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‘Three Wise Men’ Warn Crash Coming, Own Gold

April 10, 2017 8:58 am est

Three Wise Men’ Warn Crash Coming, Own Gold – ‘Three wise men’ are warning that the next financial crash is coming and that one of the ways to protect and grow wealth in the coming crash will be to own gold.

The men who have recently warned are Jim Rogers (video below), Martin Armstrong (blog below) and Tony Robbins (video below). Each come from somewhat different backgrounds and are respected experts in their respective fields.

Each has different views in terms of asset allocation and how best to weather the coming financial storm but all are united in believing that gold will act as a wealth preservation tool and will likely rise in value when other assets fall.

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Bank of America Warning: Buy Gold in Anticipation of Panics & Crashes – Yes, the Fed will likely try to step in again with more rate cuts to prevent a crash, although this time it won’t work at least according to Hartnett, because after the “Great Fall” comes the Long View, which Bank of America describes simply as: Manias, Panics, Crashes.

Longer-term, we continue to remind ourselves it’s not a normal cycle. “Normalization” from 5,000-year low in rates, 70-year low in G7 fiscal stimulus, 35-year high in US-German rate differential, all-time high US stocks vs. EAFE, 75-year low in bank stocks is unlikely to be peaceful.

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The Hidden Dangers of Gold ETFs vs. Physical Gold – Gold ETFs are rising in popularity due to their convenience. They’re easy to trade, there’s no need to store anything, and no one is going to break into your house to steal your GLD shares but there are a lot of hidden dangers inherent in the structure and operation of gold ETFs that few investors are aware of—and these risks are more pronounced than ever, as the threat of another financial crisis is always around the corner.

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Gold is Poised to Surge Through the Minor $1270 Area Highs and Race to a $1315 Target – All lights are green for gold, and for silver the lights are even greener. Fundamentally, gold is being powered higher by excellent demand in India (the world’s biggest wedding season is in play), institutional investor concerns about the US debt ceiling (the next deadline is April 28), strong growth in China, and by the populism wave that is sweeping through most of the Western world.

The bottom line is that the tumbling dollar increases the gold purchasing power for Indians. They are using that power now, to buy more gold!

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Has Silver Finally Bottomed Out Here? – Silver hit the 1979 highs in 2011 (Double Topped) and then proceed to create a series of lower highs and lower lows. The decline took Silver down to its 23% retracement level of the 1993 lows/2011 highs. It is possible that Silver created the “Head” of a multi-year reversal pattern (inverse head & shoulders) at (1).

If Silver is making a long-term bottoming pattern (inverse head & shoulders), the ideal price action would be; create a right shoulder above the left shoulder, where a rally takes off and breaks above the falling neckline, in the $20 zone. At this time the neckline comes into play as resistance. To prove the read correct, breaking above the neckline is a must!!!

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The Calm Before The Precious Metal Silver Storm – Investors should realize the (equities) market is already seriously overextended. Sure, it could continue to move up, but the correct way to invest in precious metals is not to make a perfectly timed purchase when the rest of the market is crashing, rather it should be done on an ongoing basis. Investors should be purchasing metals over a period of time, not one large amount due to the timing of a market collapse.

It is impossible to forecast when the broader markets will finally correct and likely crash. But, I would not try to time this market to get into physical silver. I am not giving out advice, but instead stating what is sound logical reasoning. It is not a matter of “IF”, but a matter of “WHEN” the stock and bond markets are going to crack.

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10 Compelling Reasons To Add Physical Silver To Your Portfolio – It’s natural and even prudent for an investor to wonder if a particular asset is a good investment at a particular time or not and that’s especially true for silver, since it’s such a small market and doesn’t carry the same gravitas as gold. At this point in history, however, there are 10 compelling reasons to add physical silver to your portfolio

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I’m still a firm believer that silver is a screaming buy anywhere under $20 for a long-term (1-2 year) hedge. So many people want to buy silver and “get rich quick” – It simply doesn’t happen that way and if it did, the world we live in would have to be really messed up for it to happen.

I would urge extreme caution if you are of this mindset and don’t get pissed at anyone but yourself if you lose due to leveraging or using paper contracts. Get rid of that thought process immediately. Buy gold and silver for what it is intended for… Insurance against financial devastation, as a hedge against reckless Gov’t’s and Central Banks and to  diversify your portfolio so you have a physical asset that is held outside the financial system – PERIOD!

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When you parked money in stocks many years ago, it wasn’t to “get rich quick” it was to increase your wealth over time so your money doesn’t sit stagnant and lose purchasing power right? Same thing with gold & silver. Over time, it will make you money, protect the purchasing power of the money and most importantly,  it’s the only asset other than real estate, that is held outside the financial system.


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