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THE BANKERS REAL THREAT: Physical Silver Demand

August 25, 2014 9:01 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Don’t worry about equities friends, everything will be fine… CNBC says the geo-political tensions have eased… Just don’t show them the headlines that I’ve ripped from the rest of the globe today…

US ‘set to launch air strikes’ on senior Isis leaders in Syria

Israel destroys 13-story building in Gaza air strike

SENATOR: ISIS developing plan to ‘blow up’ major city…

‘Most dangerous position we’ve ever been in’…

White House: Could ‘Pivot’ to 9/11 Style Attack…

FBI, ‘Homeland Security’ Warn Police To Be Alert…

GENERAL: ‘Destroy Now’…

I think the bigger tensions will be here at home. When people wake up to the fact that they were deliberately lied to and kept in the dark about what is really going on… all hell will break loose and I think some places are already getting ready for when the SHTF…


What are we preparing for anyway? This tank does not say

US ARMY – It says Jefferson County

Robert Fitzwilson, Founder of the Portola Group and 40 year market veteran says… Massive Social Unrest Coming As People Struggle To Survive

Now onto the breaking news that matters….

THE BANKERS REAL THREAT: Physical Silver Bar & Coin Demand – The banking cartel may not realize it, but they woke up a sleeping giant… physical silver investment demand.  Before the collapse of the U.S. Housing and Investment Banking Industries, there was very little global demand for physical silver bars and coins.

The Banking Cartel understands the role of silver and gold as money.  It is for that very reason that the price of each are FIXED on a daily basis by a handful of these fine upstanding banking institutions.

Investors who are currently becoming bearish on their silver holdings may have good reason as the price is down considerably over the past few years.  However, the global economic and financial system went into the emergency room in 2008, and have never come out (line stole from Roger Boyd’s presentation).

If you thought times were rough in 2008 & 2009, just wait until things really fall apart this time.  I can just see it.  Sentiment will change from, “Gosh investing in silver has been a real bummer”, to “Crap… I have all this fiat money, but there’s no physical silver available whatsoever.”

This is the IRONY OF LIFE and the FICKLE NATURE of the investing public. You have been warned.

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Silver Investments to Hedge the Looming Market Crash – The demand for physical gold and silver is exploding all over the world and bullion banks are now experiencing a supply crunch that is absolutely unprecedented.

As physical demand continues to rise, the massive Ponzi scheme that the bullion banks have been engaged in, predominately defined by paper trading on the Comex, is going to become increasingly obvious and at some point the lack of physical gold and silver is going to break the back of the paper markets.

If this occurs we would witness the coming of age for gold and silver and see both metals rise to levels that we have never seen before.The truth is that the central banks of the world, sometimes referred to as the “bullion banks”, have made “paper promises” that vastly exceed the amount of actual physical gold and silver in existence.

This kind of scheme works fine if everyone does not come asking for his or her precious metals at the same time. Unfortunately for the ones running this scheme, people are now starting to ask for delivery of their physical gold and silver and it is causing huge problems.

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Time to Short the US Dollar & Go Long Commodities? – What is wrong with changing your mind because the facts changed? But you have to be able to say why you changed your mind and how the facts changed. Lee Iacocca

US Dollar will significantly weaken from mid-Q3 into Q1-2015. Market remains overexposed to US dollar and US equities relative to norm – Furthermore with mid-term election on November 4th the coming budget talks will have a hard time producing convincing and long-term results needed

It’s important to underline that major US investment houses, and certainly every single sales person I talk to, believe US is about to accelerate in growth not slow-down. Q3 could be ok but the real damage will come in Q4 as the lead-lag factor of geopolitical risk, lack of reforms and excess global supply leads to low inflation and despite Fed recent optimism about an exit strategy the fact remains few institutions is worse than the FED in projections even their simple target goals:

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India Snatching Up Swiss Gold, Silver – Gold loving India is hoarding Swiss gold, and recently accounted for 42% of total gold and silver leaving Switzerland.

According to the Swiss government, its total value of exported gold, silver and coins in the month of June stood at 3.9 billion Swiss franc ($4.3 billion), of which India accounted for 1.63 billion francs ($1.8 billion).

Indian demand for gold has taken overall Swiss exports this year to to 32.1 billion francs. And out of that total, gold exports alone to India hit 7.3 billion francs, or roughly 23% of the market. Gold is used primarily to make jewelry in India, which is considered a store of value and used as part of many rituals, including weddings.

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Why this is the moment of truth for the gold trade – The action just in the last few days is important, Gold has broken out above a minor one-month downtrend, so getting above $1,300 does appear to be important.

Gold  looks good to own in my opinion, based on short-term technicals, longer-term technicals, and based on seasonality. In order to buy gold, you have to believe, at least, that the economic recovery is not as on solid footing, as we believed it to be.

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Silver…Most Important Support Point In 10-Years – Silver has lost almost two-thirds of its value over the past three years. This decline has Silver hitting a 10-year support line inside of a three-year falling channel – Its Very important that Silver holds at this long-term support line!!!

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