeting Fed Chair Janet Yellen said that the committee does not believe that the equity market is in bubble territory.

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Or how about this…

The end of QE will cause 15-20% correction: Expert – In the Federal Open Market Committee’s June meeting, the Fed decided that it would likely look to end its asset purchasing program (known as quantitative easing, or QE) with a $15 billion reduction in monthly purchases in October, according to the meeting minutes released on Wednesday. The markets took the news in stride, and stocks actually closed higher on the day.

In the Federal Open Market Committee’s June meeting, the Fed decided that it would likely look to end its asset purchasing program (known as quantitative easing, or QE) with a $15 billion reduction in monthly purchases in October, according to the meeting minutes released on Wednesday. The markets took the news in stride, and stocks actually closed higher on the day.

But Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group, told CNBC’s “Futures Now” that equity investors are making a huge mistake.

“I do not” think the market can handle the end of QE, Boockvar said on Thursday. “QE in its current form was a trillion-dollar annualized stimulus program that’s going to zero. It magically turned 1.9 percent GDP growth last year and mid-single-digit earnings growth into a 30-percent-plus gain in the S&P.

I think, this year so far, the market’s been OK with it because they’ve been believing that the Fed can somehow make this seamless transition from the QE to a self-sustaining, escape-velocity-type economic recovery. And I think, from what we’ve seen so far in the first half of 2014, that’s not really the case.”

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What about this…

BIS chief fears fresh Lehman from worldwide debt surge – Jaime Caruana says investors are ignoring prospect of higher interest rates in the hunt for returns.

The world economy is just as vulnerable to a financial crisis as it was in 2007, with the added danger that debt ratios are now far higher and emerging markets have been drawn into the fire as well, the Bank for International Settlements has warned.

Jaime Caruana, head of the Swiss-based financial watchdog, said investors were ignoring the risk of monetary tightening in their voracious hunt for yield.

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Do stories like this make you want to act or stay put and take the risk of squeezing out another 2,3 or 5% if that’s even possible from equities? Especially when there are so many other options today?

What they mean about Investor complacency is that people are risking their money trying to squeeze that last few percentage points out of equities, when undervalued assets like silver just made a 14% advance the past month alone!

HELLO? Is this thing on?


Now onto the breaking news that matters….

Silver price rockets 14% in the past month and going much higher – Gold still steals all the headlines about precious metals but really in the past month silver has been the real shooting star, up 14 per cent, albeit from a grossly oversold price level.

Richard Russell said silver would take off if it past $19.25, but calling a bottom is one thing, however. Getting the speed of the recovery right is quite another. Silver’s rise is dependent on many factors that have nothing to do with this useful industrial metal that is also gold’s only twin as a monetary metal.

Both silver and gold have bounced off the bottom but are going much higher, very much higher.

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There Has Been Massive Precious Metals Futures Buying Both gold and silver have enjoyed massive buying by American futures speculators in recent weeks.  It all started with Fed chair Janet Yellen’s cavalier dismissal of inflation, but the buying momentum persisted well after that.  Happening in the midst of the summer doldrums when global precious-metals investment demand is weak, this is an exceptionally bullish portent.  It is setting up the PMs for a major autumn up leg.

The bottom line is the gold-futures and silver-futures speculator buying following Janet Yellen’s brazen dismissal of inflation was utterly massive.  American traders flocked back to gold and silver at incredible rates, not just covering shorts as expected but adding enormous new long positions.  And this all happened in the dark precious-metals sentiment wasteland of the summer doldrums no less, a very bullish omen.

This represents a sea-change shift in sentiment among the futures speculators who have so dominated the gold and silver prices over the past year and a half.  Gold and silver are vastly more attractive for broad investment when central banks are willing to let inflation run high for a long time.  And the Yellen Fed has fallen all over itself to telegraph just that, heralding a new era of rising gold and silver investment demand.

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24 Silver Points: Facts, Conspiracies & Manipulations – The price of silver is of such vital importance that the subject is a timely one for discussion at a convention of mining men such as this one. The subject is an intricate one with innumerable ramifications and at best only a few of the high spots can be mentioned.

The literature on silver is extremely voluminous and while probably no one man has read it all, yet many of you have read a great deal of it.”

The China Weekly Review (Shanghai), September 27, 1930, page 122, we read— “Silver is very closely connected with the purchasing power of more than one half of the human race.”

