This Major Catalyst To Send Oil, Gold, & Silver Skyrocketing

November 12, 2014 6:42 pm est

I was told by some of you that my reports seem a bit winded… you appreciate them I know, but maybe sometimes they are a bit lengthy. That’s because there are certain things I really want  you to be aware of –


There are 2 main reasons that I do this…

#1 I hope that one day, when the time is right for you, you will allow me to earn your business when it comes to buying your gold, silver or rare color diamonds.

#2 I am passionate about where my research leads me. It helps me to not only help you, but help protect my own family as well.

Speaking of family, allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Surfer. She is loving, brilliant, patient, hard working and nurturing; but above all, she puts up with me!

Some of you ask a lot about me and my life, so I thought I’d let you in a little bit – After all, when the time is right for you to buy silver and gold, (and the time is near) nobody wants to do business with “stranger danger” so this is a good way for you to get to know me and who you are supporting when electing to do business with the Silver News Surfer.

I look happy, but she looks terrified!

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Now onto the breaking news that matters….