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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Triple Witching Hour This Week… Hang On To Your Hats!

September 15, 2014 5:41 pm est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!



Due to the volatile nature of this rigged global financial system, I highly encourage you folks to read through my entire research today. My hope is to give you a different perspective and hopefully, force you to answer some thought provoking questions; that if carefully considered, could very well increase your wealth or at the very least protect and preserve what you have in a time of crisis.

For many years, you have read my research reports that suggested that we become our own central bank. I think we are so close to a new paradigm shift that it will catch most of us off guard and I believe now is the time to take the steps in protecting yourself because if these highly regarded wealth/fund managers are only half right about a collapse coming; it will devastate us like 2008 or worse, and that’s not what I want for you.

Remember when I wrote “A detailed strategy to protect your wealth”? I gave step by step instructions on how to get started and/or continue your accumulation patterns.

Today, we are led by the news media, blogs, analysts, and trend forecasters telling us what’s going on everyday and how fast things could change, but there is so much conflicting information that most of us are confused and thus, we don’t even want to think about it and put it off for later.

The problem is that later is where the problem is waiting for us and if we don’t address the issues now, then later is too late. I’m talking about DISASTER INSURANCE friends.

The same type of insurance you have on your cars in case of accident. The same insurance you have on your home just in case of fire or theft. The same insurance you have on your life just in case you pass too early in an accident or an unexpected illness.

So if we have all this insurance of our “stuff” why in the world would we not have insurance on the very thing that allowed us the opportunity to buy this stuff? That’s all these physical assets are is disaster insurance. You hope never to have to use them, but you are sure glad you have them in case something does happen. Too many people think too much into it and never even start buying gold, silver or rare gems to protect their wealth.

Money is not easy to make, but it sure goes fast in our daily lives… why not insure some of that money so in case of a disaster, you wouldn’t be wiped out and wondering what the heck just happened? How could the stocks that were doing so well for so many years go down so fast?

Look friends… As I said last week, “As I’ve grown older and hopefully a bit wiser, I have learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing people off is a piece of cake!”

I remind you of that statement as I had a few negative comments from Friday’s report when I said “This action is exciting to watch” I realize that when people invest in something, they just want it to go up, not down… and I get that.

However, when buying physical silver or gold or rare color diamonds for that matter, you do it to have some of your core portfolio holdings outside the financial system in a hard asset that has a proven, time tested track record of holding purchasing power and preserving wealth.

You must understand that This Fantasy About US Recovery Is Not Going To Materialize As Peter Schiff points out, CONSUMER SPENDING IS NOT RISING, PEOPLE ARE SIMPLY PAYING MORE FOR THE SAME GOODS THEY BUY!

Also, I know that you know we are being tricked into believing the propaganda and fake numbers the G’vnmnt presents us each week and each month, but we all don’t know how they do it so we become complacent into believing them. Its like believing in magic. You don’t understand how the magician does the trick, so you believe the magic. Well… Here is How the Government Deceives us on Inflation, as Rents and Housing Costs Soar

Dreams come true

The only problem is that most people don’t want to take the time to study this information and just what this manipulative naked shorting in silver means and thus, they don’t realize why silver is the investment of a lifetime right here and right now!

So when you see things like World To Enter Second Terrifying 2008-Style Global Meltdown and then you understand about hard physical assets stored in your possession and/or outside the financial system and you learn how the short traders need to cover the shorts when the market rises, then you will back up the truck, sell the dog and you’d be buying physical silver with both hands!

The following article will illustrate to you in truth of why I said this was exciting to watch. When these same shorts that forced the market down have to start buying back these shorts to cover when the market goes up, the move up will be violent and breath taking!

Heavy PM Shorting IS Bullish – Gold and silver have been pounded lower over the past month, contrary to their bullish seasonals.  This selling pressure has come from the usual suspects, American futures speculators.  They’ve been busy aggressively dumping gold and silver futures, particularly on the short side.  But each time they pressed this bet in the past 15 months, gold soon surged higher.

Shorts are bullish since they must soon be covered.

At $1250 gold, a single 100-ounce gold-futures contract controls $125,000 worth.  Yet the maintenance margin on US gold futures is now just $4600.  Thus traders running at maximum margin have leverage to gold of 27.2x!  That is astoundingly risky, as a mere 3.7% gold move against these guys would wipe out literally all of the capital they bet.  For comparison, stock trading is legally limited to 2.0x leverage.

The bottom line is gold and silver were hammered by heavy shorting by American futures speculators over the past month.  These elite traders have been extremely bearish on gold since its major lows in mid-2013, quick to ramp up their downside bets.  But they are actually a strong contrarian indicator.  Every time their shorts soar up near extremes, gold is bottoming and ready to surge on short covering.

Futures trading is an exceedingly-risky hyper-leveraged game, so these speculators can’t afford to be wrong on gold for long.  Once it inevitably starts rallying, the losses on the short side explode so those traders are forced to rapidly cover.  This initial buying entices in more long-side buyers, which can ignite major new uplegs.  With speculator shorts back at extremes today, gold and silver once again look very bullish.

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BEWARE! This is a Triple Witching Hour In Stocks this week… The interesting analogy my wife just gave me is this… Paper can fly away, but physical gold and silver is like an anchor on the ground, it can’t blow away!

Art Cashin: “Things Could Theoretically Turn Into What I Call A Lehman Moment”

The Fed can’t revive the US economy, that’s just a foolish notion. But it can suck a lot of wealth out of it.

Now onto the breaking news that matters….

This Terrifying Black Swan To Collapse Global Financial System – Governments are doing all they can to keep interest rates low.  But they will fail.  Because of the money all governments, including the U.S. government, will print in the next few years, at some point we will see the derivatives implosion that will trigger the end of the current financial system.

This is why the role of gold as insurance and wealth preservation is so critical.  Over time gold preserves purchasing power and protects investors against financial calamity.  This is why it is so important for investors to position themselves in physical gold outside the banking system, because the derivatives implosion will mark the end of the financial system.  Gold held outside of the banking system will preserve wealth.

The recent weakness in gold won’t last much longer.  Gold is certain to start its journey to new highs.  The gold price will reflect the money printing and the credit creation in the world.  This has continued exponentially since gold last peaked in 2011.  So gold has a lot of catching up to do, and once the rise starts, it will be violent.”

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A Chance To Add Your 2 Cents: 

Survey: Is a Silver Supply Shortage on the Horizon? – Silver, it seems, is everywhere. The precious metal’s dual role as both an investment and industrial metal means that while it can be bought physically or in paper form by investors, it also has myriad technological and medical applications.

It’s in part because of those many uses that some silver market watchers think at some point — perhaps in the near future — demand for the metal will exceed supply, creating a shortage.

As investors well know, demand for a commodity that is in short supply leads to higher prices for that commodity. It’s exactly that principle that has excited those who believe a silver shortage is coming.

Indeed, as Chanin told SIN, a dearth of silver “could be a really strong catalyst for an upward move in the price of silver, especially if a company that actually uses silver in one of its applications decides it doesn’t want to be at risk of being in a supply crunch. If these companies start to stockpile to minimize the risk of having to deal with a silver shortage, I think you could even see that supply crunch exacerbated. If that happens, silver could be catapulted to high levels.”

On the same note, Butler states, “war time, peace time, any time there has ever been a shortage of any commodity, the price has soared to levels that ration remaining available supplies. The price of silver will behave the same way when a wholesale shortage hits.”

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