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September 21, 2016 7:40 am est

Gold & Silver Are In the Calm Before the Inescapable & Most Financially Destructive Storm Ever” – The trend in gold has turned up, and it is at the beginning of the next phase.  Timing has been difficult because it is impossible to apply reason to fiction, that which is unreasonable.  The only rational way to respond to the globalist fiction being peddled around the world is to be prepared.  The best way to be prepared, in terms of gold and silver, is to own it, for one day, the price will be off the charts, as it were.

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Here’s How Silver Gets To $100 – There are a lot of ways to project how high the price of an asset might climb. One of the more promising methods for silver is to look at the gold/silver ratio during its biggest bull run ever.

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Three Reasons You Must Replace Some of Your Bonds with Gold and Silver – if you’ve grown weary of lackluster stock market returns and pitiful bond payouts, and more importantly worry about the level of risk embedded in the monetary and fiscal system, I encourage you to replace some of your government bonds with physical gold and silver.

In a world of elevated risks on multiple fronts, gold will offer you lower risk, greater safety, and bigger upside than any government security available in today’s marketplace. It’s time to diversify. It’s crucial to diversify. The wise thing to do in the current environment is to swap out some of your Treasuries for physical gold and silver.

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Here is an Email From One Of The Largest Gold & Silver Dealers In The United States – Yes, the establishment will allow gold to take off and it will be by design.  For what it’s worth, that is why they play so many head games with people on the price because they don’t want people to buy gold or even continue to hold what they already own.

Here is where the gold market is and where it is headed:
The nearly 4 1/2 year bear market in gold has shaken out all of the weak hands and even left many of the die-hard gold bugs questioning themselves…

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Gold And Silver Are Money. Everything Else Is Debt. Globalist’s Biggest Scam. – If you want money and want to survive the massive economic failure that is destined to come, buy and hold gold and silver.  The world has not been awash in debt more than it is now and that mushrooming debt cannot be sustained

For the moment, we are in the calm of the proverbial eye of the largest hurricane ever, and it is the calm before the inescapable storm that will be more financially destructive than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.  If you fail to understand what money is vs what currency is, you remain at risk. What’s in your wallet?

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China’s Stunning Plan For Gold And A New Monetary System – The world is headed to a new monetary system. But most in the West are still valiantly trying to deny that reality. Whether you’re reading The New York Times or Bloomberg News, or delving into recent white papers released by various institutions, you’re sure to find anti-gold propaganda, stories about how oil is plentiful, all the while stalwartly maintaining that the dollar won’t be superseded by the renminbi…

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MUST READ: Silver Will Be A Top Performing Asset In The Next Financial Crisis – Time and again, I have explained why the Fed cannot hike rates in 2016. Contrary many market experts, my view has stood the test of time and has come to fruition. According to my research, the chances of a rate hike in December of 2016 are also very bleak. Nonetheless, the Fed speakers will continue to “jawbone” the dollar, the way they have been doing for the whole year.

When investors realize that they are holding worthless currencies, the big money will rush into the precious metals. Consider this: The total world’s investment holdings in silver are a paltry $50.8 billion, compared to $3.04 trillion in gold, as shown in the chart below.

Did you know that the hedge funds alone manage around $2.7 trillion, according to Barclay Hedge data? Even if a small portion of the trillions sloshing around out there decides to enter into silver, the white metal will shoot through the roof.

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