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Asset Boom & Inflation Ahead – The “price” of anything is a measurement of something just as a “mile” is a measurement of something. A mile measures distance, a “gallon” measures volume and a “pound” measures weight. But because the actual “value” of a currency can fluctuate, the “price” of the food in the grocery store to the “price” of a share of a stock exchange can move up and down without a change in value of the item itself.

So how does this understanding help us with investing?

If we can get a sense of what is happening with the value of the measuring stick, dollars, then we can invest in assets that benefit from currencies that are strengthening or weakening.

Should the Investment Asset Index break higher, we expect the effects of inflation to become the new dominating theme where assets and prices in general head higher. If currencies in general are losing purchasing power then we believe that assets such as Silver and Gold will be fantastic investments to be positioned in.

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Gold’s Rise & A Stunning Decision To Reverse Policy On QE – Market participants are currently watching the Federal Reserve’s repeated attempts to exit its unconventional monetary policy with eagle eyes. Over the past five years, two such attempts have failed already. At the end of both QE1 and QE2, massive dislocations in financial markets ensued almost immediately. In the current third attempt at an exit, the Federal Reserve is attempting a ‘softer exit’ from its money printing.

The most arguably amusing comparison in this context was provided by FOMC member Richard Fisher in January 2014: he pointed to the fact that under the influence of alcohol, things tend to look more alluring than they really are and offered by way of comparison that QE had a similar effect on investors. Due to artificially low interest rates, they see risk assets through “beer goggles.”

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The Number Of US Firms Willing To Trade in Chinese Yuan Has Tripled This Year – As the US spreads its message of cheer around the world, it appears an increasing number of trade ‘partners’ are more than willing to consider alternatives to the hegemony. As AFP reports, China’s Yuan usage in global trade and finance has more than doubled this year.

While still notably below USD usage in international payments it remains firmly in second place for trade finance and according to a recent survey by HSBC, the number of US companies planning to use Yuan has almost tripled this year (from 8% to 22%). De-dollarization continues… right in our own back yard!

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Gallup Slams Lid On Hopes For US Economy – Consumers are “straining against rising prices on daily essentials to afford summer travel, dining out, and discretionary household purchases – the kinds of purchases that ordinarily keep an economy humming.” That’s what Gallup found when it used a new survey to dive deeper into consumer spending.

Gallup dove deeper into the issue with its new survey conducted in mid-June to sort through what consumers are spending more or less money on. And what it found was that they’re buying a little more – “just not the things they want.”

They’re spending more on things they have to buy, and in many instances they’re spending more in these categories because prices have jumped. At the top of the list: groceries.

  • Groceries: 59% spent more, 10% spent less.
  • Gasoline: 58% spent more, 12% spent less
  • Utilities: 45% spent more, 10% spent less
  • Healthcare: 42% spent, 8% spent less
  • Toilet paper and other household goods: 32% spent more, 5% spent less
  • Rent, the biggie: 32% spent more, 9% spent less.

These categories are household essentials. They’re on top of the priority list. And in order to meet the requirements of these items, consumers are cutting back where they can.

Gallup found that “the increasing cost of essential items is further constraining family budgets already hit hard by the Great Recession and still reeling from a stagnant economy.” Hence, the less essential the expense, the more it got cut. Here is the bottom of the list, which explains part of the recent retail woes:

  • Retirement savings: 18% spent more, 17% spent less.
  • Leisure activities: 28% spent more, 31% spent less
  • Clothing: 25% spent more, 30% spent less
  • Consumer electronics: 20% spent more, 31% spent less
  • Travel: 26% spent more, 38% spent less
  • Dining out: 26% spent more, 38% spent less

Then there are summer travel plans, so future spending, They show just how bifurcated the economy has become.

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If you are properly positioned and truly diversified…


Everything Will Be A-OK

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COMEX Silver Futures in Jeopardy, Squeeze Very Possible Now

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Friends, I know you know that something is not right in the markets… Heck, in the world today. I also know that to a degree, you may be overwhelmed with analysis paralysis and not sure what to do or where to turn and when.

I also realize that most of you are too busy going about your day to pay as much attention as you should, I really do understand that. The unfortunate part is that this is the same complacency that wreaked havoc on your portfolio’s in 2008.

Now, you have people like me in your face almost everyday saying “Buy Silver, buy gold, buy a diamond” thinking that these hard assets will save your life; again, I want you to know that I understand where you are coming from.

