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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

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By December The Whole Thing Will Collapse, Here’s Why…

September 12, 2014 8:48 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Coming from a silver bull, I know this sounds crazy… But this is so exciting to watch!

Let them beat it, push it and manipulate it down… Let them do whatever the heck they want to it because we are so close to the bottom and the end of the intervention that it doesn’t matter anymore. Soon, and I mean very soon, there will be no more raids to push it lower, they will be on to the next thing.

If there is one thing we do know, it that 5,000 years of history proves it will never go to zero and it will always have value regardless of how “they” want you to fear it.

On one of my many calls yesterday, this guy Tom says to me… When was the last time the FED or the G’vmnt ever did anything that was good for “Main Street USA” instead of “Wall Street USA”?

If they are pushing the metals lower to scare us into not buying it or even worse… selling what we have, then this stuff MUST be very good for us – So I want more! Way to go Tom! I’m glad you get it!

A bad jobs report. Foreclosures rising. A Prez that is ready for more war. Miners who are going broke and not mining nearly enough to meet current demand. A US COMEX vault that is leveraged 100:1 with futures & ETF’S and the list goes on and on. These are the fundamentals that show you that silver truly is the investment of a lifetime!

Do you realize that buying silver down here while it is re-testing the low of $18 that occurred in June of 2013 would result in a 28% return on a move to just $25? I mean really. When was the last time you got a 28% return in a year let alone over the course of the next 3-6 months?

The financial system as we know it is very close to collapse. How can I say this?

Did you take the 30 minutes to watch this video? Did you watch this 5 minute video on my website?

If you answered no and you don’t have 35 minutes to keep yourself informed about what’s really going on and why the billionaires are exiting equities and preparing for a collapse and more importantly; what they are moving their money into in preparation for this event, then you may be a bit too complacent.

IMPORTANT: Take 4 minutes and watch The Coming Silver Shortage

You can only lead the horse to water…

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Gold Prices Dropped? I Don’t Care – With nearly nonexistent exploration, there is no capacity to change this trend. Supply is going to continue to drop while demand, especially from China & India, continues to soar.

Now onto the breaking news that matters….

Reason #1 The Silver Noose is Tightening – With fresh beat-downs in September in precious metals prices, by the same, old banking forces, I thought it would be a good “gut check” moment to give a rallying cry.  After all, living through 3.5 years of paper waterfalls (especially in silver), can get a fellow burned out.  That’s exactly how I’d describe much of our precious metal community right now: extremely burned out.

the time for these crooks is running out, not in spite of silver prices continuing to crater, but because of it!  There are just too many signs flashing from all directions, that the supply needed to run this massive con are not enough.  There’s simply not enough silver available at sub-$20, to keep delivering to everyone in the world who wants it. And who wants it?  Everyone and their grandmother, that’s who!

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By December the Whole Thing is Going to Collapse – Harvey Organ  says the world is running out of physical gold and silver needed to suppress prices. Organ says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world.

Organ says, “You will see that you will go to sleep at night, and you will wake up the next morning and see gold bidding at $3,000 per ounce, and there will be no offer, and it will rise by $500 a day. It will come in 2014. They are running out, they don’t have it.”

The supplies for silver are even more strained and suppressed according to Organ. He says, “Silver is similar to what is going on in gold, but even better. In China, on September 22, they are going to have a futures market similar to Comex, but it will be in physical metal. You settle in physical metal.

So, for the first time, you are going to see the pure price discovery mechanism work, and it’s going to be in total conflict to the crimes that are being committed on the Comex. Organ thinks silver will trade at “$200 per ounce” and says, “By December, this whole thing is going to collapse.”

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Once Again Obama Shows That He Is Clueless About What Is Going On In The Middle East – Why would Barack Obama want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to groups inside Syria that are selling weapons to ISIS and regularly fighting alongside them?  Is he really that clueless about what is going on in the Middle East?

The FSA and other groups of “moderate” fighters inside Syria do not consider ISIS to be an enemy.  Rather, they consider ISIS to be an important ally in the struggle to overthrow the Syrian government.  In fact, many “moderate” units have actually joined ISIS in recent months.  If Obama gives more weapons to the “moderate” fighters in Syria, it is inevitable that a lot of them will end up in the hands of ISIS.

In a previous article, I already discussed how ISIS is talking over vast stretches of Syria and Iraq using mostly American weapons.  If the Obama administration goes ahead with this plan to arm “moderates” in Syria, it is just going to make ISIS even stronger.

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