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This Is Why All Hell Is Breaking Loose In Markets

October 10, 2014 5:59 pm est




Market Swings For This Month Alone…

dow swings

But it Looks Like a 10 Year Chart!

That’s a market where you want 90% of your life savings?

You’d better buckle up…


You also have the choice to take the smooth road!  


With the massive volatility, this may be a great time to review the information about the Rare Color Diamonds and call me today to start asking your questions.


They Don’t Call It An Alternative Product For Nothing…


Click on the picture below to revisit the report I sent  regarding the Rare Color Diamonds. At least watch the 3 short videos so you know that you’ve done your due-diligence…They are extremely impressive!



Just some food for thought…


True or False:


Silver at $17.50 is a better buy than the DOW at 16,500.


True or False: 


We are lot closer to the top in equities than we are to the bottom.


True or False: 


We are a lot closer to the bottom in silver than we are to a top.


True or False:


Gold, Silver, Art and especially Rare Color Diamonds are more of a store of wealth than Stocks, Bonds, Savings Accounts or Cd’s


True or False:


People who play with fire eventually get burned



In Case You Were Wondering….


YES! I Still have The Fire Sale Going On!

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