I also what you to know that this derives from the passion in my heart to help people and the ugly feeling in my gut when I realize how close we are to a major event similar to 2008. Also, when I see how many people are nowhere near prepared; I want you to know that even though I make my lively-hood from selling these hard assets, my passion does not stem from self-greed in any way, shape or form.

Let me ask you… Do you remember what caused the 2008 crisis? Do you remember who was to blame? Do you remember what the FED and the government did to try to solve it that only made the problem far worse for you, ordinary citizens and me?

I see an eerie resemblance to the set up that caused the crisis in 2008 today and its been building up for many years. When I see Junk Loans Turned Into AAA Debt at Record Pace it concerns me, because it is too similar to the mortgage loans that were being “packaged” for inventors.

When I see the Family Dollar profit falling by a third, that concerns me too because it’s a damn dollar store, its not Nordstroms. Yesterday on CNBC, Wilber Ross said “I’m selling 6 times more than buying”.

These smart investors are starting to run for the exits… and rightfully so. It doesn’t matter if you missed out on another 1-2% gain, because when the bottom falls out of the equities, it happens quickly! Look at yesterday.

Remember the DOW dropping 150+ points yesterday? What was your first reaction? My reaction was… here we go! They said this morning that the Stock Market volatility will remain elevated… Ya think?!

In closing, I remind you that something doesn’t smell right and right now you have some serious choices to make. You can either stay complacent or start to make some adjustments. The options are not so scary, but perhaps they seem scary because you are out there on your own and do not know who you can trust for good solid advise.

Win, loose, like it or not, I will always give it to you straight. I’ve lost readers because I’m too honest, but I’d rather lose a reader because of my honesty, rather than telling them a lie and what they want to hear.

Its not always going to be about gold, silver, diamonds or promissory notes… its going to be what is best for you and your goals, not mine. You see, if you don’t need anything I offer, perhaps you know someone who does or will.

I would encourage you to call me or send me your number so I can call you –

Here is my promise and my pledge to you…

I will never come across pushy, that’s not my style. I prefer intelligent two sided conversations. You talk, I listen and vise-verse.

I will always listen to you and put your concerns before my own. I will always treat you with the respect and courteousness that you deserve.

I could honestly say that everyone that has ever called and talked to me has always told me that I am easy to talk to, quick to understand and surprised at what a good listener I am instead of someone trying to talk over you to make my point more strong than yours.

They were grateful that I am always available to take your call and help people to understand what is going on and more importantly, how to navigate through the storm.

Now right to the breaking news that matters…

September Silver Looks Poised To Break-Out

september silver bull

COMEX Silver Futures in Jeopardy, Squeeze Very Possible Now – A sure-enough short squeeze might be developing in the volatile silver market.  We attempt to identify who, or rather which class of futures trader, might be sqeezed.

With so few traders and so many gross shorts, at some point the silver short sellers ought to run up against the CME or CFTC position and accountability limits, shouldn’t they?  If we divide the 54,973 shorts held by Swap Dealers by the 15 traders reporting them, we arrive at about 3,665 shorts per Swap Dealer.

That’s about twice the front contract limit.  (The front contract is where much of the activity and trading is concentrated in gold and silver futures.)  Not that the CME is all that famous for enforcing position limits, of course, but it does speak to just how deep is the pool of vulnerability we are trying to cast a bright light on tonight.

It has been a while since we have seen a sure-enough short squeeze in silver or gold futures.  Since 2011 in fact.  Pardon our obvious impatience while waiting for the squeeze-show to begin…

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Gold, Silver, Platinum & Copper Now Set For Stunning Advances – Silver has already decisively crossed the long-term trend line and the 55 week moving average. A break above $22.18 (2014 high) confirms a double bottom, which would then target $25.60

A completion of that double bottom, if seen, would then take Silver through the neckline of a larger double bottom, which would then target $31.50 (taking it through the 200 week moving average and 2011-2012 lows)

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Precious Metals and Miners About To Start New Bull Market – I think that the Metals and Miners Bull Market has just began and we are very close to the point of recognition of a new bull market which should give us an idea of what to expect going forward.

As we have already seen in the past the first phase of a bull market is frustrating as many investors usually lose their positions too early and are therefore often left behind. This is how bull market works. Charts are telling me that Metals and Miners are on the verge of a massive breakout, which could be the point of recognition of a new cyclical bull market.

On the chart you can see that the Gold/XAU ratio is very close to break below the neckline of a massive Head and Shoulders Pattern and also to break through a 3 year support channel trend line. Once these trend lines are broken, a point of recognition of a new bull market should be valid and a new impulsive leg up in Miners and Metals should be launched.

