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With Regard To SILVER: Something Is Just Not Adding Up…

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  • SILVER: Something Just Doesn't Add Up
August 6, 2014 8:36 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

If my calculator serves me right… That’s over 400 points down on the DOW in the matter of just 4 trading days. Meanwhile, Gold turns higher as U.S. equities tumble

Let me ask you… If US stocks are being hit by Fed fears and unease over Ukraine and they continue to drop from all time highs as silver sits at a 3 year low – and Forget what the Fed says, inflation is here, what do you think is more likely to happen?

Will people continue to trust the FED and Big Banks and pile into equities when The Fed Has Set-Up The Corporate Bond Market For A Big Fall and the World Now Set Up For A Crash For The Third Time In 14 Years because of the same people who caused the last crash?


Will people finally awaken to the fact that paper derivitives are all a rigged casino game at our expense and then they pile into real tangible hard assets?

History has proven time and time again, that hard assets always prevail!

One leading indicator would be that… Gold ETF buying strongest since November 2012 (Now I know ETF’s are not tangible, but as I pointed out HERE that is the US investor mentality.)

Also, the way silver is coiling tighter and tighter, mark my words, when this thing lets go, and it will let go soon, its going to happen so fast and so strong,  it will take your breath away – Just like it did in 2011.

At the end of the day you’ve just got to ask yourself…

Do you see value with silver at $20 +/- or do you see value in equities at 16,500+/-?

Its the difference between this…

stock cert



Oh, and don’t get me started on that little inscription to the right side of the walking liberty – It doesn’t say that on any Stock Certificate I’ve ever seen!

Seriously… when it comes to UNDERVALUED assets what else is out there that compares to silver? I’ve mentioned a few things to help you along, but the only thing that seems to be the best asset in town is silver!

Now for the BIG question… Will Gold and Silver continue to outperform stocks in the second half?

Now onto the breaking news that matters….

Silver: Something Doesn’t Add Up – One of the first things you learn when studying economics is the law of supply and demand, defined as follows:

“In a competitive market, prices are determined by the interaction of supply and demand: an increase in supply will lower prices if not accompanied by increased demand, and an increase in demand will raise prices unless accompanied by increased supply.”  This is ECON 101 and it’s a fairly simply concept to grasp.

As we can see that demand for physical silver is booming around the world.  Has this demand been accompanied by an increase in supply?  Let’s take a look…

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Spark To Light The World On Fire – Be Sure You Are Overweight Gold & Silver – Right now the world is in denial.  If you look at the behavior of currencies, energy, other commodities, and markets in general, you would think there is nothing-negative happening in the world. But nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a world where there is a lot of tinder lying around just waiting for a spark to start a raging fire.  When that spark ignites the fire, things will change very, very quickly.

there are a lot of potential black swans out there.  What you have to do if you are an investor is focus on gold.  I have said for some time that there is a bid under the gold market.  When that spark finally takes place, this is when you will see a stampede into gold and silver.  That spark is coming that will ignite the fire, and the only people that will be protected will be those who are seriously over-weighted in physical gold and silver.

I will close with how I started: This is a world in total and complete denial of what is happening and what will happen down the road.  Again, for KWN readers around the world, you’ve got to be over-weighted gold, because it will become part of the new reserve currency, and also silver.  These metals will be the primary beneficiary of the coming chaos and the shift of power from the West to the East.

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John Hathaway Recommends Buying Gold Like It’s 1999 Again – John explains how the gold futures chart is showing that we are in the process of a reverse head-and-shoulders pattern, a sign of a bottom and exhaustion of downward momentum. This bottom will be confirmed when gold trades above $1,400/ounce. It’s shaping up to be a bottom.

I think the rationale for owning gold is as strong as ever. Radical monetary policy probably won’t end well and any thinking person should be concerned about it. That’s why we believe you need to have some exposure to gold. Markets today are over-exuberant: pumped up equity valuations, nonexistent spreads between quality and junk, record issuance of low-grade paper, all of these things are typically indicative of an endgame in financial assets.

Gold is not at that party. It’s conspicuous by its absence. In our view, it’s pretty hard to say that anything represents value these days except precious metals. Gold is wealth insurance.

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