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Here Is Why Chinese Citizens Buy Gold…

August 20, 2014 9:19 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

In Monday’s report, we saw how George Soros has a massive bet against the S&P500 and added to his gold miners and today we see that Warren Buffett And The Chinese Are Loading Up On Hard Assets. The only thing missing is the timing right?

I don’t think it matters, because number one; nobody knows the exact timing and number two, when these big dogs make these types of moves, we should just follow suit because they know its coming and they are making a conscious choice to BE PREPARED for when the SHTF.

Friends, If the following story is the reason the equities went up 150 points yesterday, then we have more problems than we think. Just turn on CNN or any other news outlet in the evening and decide for yourself if the geo-political tensions have eased – This morning I read that Fighting In Eastern Ukraine Kills 43 In 24 Hours and Executioner ‘with a British accent’ beheads US journalist in the name of ISIS Does that look like easing tensions to you?

Don’t believe the crap you’re being fed from the MSM, tensions have not eased!

Nasdaq ends at 14-year high as global worries abate – U.S. stocks jumped on Monday, with the Nasdaq Composite rising to its highest level since March 2000 and the price of oil falling to its lowest in more than a year, as geopolitical tensions eased.

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Why Chinese Citizens Invest In Gold – A major report published recently by the World Gold Council, “China’s Gold Market: Progress And Prospects” suggests that private sector demand for gold in China is set to increase from the current level of 1,132 tonnes per year to at least 1,350 tonnes by 2017.


Following the record level of Chinese demand in 2013, which saw the country become the world’s largest gold market, the report suggests that while 2014 is likely to see consolidation, the succeeding years are likely to see sustained growth.

The next six years will see China’s middle class grow by over 60%, or 200m people, to a total of 500 million. Comparing this to the total population of the US, which stands at 319m, puts the size of this new market of affluent consumers, with the propensity to buy gold, in perspective.

In addition to these newly emerging middle classes, rising real incomes, a deepening pool of private savings and rapid urbanization across China suggest that the outlook for gold jeweler and investment demand in the next four years will remain strong.

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Now onto the breaking news that matters….


I’m not bashing government here friends, I’m just reporting the news as I see it… There is just so much compelling information that suggests that we need to take more control of who we are and what we have and get out of the financial system and keep as much as we can private.

The US is clearly now pushing Russia towards war. But if you read the signs correctly, Russia has been preparing for exactly this outcome for many years.

Out of several reasons that US power brokers specifically — but western power brokers more generally — are deeply unhappy with Russia right now is that Russia is committing a cardinal sin: it is openly, brazenly calling for an end to dollar dominance and has moved aggressively with China to achieve that aim.

No oil-rich country that has tried to move away from the dollar in the past twenty years has managed to do so without being attacked by the US, suffering a regime change, or being ruined by sanctions. In some cases, all three.

Not only has Russia managed to secure a string of heavy-duty bilateral trade and currency swap agreements over the past year, but they’ve done so despite ever-increasing threats and responses from the US and its allies.

And frighteningly, the equity markets in the West are completely ignoring the nested set of risks that accompany these moves and counter-moves by two geopolitical heavyweights, which range from punishing trade wars (already underway), to electronic warfare, to an actual shooting war.

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DOCUMENT: HOMELAND SECURITY PREDICTS RISE OF ‘ANTI-GOVERNMENT’ VIOLENCE – DHS’s seven-page report entitled Domestic Violent Extremists Pose a Threat to Government Officials and Law Enforcement points to the recent murders of two Las Vegas law enforcement officers as evidence that there is a “growing trend of anti-government violence compared to the previous four years and inspired by perceived government overreach and oppression” and the “perceived victory at Bunkervile” will “likely prompt more violence.”

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Do You Trust the Government? 87% of Americans Don’t – Americans are seriously lacking faith in the system – in fact, trust in the U.S. government is at an all-time low. According to the latest CNN poll, just 13% of Americans agree that the U.S. government “can be trusted to do what is right always or most of the time.”

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