You can also notice that the Gold/Silver ratio chart just broke below its long-term support, which is a bullish sign for the Complex Metals. Silver is outperforming Gold.

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The World Is On Fire & We Will Soon See A 2008-Style Collapse – As the Fed ends tapering in October and stops buying Treasury bonds, stock markets and credit markets will crash.  But this crash may begin to unfold before October.  One of the key indicators of trouble will be a significant decline in the U.S. dollar.  The dollar is weak both fundamentally and technically.

Gold is hated by governments in the West because it reveals their poor economic policies and the destruction in purchasing power of their currencies.  Also, the West has no physical gold left.  Central banks and bullion banks in the West have virtually empty gold vaults.  All this gold has gone to the East, especially China and India.

The West is now going to fight this final battle by issuing unlimited amounts of worthless paper, but this time it will have no effect.  We’ve seen a good rise in gold and silver today, and as we’ve discussed, the final low has already taken place in early June.  I would expect a major move between now and the end of July.  We may then see a pause in August, before the autumn when gold and silver will start their surge to new highs.

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Gold Shines Again as Hedge Funds Boost Wagers on Advance

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now right to the breaking news that matters…


Why this bullish pro sees big stock market drop soon – The summer of 2014 is starting to look a lot like the summer of 2011, according to one Wall Street strategist who sees a sharp stock market slump lurking over the next couple of weeks.

Though he is otherwise strongly bullish, Jeffrey Saut, chief market strategist at Raymond James, believes a run higher that has been virtually unabated for the past two years now faces a major challenge.

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If ever the stock market flashed a ‘sell’ signal, it’s now – I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: Is this market going to go up another 10%? I have no idea. But this being a powerful market that can blow your account clean off if you’re wrong, you’ve gotta ask yourself: “Do I feel lucky?

Most investors seem to feel pretty confident that this market will never go down. But if you’ve studied bear markets, you know how this story will end. Don’t forget: Human nature never changes.

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So, even the bullish pro’s see an equities ready to tumble and everyone else sees gold & silver ready to launch, what’s an investor to do….

Historic Breakout Has The Price Of Silver Set To Skyrocket – Today KWN is putting out a special piece which features two charts showing the historic breakout in the price of silver.  This is the type of chart that the big banks follow closely, as well as big money and savvy professionals.  David P. out of Europe sent us the astonishing silver charts that all KWN readers around the world need to see.

It’s important to keep in mind that this historic breakout in silver is coming from the most oversold levels ever.  So this has the potential to be an extremely explosive situation.  Keep in mind, a move to $65/oz would only take the MACD indicator to a neutral position, so that would not be extreme from a technical perspective.

Silver would need to go significantly higher in order to be considered overbought, most likely much higher than $100/oz.  This is truly one of the rare moments in history when the silver market is set to skyrocket.

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China Is Going To Push Gold, Silver & Oil Dramatically Higher – Gold will end up being the currency the Chinese elect to take as repayment for their loan to Polyus.  Despite the propaganda, the Chinese are accumulating gold as fast as they can, and they are making it more difficult for the West to see how they are doing it and how much gold they are accumulating.

So day by day, story by story, you are seeing this point of inflection coming closer and closer.  The message for your readers is they have got to own gold.  This is becoming a world where you should not be as diversified as you once were.  You should be over-weighting gold in your portfolio, and you have to have energy in your portfolio.  That means owning physical silver as well.  So own gold, silver, and energy.  Those should be the bulk of everyone’s portfolio at this point in history.”

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Gold Shines Again as Hedge Funds Boost Wagers on Advance – After investors sent bullion tumbling in 2013 by the most in three decades and kept dumping the metal earlier this year, demand is now up and prices are defying bearish forecasts. Money managers increased net-long positions for a fourth straight week through July 1 and holdings in exchange-traded products are climbing at the fastest pace since 2012.

“Gold’s performance has proven the bears wrong so far this year,” John Kinsey, who helps manage about C$1 billion ($935 million) at Caldwell Securities Ltd. in Toronto, said in a interview yesterday. “We look for further strength through the balance of the year.”

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Got Gold? If not, don’t feel bad. Neither does Germany even though they requested their gold back and it didn’t come. According to Reuters: Germany’s plan to bring back the nation’s gold reserves to Frankfurt by 2020 has fizzled, and instead has for now decided to leave $635 billion of gold in US vaults.

