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MUST SEE: And Out Of The Woodwork They Come…

September 9, 2014 10:33 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

And out of the woodwork they come… 

Now, Sam Zell says: Stock market correction coming, but notice he didn’t put a day and time on it, he just knows its ready to happen. Like I say the other day… Big corrections don’t come with a 24 hour notice attached, they just happen suddenly.

This makes 4 people, Icahn, Soros, Druckenmiller, And Now Zell – The Billionaires Are All Quietly Preparing For The Equities Plunge.

Also, I read yesterday that Apple’s long time bullish analyst says here is  The ‘big reason’ to sell Apple now.

Also, I saw that Dick Bove is warning about another Crisis in the Mortgage Market

Seriously friends, if getting out of dodge is good enough for these Billionaire Powerhouses and seasoned Analysts, it should be good enough for you too.

Again, there are no 24 hour memo’s that circulate the day before a correction, so either you take PRE-cautionary measures or you look more like this guy…



Now, Onto The Breaking News That Matters…

Did you know… Commercials covered $2.5 Billion in Gold shorts in the latest raid!

Embry – Gold & Silver Takedown & Why Banks Will Collapse – The mainstream media is in the hip pocket of the central banks and the financial establishment, and together they are orchestrating one of the greatest Ponzi schemes in the gold and silver markets.

But when it ends, you better be long and you better make sure you own physical gold and silver outside of the banking system because when gold and silver prices really skyrocket it will expose the fact that the entire banking system is insolvent and it will simply collapse.

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Most People Don’t Believe It, But We Are Right On Schedule For The Next Financial Crash – People have such short memories.  Even though we are repeating so many of the same patterns that we witnessed in 2000-2001 and 2007-2008, most people do not think that another financial crash is coming.

But the truth is that what we are observing right now is classic bubble behavior.  The stock market crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2008 were all preceded by irrational market rallies in the spring or summer.  The financial markets have become completely divorced from economic reality, and such a state of affairs never lasts forever.  It is just a matter of time before a correction comes.

But every time there is a bubble, most people end up getting caught up in all of the euphoria.  And it is happening again.  In fact, CNBC has just reported that bearishness among market newsletter writers is the lowest that it has been since 1987.  But of course we all remember what happened back in 1987…

People need to understand that just because something has not happened yet does not mean that it is not going to happen.

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The Great U.S. Retirement Asset Bubble vs Physical Gold Investment – Americans are more deluded than ever as the total value of the U.S. Retirement Market hits a new record.  According to the data released by the ICI – Investment Company Institute, total U.S. Retirement Assets in first quarter of 2014 are valued at a stunning $23 trillion, up from $22.7 trillion in Q4 2013.

Not only are U.S. Retirement Assets reaching new record highs, so is the sentiment by its member participants.  This report put out by the ICI, “Our Strong Retirement System — An American Success Story” stated: Americans Report High Levels of Confidence in the 401(k) System. OUCH! What are you nuts?

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In the words of a wise man who has seen it all, Richard Russell at 90 years old says: My advice — to remain in silver and gold — has meant that we have avoided all the recent and confounding worries about the stock and bond markets. As I’ve repeated over and over again —

Nothing is worth losing our peace of mind over. Peace of mind is the single most valuable present that you will ever receive during your stay on this good earth.

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Watch it or don’t watch it, but I think its a great message delivered by a reputable individual, Jim Rickards and a reputable News source Money Morning.

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Scratch that – Watch it! – Take the time this weekend and watch the whole damn thing, it’s that important!