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Silver Will Move Much Higher & Faster Than People Think

September 21, 2016 8:07 am est

Gold remains best investment in ‘shaky’ world – Jeffrey Gundlach, the chief executive of DoubleLine Capital, said on Wednesday that gold remains the best investment amid fears of instability in the European Union and prolonged global stagnation, as well as concerns over the effectiveness of central bank policies.

”Things are shaky and feeling dangerous,” Gundlach said in a telephone interview. “I am not selling gold.”
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Why gold investors should look at silver too – Silver prices hit a two-year high above $21 per ounce on Monday, as precious metals continue to gain from the safe-haven rally following the U.K. referendum.

Some investors say silver has further to run and may be a better bet than gold. “Silver is a metal that most people don’t really think about when they think about precious metals, but it does have this dual property towards both an industrial metal and a precious metal. So many of the reasons that investors chose to invest in gold, silver has many of those properties, at the same time as having a lot of demand coming from industrials,”
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Gold is poised to go ‘much higher,’ says BlackRock – Gold is one of the few good hedges right now, and that means it is poised to go “much higher,” BlackRock’s Russ Koesterich said Tuesday. With bond yields falling around the globe, investors have been flocking to the precious metal. Gold is up about 28 percent year to date.

“The reality is we are in an environment where the economy is slow, volatility is likely to be heightened. In that volatility, you need some hedge in your portfolio and there are few of them that work as reliably as gold,”

Because gold produces no income, there would be a huge opportunity cost if investors had a lump of gold in their portfolio when real rates are high, he said. However, with real rates low and increasingly negative, the opportunity cost is much lower — which makes gold a reliable hedge.
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Silver Price Forecast: Silver Prices Will Move Much Higher And Faster Than Most People Think – Historically, the silver price has a tendency to decline and rise way more and faster than most people expect. The recent 5-year decline is a good example of a decline that went lower than expected. There are good reasons for this, but we often miss it due to our focus on the now instead of the bigger picture.

Based on the bigger picture for silver, the current silver price rally will also likely far exceed most people’s expectation. There are many fundamental and technical reasons that give this silver price rally an edge above all other previous rallies. I have written about this on various occasions. These fundamental and technical reason can often be best explained by way of fractal analysis. Here, I would like to point out a few of these reasons.
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Gold bull market may just be getting started: UBS – The gold bull market may be just beginning, UBS told clients on Wednesday, listing a plethora of reasons for them to buy the shiny metal.

“An environment of low and negative rates narrows the gap between holding gold vs other assets, making having gold in a portfolio an attractive proposition amid heightened global macro uncertainty,” UBS strategist Joni Teves wrote in a research note.
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Americans & Canadians Face Silver Shortages As The Investment Deficit Surges – Americans and Canadians will likely face silver shortages in the future as investment demand continues to surge higher.  This will come at time as the silver price skyrockets, thus making it even harder for investors to acquire physical metal.

As the price of silver skyrockets during the next global financial collapse, the Silver Market will become one of the world’s most explosive markets in the future. When institutions and hedge funds start to move into silver in a big way, there just won’t be enough silver to go around.  The biggest squeeze will occur in the U.S. and Canadian market, where silver investment demand is now the highest in the world.

Unfortunately, the U.S. and Canada will not be able to import enough silver to supply all of its silver needs…. only at much higher prices.  Even then, I believe we are going to experience severe silver shortages.
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Forget gold, silver is on fire and could hit $25 an ounce by the end of 2016 – A big part of the reason for silver’s outsize moves is well-known: silver’s traded on a much smaller volume than gold, so it’s much more volatile and moves tend to be exaggerated. silver prices are still set to surpass some analysts’ $21 to $22 predictions from earlier this year and talk of $25, $27, and even $32 an ounce have emerged. Those levels would take prices to their highest since at least 2013.

Silver’s “precious, safe-haven qualities trump its industrial uses in the long run so in the turbulent wake of the Brexit vote, silver should continue to outperform with gold, while strictly industrial metals like copper underperform.”
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Price Of Silver Explodes As European Banks Implode – Rumors continue to spread that Deutsche Bank (DE:DBKGn) is essentially insolvent at this point, and many are watching for the imminent collapse of the largest and most important bank in Germany. When this happens, it will be a much, much more cataclysmic event for the global financial system than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was back in 2008.

This sudden spike in the price of silver has definitely caught a lot of analysts off guard. Some are suggesting that the fact that the Fed is now less likely to raise rates after Brexit and the fact that the dollar has been slipping a bit lately are the primary reasons for silver’s rise.

Overall, silver is up more than 30 percent for the year, and that makes it one of the best performing investments of 2016. So what is causing this sudden surge in the price of silver?
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SILVER: Independence Day Breakout – Silver is on a rampage, and has begun to make the news headlines. – The Silver breakout will be one to behold in the history books. Silver has broken the shackles of the vile banker cabal. Silver has begun its historic run-up. Silver will capture the world’s attention.

The equivalent of the 1980 Hunt Brothers breakout in today’s terms would be $200 per oz. The fundamentals for Silver look better than almost every commodity on earth. Silver has declared independence from the control rooms and their paper gimmicks. The Silver imbalance is monstrous.

The bigger Cup & Handle reversal pattern shows a 35 neckline. With the same 13 bottom, the indicated potential is 22 points, which produces a target of Silver $57 price.
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