Something is very wrong here. Honest government would open the reserves for an audit on a regular basis (apparently the Bundesbank does so annually). But honesty is not applicable here. When a government becomes a wounded animal fighting for survival, anything goes. Economic statistics are obviously manipulated. Why would one suppose that gold would not be used in the fight to survive?

The real answer to what is going on is unavailable, at least to mere citizens like us. All evidence points toward a worst case — the gold is either gone, hypothecated or something just as nefarious.

To protect yourself against whatever the true situation might be, hold some gold of your own. Got Gold? Everyone with a portfolio should be able to answer, “Yes” to this question. The proper amount is up to you and your financial adviser.

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The Almighty Dollar Is In Peril As The Global ‘De-Dollarization’ Trend Accelerates – As the Obama administration continues to alienate almost everyone else around the entire planet, an increasing number of prominent international voices are starting to question why the U.S. dollar should be so overwhelmingly dominant in global trade.  In previous articles, I have discussed Russia’s “de-dollarization strategy” and the fact that Gazprom is now asking their large customers to start paying in currencies other than the dollar.

But this is not just a story about Russia any longer.  As you will read about below, China and South Korea have just signed a major agreement to facilitate trade with one another using their own national currencies, and even prominent French officials are now talking about the need to use the dollar less and the euro more.  John Williams of recently said that things have never “been more negative” for the U.S. dollar, and he was right on the mark.

The power of the almighty dollar has allowed all of us living in the United States to enjoy an extremely high standard of living for decades, but as that power now fades it is going to have profound implications for the U.S. economy.

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Rocket attacks on Tel-Aviv – Hamas rockets reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – Half of the countries population is in bomb shelters. – We are preparing to add to our two special infantry formations that are on the Gaza border, and which are now busy with efforts against [cross-border] attack tunnels,” the source said. “We have fully deployed Iron Dome batteries. And we are moving toward a significant phase of the operation, in terms of attacks on targets.

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Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens? – Border security is a joke, the federal government refuses to go after “sanctuary cities” even though they are breaking federal law, there is a website that instructs immigrants how to sign up for welfare programs once they arrive in the United States, and the Obama administration has distributed flyers that tell illegal immigrants that their immigration status will not be checked when they apply for food stamps.

And Obama has even instructed officials to use “prosecutorial discretion” in deportation cases involving non-criminals.  In other words, Obama has been flashing a huge green light to illegal immigrants, and so of course our borders were going to be inundated with them.

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Just so we have this straight. The equities market is due for a correction (if not a full on bear market) gold & silver are on the verge of a move out of their bear market to a price much higher than we are seeing today; the geo-political tensions in several countries across the globe are mounting by the day and not just in one county… several at the same time….

And you still wonder if buying hard assets is a good move today?

Silver News Surfer

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Buy Any Attempted Takedowns In Gold & Silver!

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Being a successful investor has several components that should be examined carefully. It is a self evaluation in a sense. We all win some and lose some, but with the proper information and education, you can out-weigh your wins with fewer loses.

Here are the top 3 components that make a successful investor in my view…

First, successful Investing is about being able to spot an asset class that is under-valued and under-owned as well as the opposite – Such as the case where Retail Investors are Dumping US Stocks.  I don’t know about you, but I  see stocks as way over-valued and over-owned.

Second is about timing. Being able to spot that under-valued and under-owned asset and go against the crowd and even your own conventional wisdom and buy when everyone else is hating.

This is detailed explicitly in the 2008 equities crash. people who lost 40-50% of their wealth hated stocks and it took them a good while to jump back in, while others were buying the DOW at 6,500 in ’08 because they saw value and timing.

Education, specialized knowledge and information is more valuable than the investment that you will make. Look at the 18 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Accelerating As We Enter The Last Half Of 2014 then ask yourself if this is a good time to be making some adjustments in your portfolio holdings to prepare?

Third is understanding the laws of supply and demand.

For example, there are far too many dollars in circulation to have any true value now or in the future, thus, nobody wants them the way they used to. As you can see here, The BRICS are morphing into anti-dollar alliance; and because history most always repeats itself, most people realize that the only solution out of this dollar crisis is to hyper-inflate the currency into default. In fact, If one wants to understand the future, one must look at the past

IMPORTANT: Gold, Silver and Rare Color Diamonds on the other hand, are only as plentiful as mother nature will allow. They cannot be reproduced, duplicated or cloned – it is what it is. Thus, these asset classes have less supply which in turn creates more demand. PERIOD!

