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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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The Silver Price Going Electronic in Quest for Transparency

August 15, 2014 9:56 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


History was made with the end of the Silver Fix yesterday – I wish I knew what to expect and anyone that tells you they do is just plain lying. According to this report,

The Silver Price Going Electronic in Quest for Transparency  So does that mean incrementally higher prices? Free market trading? That’s the hope, but we will have to wait and see what the reality is… In the meantime, look at these stories…

Psycho Silver – Despite repeated attempts to beat down silver with uncovered short-selling, so far this month the primary banks who control Comex trading (JP Morgan, Scotia, HSBC) have been unable to keep silver down.

We know they are throwing a lot of short-selling at the silver market based on the latest COT report – notwithstanding the fact that we know JP Morgan fraudulently reports its COT positions, which means JPM’s true short position is likely much larger than is being reported.

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Its been a little while since I brought you new information on The Diamond Market. They are making huge strides in the market as the best alternative asset class on the planet; and NEW news video’s from Bloomberg like this one, sure is helping their case…

Again, According to Christies & Sotheby’s… Rare Fancy Color Diamonds have seen a 10-15% appreciation in value each year for the past 40 years with almost no volatility!

Click On The Diamonds For A Brief Yet Powerful Video…


Now onto the breaking news that matters….


Buy Gold and Silver to Protect Your Wealth against the Policies of Global Leaders – Escalating international tensions around Russian involvement in the Ukraine crisis have the potential to cause a great deal of instability in global financial markets. It is sad to see so much propaganda put out by most major media corporations. It is difficult to know the truth nowadays.

But, whatever you may believe, and as I have stated time and time again, most government officials cannot be trusted. And, if you think they make policies to benefit the citizens of their countries, you had better think again. Corruption is endemic in current governments. Their actions and those of current financial leaders can destroy your wealth and liberty.

No matter what media you may believe, the fact is, in the end you have to look after yourself and the way things are going every individual should own some physical gold and silver. These precious metals provide the ultimate insurance against bad decisions made by governments.

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Here’s The Chart That Exposes The Fake Economic Recovery – You only need to see one chart to understand that the so called ‘economic recovery’ is one big lie.

In this must watch video, Mike Maloney explains what caused this mess…and the one thing that we can do to help correct it. If you haven’t yet seen Mike Maloney’s latest presentation, click here. It is jam-packed with economic information that will affect you and your family whether you like it, or not.

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A Horrifying & Destructive Future For The Entire World How do investors navigate through these very difficult conditions?  Physical gold outside the banking system is a must. A weak dollar and exchange controls are imminent, so taking these measures to protect oneself is absolutely critical.

With regards to geopolitical and social risks, we can only hope and pray that they won’t be too serious for the world, since for most people it will be impossible to protect themselves.  As to the short term picture in gold, it looks constructive.  In spite of regular interventions, gold is holding above $1,300 and looks poised for the next leg higher.

We are now getting to the 3 year anniversary of the $1,900 high in gold, and during the coming autumn we are likely to see gold moving towards that level.  The geopolitical and world economic situation will most certainly see to that.

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14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy’s Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst – Did you know that a major event just happened in the financial markets that we have not seen since the financial crisis of 2008?  If you rely on the mainstream media for your news, you probably didn’t even hear about it.  Just prior to the last stock market crash, a massive amount of money was pulled out of junk bonds.  Now it is happening again.

In fact, as you will read about below, the market for high yield bonds just experienced “a 6-sigma event”.  But this is not the only indication that the U.S. economy could be on the verge of very hard times.  Retail sales are extremely disappointing, mortgage applications are at a 14 year low and growing geopolitical storms around the world have investors spooked.

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