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“Gold Never Changes, It’s The World Around It That Does”

March 5, 2016 10:19 am est

What I’m finding in my research recently is…

1) Banks are started to recommend gold and recommend selling stocks on any rally’s

2) Gold & Silver Supply & Demand imbalance continues to offer phenominal opportunities in the PM sector

3) The Gold/Silver Ratio (currently at 80:1)is telling us that the time for a massive silver rally is close at hand

4) The 2 candidates we get to choose from in November are going to be Trump & Hillary – I think Hillary can’t be trusted to tell the truth on any subject and she is just another “Politician at Large” and Trump has no Political background (and no filter from his brain to his mouth) so whom do we choose? Now I understand what my mother meant by “going to hell in a hand-basket”


Why Tom DeMark is predicting an ugly March for the S&P 500 – The worst isn’t over for Wall Street stocks. That is at least how respected pic004chart-watcher Tom DeMark sees things possibly unfolding as investors get ready to close the book on February and head into March.

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“It’s All A Short Squeeze” – Goldman Expects A 20% Drop Before Markets Can Rally – Plunging crude, jitters about the ongoing (and increasingly unpredictable) yuan devaluation, and spillovers to global risk assets stemming from an ill-fated attempt by Chinese regulators to implement a stock market circuit breaker got US equities off to one of their worst January’s in history.

Compounding the problem, it seemed that the market had all of the sudden woken up to two very important (and very interconnected) facts: 1) central banks are desperate, and 2) sluggish global growth and trade look to have become structural and endemic rather than cyclical and transitory.

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Citi: “We Have A Problem” – In his latest must read presentation, Citigroup’s Matt King continues to expose and mock the increasing helplessness and cluelessness of central bankers, something this website has done since 2009 knowing full well how it all ends (incidentally not in a deflationary whimper, quite the opposite).

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Don’t Forget The Real Reason To Buy Silver…




People Buy Gold For 1 Of 3 Reasons – Why Do You? – As an investor, one must always understand the “why” and the “when” one should be a buyer of gold – and there are many reasons why people buy gold: as a trade; as an investment; and as “insurance” so, before you buy gold, you must understand which buyer you are so that you first understand the “why” of your gold purchases.  Once you understand your own “why,” then you can begin to work on the “when.”

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MUST SEE: Manipulation in the gold market? – The “gold cartel” has been suppressing gold prices because it is a barometer of economic health, says Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee’s Bill Murphy.

I was shocked that CNBC had GATA on as a guest, especially where he talked about gold & silver manipulation. It’s not even hidden anymore – They talk about it on MSM like they were talking about the weather. Bill Murphy says when they lose control over silver it’s game over – Once it hits $18.50, It’s on it’s way to $100 fairly quickly…

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Don’t Ignore Silver; Its Time has Come! – There’s another big difference between gold and silver. Most fund managers won’t touch silver with a 10-foot pole. The reason? At around $9 billion, the size and liquidity of the silver market is roughly 20 times smaller than the gold market. However, it might be a mistake to ignore silver.

With supplies continuing to fall and demand continuing to rise, the metal could very well make a very dramatic move to the upside – even if gold prices fall.

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Deutsche Bank: It’s time to buy gold – “There are rising stresses in the global financial system; in particular the rising risk of a U.S. corporate default cycle and the risk of a sharp one-off renminbi devaluation due to the sharp increase in China’s capital outflows,” Deutsche Bank added.”Buying some gold as ‘insurance’ is warranted.”

If you understand the fact that gold is anti-bank and vis-versa, then you understand the magnitude of that statement, especially from a bank that is on the verge of collapse due to over exposure to paper derivatives.

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Gold Demand Increase Amid Financial Turmoil – It is expected that the ECB could further lower the negative interest rates on its deposit facilities in March 2015. The attempts to impose restrictions on spending cash are interpreted by many market participants as the first signs of financial repression.

Numerous European banks have already restricted the ability of their customers to withdraw cash. For instance, the Swiss National Bank “prohibited a large hedge fund from withdrawing cash out of its bank account to avoid negative interest rates”

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Here’s Another Reason Gold Prices Are Poised To Go Higher – Gold’s average price in the past 50 days on Friday closed higher than for the 100-day period, representing a so-called golden cross. That’s seen as bullish by some traders and analysts who look to chart patterns for price direction.

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Here’s Why We’re Seeing The Move In Gold – HSBC Precious Metals Analyst James Steel discusses the price of gold. Credit Suisse Global Head of FX Strategy Shahab Jalinoos also speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Gold’s Largest Inflows Since June 2009 Unleash Bullish “Golden Cross” Pattern – For the first time since Gold suffered a “death cross” in 2014, the largest 3-week inflows into gold funds since June 2009 have set up a so-called bullish “golden cross” pattern in the precious metal. On the week, BofA’s Michael Hartnett reports big precious metals inflows of $2.6bn as investors flee from stocks

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Here’s Why The Gold Market Is About To Explode – This century experienced a big change in the gold market, something barely somebody noticed. The gold market is about to explode and even the almighty central banks can’t stop this. The transformation that took place is disruptive.

Before 2008 global central banks were net sellers of gold. Their policy was designed to keep the gold price from moving up higher. When you understand gold is like Dr. Evil to paper currency, you know turning from net sellers to net buyers is a big deal.

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The World Is Hoarding Gold: “This Was Just A Taste Of What’s To Come” – Earlier this month, as retail investors lost confidence in the global economy and broader stock markets, an air of panic began to set in. Reports indicate the lines were literally forming around the block at gold stores throughout London and elsewhere. It was, by all accounts, the very scenario one might expect in an environment where trust in government and central banks has been eroded.

But it’s only the beginning, explains Auryn Resources executive chairman Ivan Bebek in an interview with SGT Report, as nation states and large investors are trying to get their hands on gold as fast as they can:

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“Gold Never Changes, It’s The World Around It That Does” – Why is it that we see a renewed interest in gold now? And more importantly, should investors buy this precious metal? Why is gold often considered a ‘safe haven’ asset when the price of gold is clearly volatile. To understand how the price of gold is affected relative to risk assets, we foremost need to understand how risk assets move.

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Silver Price Forecast: Why Central Banks Will Buy Silver – Today, silver has basically been completely demonetized, with virtually no central banks holding silver as part of their reserves. This demonetization happened over a period starting in the 1870s and ran until about the late 60s. The fact that silver was being completely demonetized, while central banks were still holding gold as part of their reserves is a major contributor as to why some see gold as money but silver as a commodity.

it won’t be long before central banks buy silver, especially given that silver has all the monetary properties that gold has. This might seem so unlikely to most, given their recent historical attitude towards silver. However, the only reason they were not interested in silver is because it was in their interest to hate it.

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Silver Buy Signal 2016

The gold to silver ratio has been used for years to indicate buy and sell zones in both gold and silver. Why?

  • At BOTTOMS in both gold and silver, based on 40 years of history, silver prices have fallen farther and faster than gold. Hence the gold/silver ratio reaches a relative high.
  • At tops in both gold and silver the ratio is often low since silver rises more rapidly than gold. As Jim Sinclair says, “silver is gold on steroids.”

Examine the following graph of the gold to silver ratio (monthly data) for the past 40 years. I have circled the six most extreme highs in the ratio with green ovals.

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