So the next time you think… Should I by gold, silver or even a rare color diamond, put your thinking caps on and  ask yourself… say self?  Is there value at $1,300 gold or $21 silver? Is there any value in a rare color diamond? (hence the term rare) is there any relationship to timing or supply and demand with a rare color diamond?

Lets review: In January, I introduced you to the Rare Color Diamond Market and brought you a boat load of information on how you can come to know the dynamics of these GIA Certified Stones (that are braking auction sales records) to determine if they were right for you and only a handful of people even clicked on the information to take a look. They didn’t understand it and didn’t want to understand it.

My point is this… If you didn’t procrastinate and you trusted me with the research I send to you the way that I know you do, you would have learned as much as you could about it, called me on it and maybe purchased one for yourself.

If, according to Sotheby’s, these rare color diamonds increase in value an average of 10-15% per year (with almost NO VOLATILITY) and now we are in July… You just left a 7.5% gain on the table for this year… you completely gave it up because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

My point is that there is value, timing and supply and demand dynamics with gold, silver AND rare color diamonds, the question is… do you have the eyes to see it?


CLICK ON THE COIN to watch a Q&A video produced by the Executive Vice President of The Diamond Market –

It will answer all of your questions…

Diamond Gold Coin 2

Think Long Term – Think Legacy

Now on to the breaking news that matters…

Buy All Attempted Takedowns Of Gold and Silver – They are having trouble taking down the precious metals sector.  I can’t recall the metals ever behaving this way when the market is technically and psychologically set up for a big move lower.  Hell, Goldman still has an $1000 target for gold.   Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals still thinks fair value for silver is like $15.

The truth is, the precious metals market as “sniffed out” the complete Ponzi-nature of our entire system.  The scramble  globally to buy and possess physical gold and silver  is starting to take over the ability of the Fed/big banks to manipulate the prices with fiat futures contracts that can readily printed up.  GATA  ( predicted this would eventually happen over 14 years ago.

The bottom line is that you need to dump your bond funds before they put capital controls on them and load up on gold, silver and junior mining stocks on every sell-off.  Whether you want to buy into the precious metals sector is your decision but if you wait much longer to decide whether or not to get your money out of bond funds, you soon won’t have any control over that decision because getting out won’t be an option.

Read More Here

Silver Prices May Be Cooling Down, but They’re Ready for Second-Half Gains – Slow Summer Trading Could Open the Door for Fall Rally. The summer is historically a weak time for silver trading, Richard Checkan, president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Asset Strategies International in Rockville, Md. told Money Morning.

There may be a slow gradual rise going into the fall – when it could really begin to start climbing – making now a good time for investors to get in.

Read More Here

Also, refer back to my analysis of the seasonality of gold & silver from July Through December


A Price Move Into The Stratosphere For Silver, Gold & Oil – I think over the next couple of years you are going to see a major bull market in silver.  I know I’ve said $100 for silver … Remember, oil was priced traded at $10 not that long ago, 14 or 15 years ago.  And if anyone had told you that oil at $10 was going to go up to (nearly) $150, you would have called the guys in the white coats and had them taken to a hospital.

Silver is going to go dramatically higher and so are all the other metals, especially gold, for reasons that are related to why China is doing what it’s doing.  That’s the key thing to recognize.

Read More Here

Financial Leverage Now $100 Trillion & 9 Stunning Gold Charts – The precious metals complex, both mining shares and bullion, appears to be in the process of completing a major bottom extending back to mid-2013. The chart below depicts this action quite clearly in the form of what technical analysts refer to as a reverse or upside down head and shoulder pattern, a classic indication of a possible trend reversal.

While further upside is required for conclusive evidence, and more testing is quite possible over the summer, we are becoming more comfortable with the proposition that the downside potential has been fully exhausted after nearly three years of declining prices and that the stage has been set for a major advance.

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The Coming 2 Stage Rally In Silver

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!


Before y’all start freaking out, I’d like to remind you that today is the day before one of the biggest holiday celebrations in the US, thus, there should be some profit taking in the metals throughout the day.

Also, as a reminder, I’d like for you to take a look at this. Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder of what to expect in July and going forward. Regardless of where gold & silver land for the month of July, it is historically THE BEST month to buy silver or gold.

What makes this even more convincing is the fact that we have so many geopolitical tensions going on around the world today and what’s more is that the new President in India favors gold and the “word on the street” is that he will be lifting the restrictions on gold imports to India this summer.

