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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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See If You Can Spot The Liar… MSM or SNS…

August 22, 2014 9:43 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!



Remember Wednesday’s report when I showed you that the Equities went up because of the easing tensions in East?

Well this morning, this was the headlines on CNBC…

US stock futures fall on Ukraine-Russia tensions.

So which is it? Do we have tensions or not? Who is lying?

This is why, regardless of what the MSM tells you, the SNS keeps reminding you as direct as I can… Stay focused – you must continue to adjust your portfolio and continue to accumulate hard assets and get out of the paper liabilities or you will be caught in the line of fire when this system breaks down – Complacency is not an option.

John Embry – Coming Crash To Create A Human Tragedy Of Epic Proportions – investors better get their positions in physical gold and silver because time is getting short.  One individual who has done this, and who has a pretty good track record historically of timing huge moves is George Soros.

He has now made a large move into the gold space in the shares and the ETFs.  And I also see he has a massive put position against the U.S. stock market.  These moves by Soros are very significant and extremely supportive of what I’ve just said.

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Inflation, Interest Rates, and Why You Should Own Gold and Silver – The question: What is the best investment to own today as the Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates?

How we get to the answer — an answer that would seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom — is why I come to you today. And this answer will reveal to you why you should own gold.

When you’re losing purchasing power just by letting your money sit in savings, CDs and bonds, gold is a godsend. Its price tends to rise in such an environment.

So, do yourself a favor. Do not look at the coming Fed rate-hike cycle as an opportunity, finally, to move some cash back into CDs and savings account. Look at it for what it really is: An opportunity to grab gold now, at a fair price, knowing that the Fed has no other option but to keep interest rates exceedingly low for a long, long — long — time.

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Now onto the breaking news that matters….

Silver: As Close To A No-Brainer Investment As It Gets – CASEY RESEARCH –  Silver is selling at less than half its 2011 high, is ignored more than gold, and as you’ll see, has explosive fundamentals that point to a possible runaway price scenario.

To assess silver’s potential, let’s first ignore short-term factors that you might see in mainstream headlines, such as net short/long positions, fluctuations in weekly ETF holdings, or the latest open interest. Data like these fluctuate regularly and rarely have long-term bearing on the price.

Let’s instead consider the big-picture forces that could impact silver over the next several years. Here are the data that tells me Silver is on the way up.

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Former mob boss Michael Franzese thinks investors should avoid the U.S. stock market – “There’s a bubble there that’s going to burst at some point and when it does it’s not going to be good,” Franzese, a former mob boss for the Colombo crime family in New York who has become an author and motivational speaker, told CNBC.

It’s not just the valuations. He’s got another reason for advising investors to keep their money off Wall Street.

He advises investing in gold and silver, but if you’re thinking about the exchange-traded funds, fuggedaboutit. He likes physical bars.

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Grant Williams – Why Gold Is Headed Into The Stratosphere – Asian countries and their citizens want to buy and own physical gold.  When you look at these Eastern countries now, after the last 25 years their reserves have gone from $300 billion to $5 trillion.

And these people want to swap that fiat currency for gold.  So this time around when you get any kind of run-up in price, you will be competing to buy physical gold with a lot of entities in Asia who are holding a great deal of cash and who would much rather own physical gold than paper money.

Countries like the BRICs are buying gold consistently.  Russia seems to add to their gold holdings every month.  We have seen the Indians buy gold and we have also seen Brazil buy gold.  We saw Turkey increase its gold holdings by 10-times.

So these countries are all just quietly accumulating gold, but sitting at the head of the gold buying table are the Chinese, and they are keeping quiet about it as well.

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Grant Williams – Why The Next Mania In Gold Will Be Parabolic – Today KWN is pleased to share a fantastic piece from one of the most highly respected fund managers in Singapore.  He writes about why the next mania in gold will be parabolic and includes some incredible statistics and charts.

Below is the outstanding piece from Grant Williams, of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund.

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Ooops! They Did it again! Car Repos Soar 70% As Auto Subprime Bubble Pops; “It’s Contained” Promises Fed – While on the surface the US economy has been chugging along from GDP-crashing “snow in the winter” to GDP-cratering “warmer|cooler than expected weather in the spring|summer|fall”, with bouts of GDP-boosting inventory accumulation in between, in recent months two very disturbing trends about that all important dynamo behind the economy, the US consumer, have emerged.

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