If you remember, this is just in time for the BIG India festival season that is known to ignite the gold market each year. BREAKING: India’s Central Bank Will Sell Gold on the Market in Exchange for Gold at the Bank of England 

Tomorrow, as you watch the fireworks that represent the Independence of the United States, (enjoy it while it lasts –Land of the free? Not so much. Americans’ sense of freedom drops, poll finds.)

As you watch the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air… Think about silver! Because when the fuse gets lit and hits the gun-powder, there will be no stopping the rocket!



Grant Williams – Expect Serious Fireworks In The Gold & Silver Market – Gold may not go screaming straight back to $1,900 from here, but if we hold $1,300, and we hold it strongly, and then we get through $1,350 and hold that level, you are going to see an awful lot of people start to look at gold from the long side and that’s when the serious fireworks are going to start.”

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Now, onto the breaking news that matters…


The Coming 2 Stage Rally In Silver – As the MSM, Wall Street and various so-called analysts waste time focusing on worthless and insignificant data, the price of silver is positioning itself for the coming TWO-STAGE RALLY.  The majority of the precious metals analysts discuss the revaluation of silver as it pertains to the amount of fiat currency in the system.

While this is a good determination (from past historical guidelines), it only deals with one part of the overall equation.  The second and maybe the more important factor… is the destruction of “PAPER CLAIM CHECKS” on physical assets.

Today, we have reached the limitations of energy, resources and the environment. Unfortunately, MSM and Wall Street tend to ignore energy and resource scarcity in their news releases and forecasts.  Why?  Because without unlimited growth forever, Wall Street’s business model will implode. Folks… PEAK RESOURCES destroys the ability for Wall Street to continue.

Unfortunately, PEAK OIL is here…. it’s just a matter of time before the declines take place and we enter into a world in which we have no experience.  Thus, as the energy supply declines, the valuations of STOCKS, BONDS and most PAPER ASSETS go down with it…. probably not a orderly decline.

When the investing public realizes that GROWTH IS NOT POSSIBLE… I see a panic out of PAPER CLAIMS and into physical assets such as GOLD & SILVER coming in the future.

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Silver Set For Stunning 33% Surge As Gold Market Breaks Out – With action in the gold and silver markets heating up, today top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick sent King World News two incredibly important charts which show that silver is now set for a stunning 33 percent surge as the gold market breaks out.

Recent price action seen on both precious and base metals has been very constructive and in some cases we are beginning to see decent bullish breaks.  The days and weeks ahead are likely to see higher levels from here.

Read More Here

Gold Poised For Breakout To 2014 High As Sellers Dry Up – This latest move has confounded gold and silver bears. There is no logical reason gold should be rising, they say. After all, stock markets are at record highs and the Federal Reserve continues to taper its quantitative easing program.

Yet as is often the case, big moves happen when no one is expecting them. We won’t point to any fundamental catalysts that may have propelled gold higher, because any such explanation is secondary to what the charts are telling us.

Quite simply, everyone who has wanted to sell gold has sold. There is no one holding gold, waiting to sell when the Fed makes its next $10 billion taper. Instead, it’s the bears and short-sellers who attempted to push gold lower on the back of Fed policy, but failed. When prices wouldn’t break, they were forced to cover, leading to the huge snap-back rally we saw in June.

That leaves prices where they are now, just below $1,330 and primed for a potential breakout to the upside. If that happens, gold will be set up to challenge 2014’s high at $1,392.

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Silver News Surfer

The Daily Report

Get Ready Because China Is Going To Push Silver Over $100

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

I really do enjoy interacting with my readers. Being that I do this as a free service, its the only thing that brings me happiness. There are still so many of you that I haven’t talked to yet and I’d like to ask you to reach out. Call me or email me and tell me what is on your mind. Tell me what you’d like to see more of and/or less of…

Earlier this week I wrote that I would be showing you, beyond any reasonable doubt that silver and gold will be heading far north of where we are today and this will happen from now to the end of the year.

That doesn’t mean wait for December 1st to jump in, this will be a gradual climb up with some air pockets of turbulence along the way; but as I see it, you buy silver today and wait until December and you will see significantly higher prices of those ounces you purchased.

So, what are some of the catalysts to lift gold & silver? Well for starters, Obama sends up to 200 more troops to Iraq and Poroshenko ends Ukraine ceasefire, renews operations against rebels So here we have two major geo-political issues that have the potential to explode at ANY time.

In another instance, Obama Says  The System “Is So Broken” That “Folks Don’t Know What The Rules Are” 

Ya Think?!

I’m not the only one who is suggesting a big move ahead for the metals… they were talking about it on CNBC this morning saying…

Gold will be the second half’s big winner– In the first half of 2014, coffee was the best-performing commodity, rising about 50 percent. So what will be the big winner in the second half?

Jeff Kilburg of KKM Financial is eyeing gold, saying that it reminds him of the coffee trade. “Just a month ago, on June 3, we had that $1,240 low in gold. Coffee got thrown to the curb just like gold,” he said on Tuesday’s “Futures Now.”

So why will gold take off now, after rising about 8 percent in the first six months of the year?

“Now all of the sudden there’s an inflation play potentially, there’s geopolitical risk, and the third head of this monster which no one has talked about and hasn’t been deserving of talking about for quite some time is the safe haven trade,” He also goes on to say he likes SILVER better than gold.

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buffalo round1


Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Monster Gold & Silver Short Squeeze Developing – Right now the precious metals are grossly undervalued, and both gold and silver have started powerful uptrends. One could not ask for more.

We all know that the summer months are typically a lackluster period for gold. But sometimes-seasonal patterns get disrupted, and this may be one of those years.

For Example, the new Indian government is announcing its budget on July 10, and there are rumors that the import restrictions the previous government imposed on gold will be lifted then. Also, the Indian holiday Diwali, which typically is an important event that heightens gold demand, comes somewhat early this year on October 23rd.

So Indian demand during the summer months could surprise the bears. In short, I think a squeeze in the precious metals has just started. Gold and silver look teed up for a fantastic rally this summer.

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Historic “Golden Crosses” To Create Explosions In Gold & Silver – this imminent upside explosion is simply a mathematical phenomenon for those of us who took algebra II, which was a requirement for me to enter Cal Berkeley in 1955 (I will be 77 years old this September). This imminent “Golden Cross” signals good times ahead for those patient investors positioned in gold and silver.

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Get Ready Because China Is Going To Push Silver Over $100 – If you understand the fact that 70 gigawatt photovoltaics target for China, you better own some silver.  Silver is vital for the Chinese to achieve that objective.  The problem is there is not enough silver in the market to satisfy their objective at current prices.  So far President Xi hasn’t failed in any of his objectives, and he doesn’t want to fail on this target of 70 gigawatts of photovoltaics.

This means the price of silver is going to have enormous momentum behind it when it starts moving.  In fact, the move in silver will shock people in the West because they won’t understand why silver is moving so fast and so violently to the upside — Chinese demand.  This is what is going to turbocharge the move in silver and send that metal past the $100 level.

Read More Here

Silver Rally: Gold-Silver Ratio Set To Decline Further – Prior to the 2008 crisis, the ratio of gold to silver was about 50. It spiked to near 84 during the 2008/9 crisis and declined to near 32 in 2011. Due to its larger industrial demand base, absent a stumble in the global economy, the ratio of gold to silver is likely to continue to decline, ETFS said.

With total silver demand increasing on the back of a recovering global economy and total supply declining, notably due to reduced recycling from lower prices, higher prices are necessary help rebalanced the supply demand deficit.

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Aden Sisters: It’s gold’s time to shine – Most of us hadn’t heard of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a couple of weeks ago. But now they’ve taken over a large part of Iraq, and they’re closing in on Baghdad.

This is the definition of a real wild card, and it’s affecting many of the markets, especially the metals markets, with gold, silver (the commodities), and gold and silver shares all having soared in their biggest rises in nine months. All of these moves appear posed to continue.

The Fed’s recent comments were also bullish for the metals. They again reinforced that interest rates are going to stay low for a long time, and this, too, has made alternative assets more attractive. So as gold began to surge, the shorts were closed out, essentially fueling a stampede.

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Market conditions bear a worrying resemblance to those of 2007 – The latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch poll of institutional investors found that a net 48% were overweight equities, even though a net 15% felt that stocks were overvalued.

This apparent contradiction is easily explained since an even bigger share of investors felt that bonds were overvalued: equities must seem the lesser of two evils. But investors also thought that bonds were overvalued at the start of the year, and yet yields have fallen since then.

Another factor propping up the stock-market has been the repurchase of shares. In America companies have been buying back their shares at an annualized rate of $400 billion, or 2.5% of GDP, according to Andrew Smithers, an economic consultant. Buy-backs enhance earnings per share, thereby boosting the value of executive options.

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